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Full text of "The Holy bible in the Sanscrit language.."

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^ PRINCETON, N. J. <ff 

Division 4-/. .\^, . wJ. ).«S 

Sectioti .w?.jC»»4?; 

Shelf. Number \X^Z\^..... 


ID;kle. 0,T, <oar,6kv\t. 1S48, 














f^WTcf^S"^»iRTftl \ 

^^T^n^I^ ^^ 

fiT^i^^ ir^H xf^^ ^i 

fgi^^^T^ f%<ft^ TT^^* ^'^^ 

kt^tt^^t: ir^'f ^^^ \^^ 

^ZT^T"^^! ft<fl^ "H"^ '^^ ' 

■sf^TR^T: ^^H W^* ^"^ 

^^^^T f^cft^ ^^^* ^'i^'^ 

Tmf ^ TT^^ ^^\ 

f^r^fiT^^ T^m^ 8y«' 

T^^im^i^ 8^\ 


"? ctct: tt^;^^^ ^"^t^, f^w^T ir^g, tt^^tctt^' w^ ^^ cf ^^f ^*iTf - 

? ^im I ^^^^* f^^^T5 ^«?Tc1^ ftrfiT^T^* ^^it, (^ 3THt^ ?T^T 
^T^*T ^TTT^, ^T^t f%^T^1^5 ^?f -^IJJT?:, ^TTilJT ^^*Tfq- 

*lfw^^ "5"^ cT^ ^^lif^I ^f ^TTlfcaRT^^ W^^ TJT^^ ^fV«TT 

^^T^, cTJ^'S^t ^JT^VTT^ '^J-^^TiT^t ^T^qfW Xfrj'^, 7^ 

■^^ SJ Ni C\ 

^niTcT^ f^^=^^ ^1:^4 ^^ cf ^^^:, ^ f^^-^fTJTt f^ ^TT?;^ 
ui^r^n^iT ^^T^ -^^^ cT^r •^■5f(^T^^^^7jff5IT^: I cicT: ^ cTT^ *?«. 

cf ^^W ^Xrft^l?: ^^'^S I ^^^ ^ fVrft^T^t ^gi Wt 'ITT?:- "^^ 


Wr^ f^f%^iT cT^ ^I^^ 3Tftl^^^?T ^T^T^, ^cTTf^ ^T^lf^ 

f^^^t^T ^rf^^^n:, ^vr f^«TT^'t^T^f^^ T$ '^^" ^fcf ^^j i 

^ij. ^^^ cTX-sr TTo^^ •^■^^: I cfcT IT^r^l^T "f^^TT^^t ^^T^T^ ^IT^- 

5^ {^[^iTS^T^J I 

^w^^ fw^^^^iT^ ^T^'jf, ^xrc -jf ^^i: "^T^ ^w^ fq"cT?!it ^f^^i 


cTTSrt ^T^T ^%:^ "^if^^^^ ^T'^f^^ I cT^T ^^1^ cT^ «. 

A C\ 

^ ^^t ^gt^^f^cT%^: ^fWcTT^T^ ICcT^T-STT^TiT ^^JTlffT^T 


^^^ ^T^TTT^cT , ^ cf^ ?T^tf% t^t^f^^f% "ST ^llr ^T<j WT'T 
^ s -^ J ^ s ^ 


cTcT ^^^: ^^ liW -^^RHl^ f%^T^^lf ^^^^ t%^T^ ^^f^- l.t 

WJTT^, f TT^^^ W^cT: ^^^ 3TO" TTTXT^'K "^"^ ^^^^ ^T^, "^TWT- 
■^^cT ^r^ftW^cT, cTcTj ^jftxr^T -^T^T^^^ ^HWTT "^ff ^^' I 

ci^^t*T^ ^^^: ^^ «i^T§ f^f^^ i'mn^ w^^^f^llm ^t^: "? » 


^a -^f^t^^ StsjU^C^ ^^-^^^T Itfm^'^TT ^^^T^^ I ^xf^ccTf^vr 

lif^^^T ^^ ^Tfw^ ^^t HW ^^T TTfci^T ajct^ ^1"$ I 
T^T^^^^^: ^^ ^^ XT^cIT^ ^^T^T"f ^ cTcT: ^ ^¥TH3:[7TTJft 

nTf^^^^^rfxr xrn: ji^ff ^1^^=^: i 

^ » f^^:, ^ ^^(^T^T ^^"^^^^j f^^ ^^t ^Tfxr ^^^t ^ I[TXr | ^sj 

fV^^qR wm I 


^^^ f%^T^ '^^T?: I ^T ^T^cT%i^^^m^ ■JTT^f^I^TTol^ t%^T- W, 

m^ ^-fl^T^iH^ ^cf "^r^^^^ ^Tw^ ^^T^, fjw, "^fi rm^'^i 

^Tli^ cT-^ ^^ ^iTxff<I^Tf?T I cT^T "^T^^^t ^3TT^, ^f^ f# ^ 
^-^ ^^ ^T^fe cf^T^ -sn^Tf^T.f^^ ^m ^^ c^f^ ^ 11^ ^T^ 

W3TTH I cTf^*r^ ^Jii' ^^' "^^^^ ^T"^^^ ^'^T^^: i^^%- ^ \ 

irTf^?TW ^$T^^f^cf ^3TTH | cT^T^f f^^RT "^T^SRH ^^^cT, l» 
^^Tf% "^ ^t^T^^^ c??r: ^f%^T: ^^^T^ ^"^^U x?^^^^ 

^^^^ ^t4t^T m^m ^-^ ^3im ^^T ^Tft^^lf T ^TWT^t^- 


irw, ^^'?r^ ^rji'^5 h?t ^Rftim ^mwg irrfViq'g, ?r^: ^ 

^ • WITT ^^tf^^TW ^'fT^TW ^ T^'^J^ t^^, ^f^ W^^ ^\Tm 
^li'^ ^f%cT ^^tl f%^^ T %f^ ^^f% crf^ c^ ^^f% T 

^ ^ ff I ^trt %^^^ vjm "^Tw^^ ^^^ ^^^^^* ^fx^ ^"CT- 

"? ^ ^5?^ ^T^^ ^fVc^: TI^T?" VT^^' -mX^ ^T'^TcT 'R^' "^fV- 

Tn;sjT "^^tt^jtS^ ^^^^ ir^fkr i 

^^'frs •q-f^fVr: ^whi cTfnTJrr^cT i 
v^sRi^ -q-^^i:^ ^T^^^ '^ mfB^' I 

^T^m^r^ ir^^ ^ ^t^: xrft^f%f«TTt i \^ 

^^^^^•^T?5g ^^^^ f?^mm:: I 


"? "? TIXXsX^ ^r^lf^ cTT'RT^t ■ttf : ^^^Vf^cT | 

^ i ^x^x^^ ^^^ "^m "^^^^ "^ ^T^ I 

^ ct^t: in^^T^ ^^^ xrxncT ff i 

^il^l^ '^U '^T^T i^T 'TIH^ V^ #T^T^t f^^ ^^^ ?i^ ^T^T^W??? fwTT«(: 


^ ^>«[T^: 1 f^'^I^f^S:'!ll[^Tt«T I \^ 

\"? "^^cT I cT^ XT^^'SR;^ f cI^^ ^^*f ^T^T cT^^ ^*TmcT, % 

c??R^«T , IT 'f T ^ H*i iwT xri?r f*T^^lri3:?Tw tit fi^ ^4^Tcr^ 

^f li^T vf^"5iTf*T, (^ f?Tt^-?T^-!fT'5r ?r^S^f?T-^ ^Txrr^f^^f^ i 
^^'a ^T^'^^cr^ ^raT v{^m ^^n ^xrr ijth"^tw^, crf^ ^-^^-^ ?Tt 

^I c^T ^^iTTTT^ ^■^«T.* ^TWIcT ^TcT^^WrfH, cTT^^ ^^cTT WT^T- 
^mi "^^^ 'ZfiTT^ f^WT^ -^ff ^^T^'ej^ ^^^T^-^T ?T^ ^jftiT 

\o ^W^^ I ?iff x"^^^ ^?Tf?rR-^^cT, (^^^^<T'*im f%^^^^T;rt- 


^ 8 f^'^Kf^lS-^li^fjlI I ^ ^"fSEirm 


fTT^^i^ TT^^ cf cT^^TcT XTT^T^T^ "^f^f^^rTZI cr^Jfl^ fxT^^i"^ 

^TTT, ^^^^ TT^^'si^^ i:cr^ci^^xrTcr^ i;icf^ i ci^t ^ xr^^- *? ^ 

Xfi:^^^^ i:cr! ^^m^fTlft W^T 5;T^T ^?:: l cT«T: xiT^^^^H "^^^ 
XT^^'g^^f^ ^r^^sfit fvr^T? cT^ ^T*T fijtT-^Tt-'aXI^TW 
^^ift- ^T t%^t I 

=3f^I?r ■51'^tr^ f^'ITTff , ^XT^ cf f^cfl^ ^^1"^^ 3Z^(^ W^- 

^T ^Til "^f^ Vr^^T^^ tf^ift^ §W^^* fW"^"^"^ I cT^T ^ ^ 
^cIcIJIHTcT^^i' cT^TXr'?=^^^, ^ iff^ t^: ^TcT cTTT ^3it 

cT^'fT f^f^^^-JTT ^?TT^^^T5 X^o^i'^^T^ ^T'^iT OtI^T^T "^JX ^^ 


•© ^«ir?r: 

f^'^Tiif^^'it^Tftr I \i 

^«!: t^lw ^»?J: xr^ ^*^^^* fgifkt f^^^ I ci^ firt^^T^ T'^t 

«? W['^W ^T^cT I ^^^f xr^^'Sr^ fjltVi'T^ ^^^T^ cT^ 


^^^, cT^T^ cT"^ 1\^ cTT'T tr^f^^ cIcT^^ ^^F^ ^^-^TT^^fw 

^JTTfT I ^fnf^^^^T ^^T^^^T: "a^t^ft^T^ ^T^T ^^c^^T- ^"^ 


^ <? '^ TT^T^^ I Wc{m: ^cT^-sr^T^^^tg ^Tf^cTTi: ITC^^: f^f%^- 

D 17 

^^'fl^JT^ T«^f^*lir^T W^^TSTT^ ^W^T^T^:, 7^ fMT^T^-^T- \ 
cri-iT ^cf^d^ -^m^ ^^^ ^y^TT f¥^r^ 7T-?fT HcT? ^^^tf<4^ 

firf^^T^^^ ^%5T: ^TcT^^^^T-^ ^TnTT: ^'^TftT iT^Tf « 
W^ ^H TT^T^lffT'tT %ii^T ^^^^if^ff ^Tg?7 ^4^ ^cT^ 

f^m^^T cT? "^S ^f'tT ^^ "^^ cR- ^^^T V[^Tfiir ^r^« 

KcT: ^^TcT^WT^T ^T^3r^^"51 fxT'^'i'^^^I^T ^Tfq" cTT?:W "SJTT^: | 

clf'^l^^^Ti' ^-^r^^^^^RtT ^^r^^TT^t cTT^r ^Tl T^s^^^ft^- ^» 
■srrg^ I ^^^t fiirf^^T^T ^t"^^^ ^rarf^^^ ^ xr^^t f^fti 1 1 

T?^T^ ^T^^^ ^^f ^^^^^RITTRT §T fjTfT^^-JT^T^T ^HJ-^ cI^T: 


\^ ^^^^ ^ ^^^ ^^JR^^ WJTI^, cTT^T^ ^^T^r f cTT %^Tt 

PT^^^Tf«T ^^ ^^^Tf^cf ^Tfffi7!5^ ^'^ ^Tf, -^T^T 'f cf-Rm 
■g-sf cfT^^I?f ^T^T^T:, ^-fT^^ ^-^^if^^ TTTcrf^m ^^^TtH- 


^JUT^^ ^[fVr^TtT^T vc3[^T -^^r^ttci ^i^il T^$^ 'wfw^ I 

•^ "^ N# '^ <<l* 

^^?; tt,^ ^T^?i^ -^-\m^ W^R"^"^ I 

31$^ tkfip^^ ^s^Ti'f Jsn^t ^^"^^ cicT^wr^t '^rt^crRTiT 


^ft^^T^^TRmfH^ ^f^^ ^^t wmf^ -hg-^, -^cm wmT^^, 

cT^ ftlT3^ f^^^^ =3t'i^ T^T -^M ^^^T?Tm, % fii:f<§?T^ 
d f^TcT^W WVrif^^, f^JT^T^ ^^T VTqr I cT^T f^cT^^^ ^-^T^ 

^^ ^T^ I TTI5r«Tm^T ^"^^^^^ TT^lfVrgiT ^ ^W ^^TW- 


^^l^^iT^ ^^l^W^ T^li^^^^^ft '^^^^4 ^T"^^ XT^"^ "^^ 

^^^TSrfH: ^\^^^ ^T3TW ftlfeH Sff^^ fttf^g?^^ TZ^- 
#"?T^'t ? ^^ f^ f^"^5^T^^ ^^T ^ fT ? Wirt ftl^W: fifi 

^•^^^^' T^f^^, ^^^^ #T5^1^^^3T ^f^^ "mm^ (^ ^¥t^t 


cr?5-^i§icr xc^i'^n^^, ^^K mx.'^^'simT'^ ^r^ ^^% ^r^i 

^ Tcf?:! $T ^% "^ '^^^Rt ^4il^T^t fV"35^5RWT"5r cTT^^ 
»^ f^^cft"^^ *Tt^^^ ?T5^T^' irf^f^^: I ^^^^ W%?r^ 

^^ f^^^^ ^^3nKT^ ^^^WT^m^i l^T^T ^^^ Um^ 



f^'^^f^a'WTfin ! \» ^-^iT^'. 

"^TW ^^: cTcTi tw.fT§^^ ^31 ^T: '^S €t^T ^^^T ^t4s "T^^^^ 
ITT?: ^'f^^T^T f%^^' JTcTT: I 

^T5^r TT^^ ^Jl^^ ^^ TTf ^ir^T^^^iTTf^ "^Ti: ^^T ^rf- 

fW^-d ^im "^fV^T ^if^TC ^T^f^^* cT^ ^iftxf -STTTTH '^ | 
cfcf: mf^^ "^Tf^cT ^i^^T; ^Tg^^TT ^-f}^^^^ f^^f^ f^f^t^j «i i^ 


^X^'^^cT T^T^^5$T ^iT ^ ^TTT | 
^c *TT^:, ?C^Ti^5WT^ f^f%(^ T^'^^j ftlf^^ ^TXT^T^TT^: I cT^T 


^^^t ^T^T^t ^^T VT^, ^cTTO^ "^^Jl^ ^¥^T ^^^^ ^^xf 
ftrf%W^^ in^t^T f^TI^H ^-^^^^j q[^ ^f^ cT^ ■^T^T^^T^'jff 

T"?TT ^^ «I^ ^: ^^^T ^cT^ t^ iT^T ^^ ^T^ T?T ^ir^r^ ^TJT'e^: ? 


TT^^^ ir?T*ft^^ir^ ^*ft^ f:<TT^^ ^f%f?T cf jrf^cT^T^^ ^^ fsri'- 
^w^ 3Tc^T TTT^rtsf HT"£fR?^i:^ n^f^^iiTsr m'5rr"^?gi:^ 

^^^T^T^ ^7Z^ ^^^ f^lf^^* ^Hrf^WWl^"^*^^ W^ ^%V I 
^Ti:^ ^^T^' ^T'^cT ^T^^^T^*?} ^^ ^T^^ T^T^l^T^t ^4- 

■^ J ** si >• 

NJ sj 


f^'Wr^f^cTT XTK^'SiTTvS^ f^^TT:^-^ I cfTSfTO'^T^'^ml^T ^T^T ^^ 

'T^TW'^^ I 

f^^cT ^tTHW ^T"^^ ^it^f^^T^*!^ ^T"^^ f^Ilt^ciir^Tftl 

<TcT: ^ "^TTltf^ ■^^'T ^T^^"?n^ eft ^^^cT^cf^T BT Xf^^TXfft ^^ 


^^ i^T^^ f(T "mX TT^* ?Tlf^ ^"^f^ ^fw^ fTffjT'sr^ir^T^T^' 

^ ^ ^ t "" 

i^^ ^iil^T ^m^, cTtT: ftj^^^^^^ ^^T^I^ cT^ ^H^T^f 


^^^ ^T^T eft ^W^ T^l^ (^ ^^T f%^Xf73ir '^W, f^^ n TTM 

'i'^TT^ ^T^rti"! vrf%-5Tf?r, ^ir^ fxr^^^^t ^^ T^i^^- 

'TT^^, ■SETTfr ^iflT ^»rT*T ^iJ^T^^^cT^I ^ ?TTH-^^cT Xfl^ c^ -a 
^T"^^ T^TJ^ ^T^^t^T ^f^-^f?r I 

T^^^ f:<T: ^5?^I^T: ^^ntnr ^T'STJITH f^'^ <T^T: xrfzTJTT^Tl- 

cT^T -^r^T:^ ^t:t^ ?tt fxr^^ ^T^f^^^ ^jl-f, crriT^ -57^^ 
^c^^T TT^ ^xir^ ^-mj-^T vr"^^ ^nrKf^^i"^^ 1 cm: xr^- 

^^^^ ^cI^fT^^cI^ (^ ^^T T?T ^T«T ^=^ftr ? ?TiT ^T^^T'^sf | 
^t ^iT^t 'TT^T^'^ WTJT^W cr^l^tt^^ U^^\ cT^^^jXTT^T- 

■? ° '^f^iir^ ^^ ^^^T^4^xr?TT^f^cf I urn ^^T ■^T'sI^^T ^t^- 

•? "? W^T^r Wcf-^T^^ I ^^^t *TT^T^: ^^^i ^jm -STTTT^ ^I^Ifl 
•^^ T"^ W^^X^ W^TXjmi^ ^"TO irf?:^!'^: | fkm cT^^T^T cf 


?, fqfgt^rfrt ^'^^T: fKTfl^T^^ f^^'?^^^! i fir^T^T??t fl^^^T# f^"^- 

^^^i: tk^T^fc^ fcT^rm ^rw ct^ fxiwt^t ^fRjifl^t "^^ ^ 
^"51^-r ^f^f^cT^ "^^^ jrii ^^T ^ eft ^^t f^i'r^ ctw^ ^T'^f = 

Vr^^ WITTH, f^^ ftrWT: ^iftXTW ^Tf^l^ cTT'^rflfxT ftif^^ 


^rf^ ^H ^^ ^^m ^rnf^'r^^ ct^t ^^ f%f%(?T ^ ^^f^^ 
t.^ ^wfjTi fk^ ^f^ cT^T ^^ -^w ^ im^ cTfl ^^ ^^ f¥^cl^ 

I.C U\^, cfcT: milf^cT '^^Ti*?!: 5l^f%^T?TT ^ ^^^mm | W^- 


^T^TfJT, f^^ cI^T: fxTcTT cT^T^t TT^ ^^W^ I f^^ cT^T *? 

^if«^T^ fifi^^'sr f^f^ETr^rfxr ^^r^f^^ fW^tr Kf^^iOr i 

^^?P^^^^^ ^f^'^^l^Tf^ f^cr^#r^T^Tf^ "^ ^im^T^ I 

cT^T^ fxi^^^T ^^'^^^ ^^cTcT ^^ lici? %^ ^-^^^^ i 

cTT^^f ^ii^ f^t«T cTfl ^^ cfrqi^^TTT^T Tfl Wf?l"5ITf?T I cf cT: c 
cr^ ^nr^ 3T(^T 'q-^^cT^ I 

mTXc{ cf gfcT cT^cT ^tt' cf ^^^ "^ ^^T^TcTl: I cT^Tsft f^^^^- \l 
^T^T^t, fJT^^^T ^^T^RiT^ ^f^TTcTIT tT^ T4 (^ ^ 5TPTTf%? 

c^fl^T"5T ^f^ f^ licTTR;? ^ ^^^HT^ w ^j ufcr ^^<^^'^^ 


?.^ ^"^Tcf "^ ^t ^ ^f^^^fw H^ ^^t ITTT^ ^^cT I cTWS^- 
^r*r^ ^, -^^ i-^^' f^ ?"G ^-^ ^^ ^^^ ^?Txfr^^EinT: f%^ 

f^^ (^^f^W^ TfcT) '^^T^ I 
V^c: ^7[^t ^T^cft^ S:aDmT H<^T TT^fl^ST^^ ^jfR mw '^^JTK 
<# ^^T^ ^T:^r^^^^ ^TftcT-^TT^ IC^T^ f^H'f S^^T ^rf?:- 


^ ^cT I CRT: ftrn^T^ ^t! cT^T^H ^IT3I=^^ Tf^ W^l ^^Tcft^T^^ 
^^f^<^T lic^t ^^RT cfcTim ■STJTTITir JTHT ^f?T^;^^, ?TcT: 


■m-Hi-i vti ^'w T^ ^^ T^* ^^Tf^ ?xi^ ^R^"2f c^ ^t irf^^^ 

36 / 

^TT^t^* f'Ti'^l^gJT ^T^fs^^^ ^^f^rf^cTT ^cl^ ^^ZHTUTT^:, 

ci -^^ ^wr: #^t ^^ 15^^^: f%W ^^■^TT^T^T^T^JT f tl^tlT- 

l^f^TTT: ^^t «frf^«T^^: flTTOr^ ^T'^^JTcTT^i^ ^^^T^* ^T^TcT^ 
^T^^ ^^rg "^ cT^T %^T: ^TTTJZ^TcT fil^T^T^H^ ^T^^T^t^ 

«? i ^'JTRt w^ cT^T^nnr-r^ ^ ^ ^^t ^T=^Tcr ^15^ ^^^ 1 '^^^ 
^T^ iz^"^ ^tt: ^t^ era- ^^^t w^ufsr, cr^ ht^' ^f^T 

•? « fcl^Tf^ ^ I cT^T^l ^f"H: xr^t=^ cT^^* xrf^TT^^liEft cT fqi^- 

^> <i "^ ^ 

f^rji^l^; XTll^^T^f^?^ UT^^t fo^^^ STJTT^ 'I ??W ^T^^"^^ 


^^ '^'^^iJ^T: TTft^im^ fxri^i^^: ^^f^cf ^^if^ | ^XT^* ^cC 
^M\ ftl^^T^T f^^^HR^^^^ ^T^^^TcT, cTcT^-?:^?T ^^g^^wt 

arrtt^T Oi'^r^ ^f t crt: ^ ^^ f^f^wr^^t cTf^crrtafft ^* 

?^T^^ ^r^cT, ^TT^T'T ^^JT ^-^T^^^ ^m TfTft^^T '^ ^'T 

^r^t fol-ff^ TT^f^iTxr^w jfti^FT^ fV^^i:^ ^r^^rm i ct^t «; 


r ^fv^TTII^^ "^^^WITg ^T^^'-Ji:^ q^5T^^TSfT5r ^ ^f«l¥!:T^^rajT»r^ ^'f^^ \\ 

^TT^^iT ^^ifwcirN tii:*T^^;cr, ^cr^f^-r m^^ i:^t^^^- 

JT^cT, -^T-grT^ TFtT^J ■q'^Tl: THI^'Sr^^ jfl'^^ WT^ I 


f^i^iTiEJff t^^^f^ f%^ ?f^ T$ m^i T*Tt^^ iifcr iii^r 'iTf^ 

TT^cf f^cf I 

T^^H'^ ^^^^ ^^T^^^ ^f%^T f^f^WT ^rt^f^cTT ^f^"^ 


^^T^: ^^f^c^T^t ^r^- ^rcTTTT ^T^T^t ^T^T iTTT^^tir^r^ 

^Ttr: Tff^rf^^T v{-^ I ^^^ xrf^3f»r^ «t-^ ^Tif? crczrfr^ T'^rt^ 


^^ ^th: ^ ^^^ift^Tw ^f?r §1$: ^^ li^ ^ ^^^Tf«T xT?;r^7^ 

«?« ^^^t ^mift'JTT Htwr^^ f^t^cIW ^^Tff cf^T^^ Orf^ff 
^TT^T^ "C^^T^f '^I^^r^^ ^^ cT^T^TT^t ^'^^T ^T^lcT f%^ 

"* "^ "" C "N 

^fJ??T fiX'^ ^T^\ ^^TfT ^X:^ i^^ ^CfqrJ^i: ^-^ IfT^^rgn^t^TEj ^^^f. 
G 41 

fTC cTf^^^ -ff"^ cT^TXTTT^t ^T^ "^ 3T^TI^ ^f???^^ cT^ =^^^T- 
?l^51^ 1"^*^^ '^^^t ^TXC^Tcf, H^ f^"5n^^Ti^c!^, ^cT^^^ ^Tf^ 

irrwt lic^T f^^^^m^T f^^WT^^^ ^'^igTTT^T^cT ^^ 5EW 

^BIT3I^, "^^ f^^^HDT^^ ^cT?[JT^ ^fsiW ^if^^T ^TXr^T*T I 


U JTtT: I cI^T ^ cT'^ ^ifff^T mxTf^^ ftlf^^ ^t^^JT iT3I?:^ ^f^^ 

xn;^'5^^T^T^' JT'^lfH ilfxT ^n^ ^T^ ^T^ 5FT?TTf^15i T 
^TTt Vr-^il ^W^ ^^1^ ^«T li^ Vr^^T ^T^T iTcqft'^Ti:^'^ '^ 

^irt^i'^i^sSf^f^Ti^g^cTcT^Tcr cf srf^^cTT^ ^ttt^tj ^^ ^^cf i 
^ -gffr -^r^ -jfm "^T^^r ^r^^ cT^ari'TCcr fari^cf "^^ 

^wTf ii^Tcrxr^^ ^^^t ^Tf^ cTT uwt^n^T^ ^WT iivri^ ^fk 


»; ^ eft xrt^<21^ ^3^: I ^^t ^T Wt ^St^'^TTcT ^^TTT^TW XtW^lf^T- 


^ Wi^^T Tl^WTXrft crt f^^T^ ^^T^ ^^Ti7 I 

^^S^^^^T?!^^ TWT^5^^ fiTB^^T^ -^fflT^^f^srHTII^T^ 

^^^T^T^^ ^fcrxrcT-5T^(^Tf^ ^'^T'm^^TftlJr: iT^TcT^^^^l^ 


:^e ^TJTT^: I t^'^T^f^S:sR»3Rif3Jr 


^wm T^ ^"5^ <T^ ^JT^^ irf^^^ f^rf^cHi I 

\^ ^^=Ti?:Ti; ir^Tt^^^ir f^^^l^-^gi^ ^^'q- ^cttw v(T^w( 

■^*ir^ "STJl"^^ ^TJTcTT ^^inf^T ^T^T JT^T^^T ^ ^ f^'gifcT 


^^T iT^cT^: ^^T^T ^T«T:, f^^ T^f f^^T^ 31^37 ^^cTT Tfw 


^i) jfhT-^^r^ ^^ItTTT ^TTT^Tcf, cT^ ^WTf^cril^T ^T^% ftrfw^- 

cr^75| f^^mt^-^: irrw^t N^ct -sr^pr, ^t^tst ^t^^t^^ 

«^ ^'^m ^^f^^ ^TT^ ^T^cH ^T^T^'JT^ ^cTT: I ft^T^ft^- 
»n. ^T:|'#t^T ^^^^Tl I ^^^-^raq ^^ftr^^ ITT^^^ f^if tt^T€^ 

^TcTlf^ ^T^r: xr^T€(?T III^^%cr ftl^T^nxr^cT^^ ^Tf^(2| cTf^^^ 

^iTTTTw -^^t ^T^cT^ cr%^^ ^T"^ i/^xm ^'^^ f^^'fr ^wf^- 


^TI ^^T^*T^ ^<T T^lt ^fS'cf ? TTTrf^-^^ ^t^t: ■^w^ ^^\^^ « 
:3ww^: I ^xr^??^ TWT^^jin ^^■^■^r^ T'^?:^ ^?ftxf ^inw «l 

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W[ir^ T^fk^ f^^T^im ^f^^f^ftl "^ TT^Ifl'SJ^T^ •^Tf§^T 
tS^'^ ^ff W^ ift^T: ^^T^t JT^TcT ^^^T^t TgcWT f^^I^ft'T- 


H 49 

•^T^^ Tf>r ■^T'^ ^T ^T'^n"^^^ f*J¥l»g ^^=^^^1 TZTtm ^T^T^- 
^'^■^^T m^T^ -^"^t ^^iTT^ f^t^^ THIT^T^T cJTcf, ^tl irf^ iTt 

i5tf^ ^^r^^cTT I xr^^'si^T "^"^T^^ ^3zir ^^T^t ^^xng <t 

f^^?r^ f%^T»T ^^T^, ^^frt ^T ^ ^^^ cTcT^^ftr $T^"^^^g: | 
^^T ^fn^^: ? W^^J: Heft ^fH"5IcI^T^Sr ^^T^T f^fff^T^ 

^^^^^ ct^ifli^^ -sifcT-qr^ iTif ^^T5 I ^vi^i: ^ctt ^^t ^\4 \^ 


^ Wl ^W^ ^ ^H ^^ ^if^ I ^^^^ ^T 31(^1 'S^ IIT'21 ^^~ 
=#^511X^1 TT^TcT ^^tOt ^^ITT'f ^S-^TcT i:^^^^^ ^^^^^ 
tr^^^ ^f*?^ ^TXTcTW I 

» ^R'fl^ ^T^^r ^cf^f ?TT^ ^mr^T ?i:^^^^T^^ ^^^cT^ IT?;^- 

\ -» cj-^^^^lf^cf ^I-q- fi?^ I clef: ^I ^^^^ "^l xrfclt^T cf ^If ^cf , 


tl^^^t ^V{T^ cT^ ^if^^T iT^WTcr XfC tT^ 'SJ^' ?ffcf <^^T ^c! ^^ 

^Tf^ cT^lfTT ^^T^^ ^^T^t ^^r ^'JTTf^cI-^l^J ^T-^mT^S^^ cf^ r. 8 
<I§ ^Ti^T^^ cIcT: ^T V-^l ^fw ^cTT crm f^f^ ^^Tftl^cT | 

^*TTfH ^T^cl^ m f^'^cft it^^^ ^TBtft?: ^H cl^T ^'^r'Sj^T 


\ ^TR: cT^T: •'ST^^^^ft eft ^Vri^ T ^H ^^ cT-^ ^cT^ ^^T 
^ ^T^t cTcTlTW f^?T^ «T^ f^^m T ^f^^? c# ^^ tl^"^^ 

^ il(5I-^^cT ^^^T ^T^ ^cTI^* ^-^T-sr ^lf«; ^I^^ ^^Tg 

'^^I^ 'TT^T ^IXT^ ^^if^ (^i "RfcT ^^^^ ^^^ ^'iTT't ^f^- 

\ » cT^T '^cfT TJTcT'.^TWirEq^' cT^ xrT^^?Tt^ IC^^T cf^T clef vrw- 
^^ri^ X(f?r^^ ^WlftT ^cfT?^^^^ xr4*I ^^f^^cT, ^^T 


t%^Tft;^ ^ ^s^xnmfti ^^T^^ xrfr^nf ct^t ^t^ ^tt tt^^t^ ^cit 
^^^ ^^ cTt '^TXT^TTm I ^nr: wf^c{^^■^ 'si^fi: ^^flTf few- i^ 

^^TiTT ^TTtfcT ^^^ ?Il[?T^^m"5r^^2"5T^f^cr^'^T^^^'fT^Fri 

^mS^ m eft -^T^t 'sTTTTf^f^ Tfcf litT^T^ ?^ ^3T?;f^^Tf%^m^ » 
■^ITffr I tT"5T^: ^fci-sim^ c4 ^^'^IT ^^T^ ^f^"^^ f^^ cTcT^'S'^ «. 

^^^Kifff in^rf^^Tf^r, ir^TTf^^pd c^ ^fcijz^m ^t^ nf^- 


UT'^^i^ ^VTit^^ "^^ ^rfwri^ffT TT^^^i;'^-^ xTf^^^Klw- 
\K Or^t^ ^"^ I xT^^'si^ 's:?!^! -^-^-mj 3Tw^ ^* ^'ffTw g^ 

^^^ ^^^^* ^T^^^ ^cTT^t ^TFI^t ^T cf^ »rr^T ^^P", ^Xfi! 
c^t ^^^f^^^t 'TT^^TcT l^^T^^T ^W cl^ ^I?T ITO^crt | 

^.n. ^ qT^^^^ 5^1?:=^% ^:s"T'^^T'2Tr ct^ gfcTin^^^ irf^^irf^r 

^Tg^: frrcTTiTTT f^HI^^ fxfcn^cr^ I 


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^rr"cmf^^* w ^wf5i^ ^ig^ iff^^lf Otw^^^t^ ^jt'^ci^ct^ 

^^^^^^^T^^t^ITsr ^TT I cT^T ^^T$ f^WIT ^tl ^«T: tt^- i 

^^^T ^tl i^T^^ TTT^ '^ m^ f ?rT ^TcZIT^ <T^T cT^T <f 
5R:f^^T^^: XT^H'SIi:^ ^fi^^I^T^^iftxT ^T^^ ^xrf^ ^T^cT I 

^^^^T: ^513 f^rt^ 'Tt ^^f% 5^^T^lTt ^f^^^ ^t^TT^ 


^f^^r ^^TQ (# fk^^^ ^i^ ^tttt iET<ft ^T^ftr ? cT"^ ■^I'gi^H 
^.'^ citT ^R:f%: insiw^, (^ ^^i:^^ "^rrff, ■5:^1"^^ ir^^'Jc^f^i^ "c^m 

Of^f^i^^H '^T^'JTJ, ^^nrrr^T X^^^T^TT ^ilT^^t 'f'^T'T 

«? • ^Tcj^ Tfj:^^T.m ^wjt: i crii "^m jth '^^^ ^li w xr^ 

*? ^ ^^ (T^^^^) xT^ ^^TT: I ^^^^TT^ ^^^^T^T^: ^^f^^T?;: 

^^r^T^ f^^m ^^T^ I ctct: ^t ^ f^r^mt ^i^^^ ^^ttt^- 

S^ T(X.^^J:jI "^^^^ UT^^^TT^T ^T ^TCt Vf^cT: ^^^ ^^■^. 

K'^ f%^ §"^rf I ^^^^^fT^ ^TN«T^<ft xr^^'sr^^ ^*f1^ ^^^- 

I 57 

^T^ TT^^^^ ^^^m 

i^ fl^lS^l^: 

^JTT^T^ ^*TT^Tf^ TT^^IITcr TT^T ^^ I 
^JT'^^^ W^m iT'^W^ ^^^f<T I 

f^xncT^T^^^lf^ ^ ^t^lfV^: WW. I 

t^T^Xf f^ ^^^ ^ifXTcf ^^^ oT^tT I 

l[T5^T fsf^^ ^Tf% -^^T ^^^f^ ^T ^§: I 

?> ^ ^^^T:i7^ ir^^^TTT^T ?;mcT^3T^ ^fVt^i:^ ■srarw f%^ ^ ^i^^ir 

\ 8 ^^ ^T^f^^,^ ^^5fT«rT?IT3T=5^cr I ^^t ^T% ^2:t% ^^^t« 
^^T^RiT ^^^^cT^, -gT-sr^T^ ^^irt^ f f? ^cT: ^ c^W f^^ 

^T^ ^^T3I=^cf ^^ cT^ IT^ JTT^lif ^^-^^ fWT^T"sft^ <T^ 
"^X^ ^ cf^T^^T Vl^^^T ^if^cl^ ^T^^^ t^fsT*T^5f IT^^^- 



f^Tfl^^;© g'^TJT T(mm I ^ ^"^IT^: I 


cI^T'fl^^ ^f^'^lf^'K^^f^^ ^T^^^, ^^^^H i:^T^^: ^r^^- ^"^ 

?:?[ , ^^^^T^RTTt IR^^T^ ^"^^T ^€% i\^J ^5%f*T, -^-^t fcT >? ^ 
ifcIT^ ^^Tf?l ^T^^^: } ^ ^^ ^=^1 ^t% 'if^ il^T ^T *? 8 

^'Sf^ TfcT "^T^ "^fk, ^f^^ ^f ci^ iTo^xr-?5^x Or^^f ^ 

^Xfft ^^^^ ^^.^^ ^Jrf^?jxf o^T^f^^ ^H ^TW^ ^"^r^ 

5iTf^ ^f^t^^T^c^^TT ^T^T^'sf \^ mf^ ^icf : Iff ^»?n"r^ ? 

^T^fjT^'T^JT ^W^T^o f^'f^^'^T xr^^'SI?;: W^ufci cicT ?TiT 

^^ cF^T cm ^^ ^^TfxT ^f^^ ^ilfxT ^ ^T^f^ I WXT^H ^^* ^^ 


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f¥i:ft«Er ^u. ^^: ^«tq f«[^^#5T r^m sT<^Tf«[rrw f^^q-^fi^ ^foafi^ I 
I ^^'rn: ftrJT^^T ^T^^ ^^^ ^T'^TcT TT^^'g^ XT^g^^cT cT%^ 

< ^T^-jf (# ^: ^"Sr cT^T ^ ITr^T ^f^cf-^T^^ I ^"si^t TT^^^^: 

^ ^ xrf^^cr: xr^^^^^ ^i^^fxr ci^ ^^^ «r ir^Tf^icf 1 ^^^^ 

^n^T^^cT ^^T^srf^ Vr^T^^f¥ ^T^T^^fcI ? cT^T^T X?"^^'5^3!I 

«t ^T^iiT^s'^H ^T^"?Tcf x^f^ T^^\^^ Twf^'^ ^mi, ^ ^ic^r w'sr, 

^ » I$$TcftfiT TT^ "^^j cTcT: fk^^^T ITm ^^T^ f?!:^ I ^^^if 
XT^^'a^ ^Um f%^^ xj5^^^ ^T'^'^TcT ^ fk*Tt"^ ^ f?J[*T^^, «TtT: 

^^^t f^^t^: XT'IT^W, cTcT: X??; tjHm ^T^ XT^fl^ST^T'^T^^ ^li, 

^■^T ^c1^ W^ T^^ cT^^ ^^ig I 

^cT: xr^^^^: ^-^T-^T^^ ftr^^^^ ^^^ ^9j ^ mmii^^, 


xr^H^^T^ fiT^^^^t ^'H^^T^, f «T: IT^Tfkcn^^^^l^tT^? 
^T^T: ^W ^:cTT^^ ^Vw^ cf^TcT ^T^Tcf f%^-^?TW^Tf%^: §^T- 

c: ^^ifxT ^cTT^JT ^^^cT | ^^T^^ f^^^, ^cf^ XT^T^f*T3!I T'SIT:^ 

^ ^ f^iiw^^if'!! xf^Tcftr fell: I ^m:^ T^?;^ f^^jR^^^i R¥- 
^^TTcTT ^^"^j ^i tT TOT ^qrprxnf«rT^Rxg^^cit i 

^'W JTc^T cT^t ■^TO'JTT*?^ ^WT^t T^^^T: ^^ ^T^T ^T^T- 


cT^T^l^T^ i'^K^ Ti^^i^T ^if^ t^T^rf^^ ^if%Tra«rTcr^ ^c 

'^ %T^T^t q\r^fl<^ fw^S^^ V" T^T% ^W^T^T: ^^w | 

"^TM ^^^T^T: ^^^ iHT^^ VX^T xrf^cf ^^^^r, ciW ^lilT^^qf 
5<^^ ^cejT^ ^ih'f^^s XT^^^^^ il^^T^T: ^^^ ^^T^^T 


i TIT f^cTr^t ^lilT^ftli^Tm^^ ^^Tfi? TTlf T ^ f^T^ I ^^- 

^^^'TTt^^FRT ^cITl^ f^^T^ ^^%', ^^T^^ T^^^ ^^T 

TT^T^ ^?ftt ^Sn^fcT ^cT: ^T^T^^ ^^t^ ^TJTT^^ ^IT 

^ t%^Tt?r I ^cT^ ^^T'l^ ^f^fST fxt^^^T"5rTH ^fllXff?T>l^ ^^t 

^iflTT^T^ ^T[%', T^T^^ ■^'5^^ ^^^m^^Tfvr: f^* ^^- 

^T JTT -^H^ I 

^^€t^i^t^ ^vt^?t twt^^ ir^^^ ?T^"m^T^ ^^Tf 
^'T^*, ^wit^ T'^a^^ i7^^T ^nrifn t^^^i tt^: ^^tW lat^- 

J 65 

^^T^Tf^ cl^ ^tT cTcT'. ^ ■^^T'^r f^?;T?T^^^^f^^f%, ^TTiT ^W^^ 
^^iflT 'H'^^cT^ m^ ^^^cftiri^^^^ ^T'ft'^T ^^3" ^rW^TcT 

cT'WW^ 'R'^^frff^* ^t^ Hcf, ^f^ g ii WTf% crff ^ cr^ ^in 


OrfkrrJT ^^H TflJir^ OlfHTTfl^ 5Gr^^cnf^ TT^^TOtf^, 
^c fV^^^^t ^TWf% -IJKlPu, -g^T^TH^ ^fHTTcftirTiT ^^^t^T- 

^ I ^^^T m^T! f^fil^cff^^TrtHf^WTf^sit ^^xf T^\ ^XW 

•fr^nT^iW'' fq%fl«iT^t t^Tifai^ft^ \^ fq#2l«?T^t ^iR^wn^ ^i fin?ww 


fsr^Y^ t^^ <T^-^ ^-g^ t^ ^ fxT^^m^t ^^^ ^^T^^ ^^- 

^^f^If^T i^^ XT^i^^ ^fV^^^ ^T^tH^ I cT^T^t ftr^^^T «L 
^TT^^^ f^T^izrr^^ IT^T^^r ^^^%^T'5r WJZW\'^ "^T^* ^si 
TT^^^g^ ^f^W ifT'sqf^^ I «TcT# ^^ t^^iJlt f^f^t^T ^T^lff < 

^sRTfr: I ^^^ f^twt^T fJT^EizrrTT -scwt^^^'it^ f^'^T^ "^mf: i 
T^T^^5^^ ^^ ^T^ cm ^iftxfH^ ^t;h^w^, f^^ -cTf^^^ f^"^ 

^^TO^g^n^ ^TTT^T^^, XT^^'SJ^TiW^, ^cTcT ^T^' ^T"^^ ^Xf- 
Tf^ ^^T^ I 

T^ xT^rf^crr: fxr^^^TT t^t^^^^ f^ ^^ ^urir^^ ^xji: ^^ 


\» w^^-^j:-. Twm^r^ ttt^^^ct fg^^^TT wf%"^Tcr i ^tt^ 
^rfsr ^JT^Tftr fw^'^rf^^iw^'^T^ ^xrf crif^ irif^ "^^ft^T- 

i^tt^f^^t^, T^T^ im cT^T: ^^T^ ^T^cT^ ^slt^: ^^T- 

^T^T^T I *" 

TT^^^^: fsi:^^^^ ^^T^cT ^^ ^T^T^^ ^^t'q' ^^^^ ^T^- 


^^ €tfcT Wf^^f^ ^ ^^T^ ^'^T^. 3IT|<3rr ^^T^TI'SfT^Tff ^rig 
fTTJT^f^T ^^t^it^^ ^^T£I^m ^fV^: ^f^^f^ I ^ cTT^^^T^- l^ 

^nf^ w^^rf^ ^^^Tf^ ^^^^T^ f^7^Txrf^r5if?T i wtt^ ?r i^ 
^^^J: ^wr^JT ^Tr^nOr ^^w'^ifii ^miw^Tfiii f^cr^^i^ ^» 

3ZTl<^T ^ni^T ^T^fcTI ^TTi: -^W^ ^^Tlt ^TW^r^ ^^l- ^1 
'^W^ Hm?nt ^^t^i^f ^^^fcT \^^ cT^ ^T^T Vf^^^ I 

ir^T^t ^^"^Txf Orir^g ir^H^?;^ to^r't'^^ f^^^^T^rm i tm: ^ ■? 


1 ^^^ "sr^TT?? f^^ cT^fq" 'T Xirxr l ^^^T: cT^^T: ^Tfi"lTf ^ itth^t: 

fif^cf^T"^^, ^J^ f^ji^sTw^^ T^Km T^-si ^^ mwl^ ^n^q^ir 

« ¥li^=n ^ 71^^ ^TTJ^ ^T'^t ^f^"5lfcr I $I^T ^T^iT-^^<T m^ 
^T ^TcT: I T'Sl^^ ^T^T^ ^11 ^T"?^: xnfT;^Tf^5j| crxf%, 

^^^^ ^5^tic ^^cf f^^^ Tr;srr^ ^^f^^^^ t'si^^^t^^ 

^^f?T ■^%>J^Tf^ ^<X: XTol^x^ ^f^^^lf^^ ^mf^i 11^^ 
jflfiT^: cjifcinij^-^^ ^^ ^^WT 5511^^^ 11^^^: t^fV^^? 

■HTmt ViT^W^ ■m'^^\'^ <i^mT^ «T^ JTJT^TcT ^T^ ^ ^STT- 
fjfcT^T ^cT^iff^^^ 'HTT^ ^T^ W^^ T ^fft^f'fr, •^TW'I 

^JTT 3I<^T 'IJI?:^ ^W ^TH^Tt f?I^^^ ^W^T*f JTnf ^f^illi^Tcr 

\«, «T^ ^T^^TTrf^^: Tr4fV^^ xni^'ir^: firij^^^ ^ifirT'^t 


«s^ f5nw^^ TT^i^ TT^'R I <. purrs': i 

^mTlt t^^TTxr^ ^T{ ^3ff JTT'^rtWcIc^cT cTTT Ilf?r ?T^T liTIT^f^: 

cf^T^ Sr^T ^T^iTW fkiT^^ m^ y<i=ii^ f^^'^i^ r^^^i^ i« 

cTT: xr^^SEfT ^TcTT: I TWT^^^3I^ xr?;^^T W uf^T ? T4 m cT"^ 
'^f T 'iff ? ^TT^ r^^T^ft^"^*^!:^ ^^ ?TH JTT'^ fs(f ^^Hf: 

^: fii^ cT^ ^^^ 3Z^c^r wr^^^!:TWH ^tOt^t^, ^xn: ifOTi 

8t^^ ^T^ ^iftfW "^ f^^^WT ^VTT^ XT^ <# ITTTf^^* ^§351 
'^lETIl^ f^^^ W*=^, -^m TT^T ^f^^ ^T^ %^T f^*Tf%cTT^JTT- 

Tnji^m 3r5^% t%icf ki^^ ^T^? ^JTK, ^f^^ (^ ^^r f^w- 

^ o ^^Tiir: I f«[JTi^^ ^'^^ Tjm^ i «^ 


^f% cT^r f^^T*f[iTgtgt^ 'TtfTTf^I^ ^^^^% ^T^W^ ^^T'T- 
WTJT cTT: ^^T: mUT:, ^XPC Xf^iT cT^ cTT^T TT-^vftf^^f^^t f^'fCt 

^T Vf^W^T^ ^t\^f%, ^pq^^TT^T 3qr^^T VTR^f^ ^ I 
K 73 

«9 fVJlf ^^ ?JW XT^IT I I* ^VHJ^: I 

^^mX m-^-m mg^^ eT^ ^re^ Tf-gi'^ ^^t 1 ITcT^T? l» 

^i'^cT T[%}^ iii^f^^ f%^ 7r^*?r: fi'^rfrr ^t^ ^ f^^prr 
irf^T ^'^T^t ftr^jft"^^ ^?ftxf jm^^r 1 ^t^^ tn-^m wwi^ in 

WT^^ -STJIT^ ^^T 3r^»^: ^THT Tf^ ^ WT^t "^Cp^IT^-^cT | f^^ 
^T'Sn^JlfV f^^^icT ^3" SW cTcT ^ <T^ ^ ^^m^TI^ I 

^^ifw ^^ffi^cT I ^vf^^?i^ t:^t?^: ^sR^wg fii^^^^ ^»ftxr- ^ » 

^^5?!^ fitiT^% ^T^rr -sriTT^ xr^^'R^TmfVr^Ncr ^^^^i' ^s 
^x -^vrTf^^, ?:T"5rr f^iioflft h^5 1 ^^^rr^ ftifl^wi ^i^i^^^ai 


t%^§ I ^^^t fkfl^^: ^4t^^ ir^l^^^ ^ f^tH'f ^T?J 

^^ ^T^StS^I^: 

a ^^^^ ^m: fe^^ TT^^T^ flltV^Tfl^ ^XT^T^ ^MRt 

V ^TT^fVT^ I ^ttt: Sr^: #^r^^ ^^vrmt xr^i^ ^titw ttij^ 
T^i^^TiitiniT "c^ft^T^^^t^i:^ ^w Tc^-m tstjttt ?: ^f^ 


^WT^T^^ f^^^iiw in^^T^ OT^^Hw sf^i^ v(^-m^\'^~ 

TTcTt Srar^^^cT^, ^^ %rTT 'T ^'ff^ ^^i^ TT^^'^IT T^T^^- ^^ 

■^^ ?:f^cr^T^^ I w^'tT'?: f^^riii ^t^ri^^ ^^^, ^nr^^ ^ » 

^'('fl^ fk^^"^ ir^1^5 ^^^^^OT •SfTTT^, TTi^cT TERT ^ T, 

^?tr:^t^ ^t^ ^t ^^^ ^Ji^ '^?:Tf*T i ^t,s^'tt "^ '^ 

'^Mt ^' "^^ ^WTcT^ ?lfWT^T JZ'ftcT* ? ^^T ^^\^'m ^W*^ 


< ^^^ fer^^T ii^T^^ ^"^^^j TTC^^^T ^-^ ^T^nn^ 

^ ^f -^I^fH f^4^t I ^Tl^^ fTl^^f ^I'TT^T^ ^^T "^rgiTaif 

TToiTr^^m: xt'c^'sit:^ ^t^ict ^ttw '^rfw^ ct^t ^ tt^t^t- 

I o ^^^mt "^^ TT^^'^t ¥f^(2i5?! •^T^^'^T'sr ^^mcr5-^t*'^T^- 
^'s^T.^^ cmj ^-^ m if^^iir^ tT^ "^^^t ^^t ^ xt^^^^tijt 
Tif^-m ^WT^* '^^f^^j^T^t ft^^iirr ^WT ^^fsr ^^^jt?: ciwt 

cTf4 H^ ^^'^ cT^T^T: ^?TT^?:cT xr?:^^^^ Ot^H* ^ ^P|=^ 

^u. "^nf ^^r^Twr ^^t '^ iwr xt^^'5^^ ^^^t'^ct x( \ f^^ ^rf^ 

^< T^T^t^^ "SR^ ^^Ot^HT^T ^^rWT^ TT^^'SI^?!! ^TfciJHT^ 

\c: TfcT ^^ ^■^T i^ro^^ I ^*T^^ f^rjTii^iT xf?:^'i{?;»T ^T\^ 


^'I^t f^3|^T %1W^^ ^"^^^v ^^ TT fw^ftcT I ^^ifx? ^^^- ^ • 
^ ^f^'T ^T'^^cT cT^lfxr XTil^'Sl^^ XT^T^^^TtTT T Or^(«r 

'^^ I ^T^ ?f^ W ^^T ^-^^j cTfl -55 ^^^* ^^T '^ ^* 

^^^i^' f^^TJft^R^^^ftriVsrT^t i^T^T^^ ^TO «t^t; ^xrr* 
^T% ^^ ^4^ ^r[^^ %T^^r^T^ Tft^^TSRj ^^nrt 1 

^1^^ XI^T^ fn^Jli W^tTT ^lf5'« I 


^T^ f^TT'SPT f%^T^ ^"^TW ^^5 XT^^5 ^^^T^g 71^5 "xf 
f^^ITf^ fk^-^ litf^i^f fjr^Jl«f ^m^cT^ il^T^ cT^ ^^ftXTT^ 

mm ^?T ^^liTT^ fV^^ffT jt'^Oti ffi^firB ^?t^ vi^i^fq" ^tjt- 
ttt:^^^^^^^ ^^f%^ fTT"i^t^T fjTw^iwJT ^T^rfir^Pfftfw 

5nT^ ^^T^*f"^ f^^T ^'^ IkT, cf? ^WUT xr^^'SJ^HITf^- 
^*fl^ It^^T^T ^T^mT irflUcTT^ ^^^^T VT^ ^3;9rcTT^^'5TJ 



Hi ^l^m ^T^T^^ Bet W^^ "g'^l^r^^ I 


•^ff ;>|-5r ^cT Tf% ^T^T ^T^TT^^ I 

^cT cl^ "Tf ^^XTT^ ^5R ^^i^^JT^ ^^^T^ ^T^cT^ ^^i51??T 

timT4 1^^ fiT^^^^lf^^^H 3tI^W f^f^, ^^W ftrf^^T 

m^ «T^T Vf^^ ^IWTf% xr^^'51^ ^T^Tfl; ^TT^f^^f^ ^WT 

^sfk^^ ^T ^:gT^f?fg TT^^'SR^ ^Tfxr ^mr ^fif^ i wcr- 


TTir^TH^r"?^ f^^^ 5Rcf, cT^T^t ^^T^ ^T^T^^^t ^Tft^f 
il^T^-sr cT^T^^lff^^ "STJI^:, ^^W ^W\^ ^^^ ^^^^ 

•mf^-it w¥[T^ <^ ^'T XT^T^ ^r7r=^, xr?:^^^ ^ctt^^ T^T^iri 
WT^T ^Tixw^T ^fxT 'g^f^xrr, crm ^ffl^ ^^»^, Tarw^ 

t.< T'5ri:m^T iT^T^Jq'T ^% I WXT^ f^¥^WT f^vTt^ f^^lffc^ ^tOt 

fsfi^ fcT^nr firf^^ ■^r^r^t xtt^?: ^^gjn'^mir ^'fi^i^T- 

L 81 

■V ^ -O N* ^ 

^T^^^T €l^T ^cTt"^ MT'^J ^W;f' I ^^t tl^T ^Tf3<T-^^W^ ^ •? 


^nif^ik f^^cT, ^^ HiT gWT ^r^rzT^^T'J?I^t t^flX ^T^R: I cT^I 
a\ ir^T: St^H ^"^^^ i^^T ^T Vr^ ^^^ cTT^ f^'^Trrt I ^^^^ 

a a I§Tf^cT^T^ XTiir ^^ iT^T i^^^* I ^ri^TsS'^^cr , T'Sf^T ^"^^ ^^^ 
ayL ^51 cr^lf^sR^ ^^T^ % ^*TT^^ <^^T ^tT^^^ I f^^ ^I^JJi: 


ir^ ^w ^^ T<in^<T cT% ^^^^ «iTin-^t^^ writer 1 

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WniRH^^ TfcT ^T^ ^^T ^4^ I (# 5R^T cTT^ ^iTT^SRl^-ST^ WC^- ^ 


c ^^iT I ^ WHT^^^RT^r^ ^^JTTjf ilT^TT ^^M ^^T?; ^Xf^ 

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'Sf^^ W5T^ ^=^' ^^T ^H xr^T^7?Tm=^ I cTcT: f^H^^: ^T^?r^'^< 
^^^cT^ ^"^ c^^T ^iT iTilT^^ "T ^T^lfiT ^cf^ TT'^I^'Ri:^ "^I^ - 

"^ ^?T=^?TT^^^Tf^^^ cT^ liW: TT^^'SI^^ ^W'sf ^=^' ^T-^IT ^^ 

TT^T^<2fT3r=^ I cr<T5 fk^^s ^T^"^ xi'^Ff «i7rT^, ^xn: irT^s ^ \ 
xr^^^?;^ ^vr^cT i 

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^^Tlt ^T^TPl^^ ^JTlTf ^T'l^cT, cI^T^ ^TTTJi: ^^^ cT^ 

^■^rf^t^l^* ^TH^ I cT^T?;'^ fk^t^ ^Tl^lf^^ ^"^cf ITT^ ^«. 


t^^ ^\^■^■^i i f^i^-^^^ u^^i ^^^* i .^i 


5f«f^^ in m^^ -^STcw^T ^?nfn^' "t^-^tt:t ^t^-^ ^wrsf ^«i: 

i ^1^ ^-^TJT^^ flTH^W T^'tJn^ f^tt'm H^^T ^^-STTiTT^, 
^^ ¥Vn^ c^*T^ ^^ ^xf ^^cn^ iTT^WT^^, ^^ cTH ^^Tlf 

f^r^t^ Or^-g ^Tif ?:cr , ^t^ iisftr xr?:^^^!!! ^if^^f^cr: i 

i-^^ ^fsT^i^ftr'S Wr^ ^ ^^T^ '^T^^fcT | <TcT: fir^^^f 
fJI7r^?T ^^^cl , c^* Tcf ^f^fST ff^TT^ir crf^^ ^RTTTW "^^ WTW 


^^-^t TUfi^^ ^mi'^ ^T^cf aTJTTJT I 

^^TW^ ^XI^iT ^^^ I ^^^t St^: ^^^IT^ ^T^TXT^cT ^^ ^^ 

f^¥3n^^ -^^iT^K^ 3Tt^f^(^T 3f7iT ^^ftxT^T^^cT j cfm ^m- \^ 

^l^t ■^T^fifcj Or-^WT ^^T^^T ^I^T m^ cTcq^T '^XTSR^ 

^^ftxr^rJifii <T^ ifft'^wt ^^T?; fe^^ cr%^r '^icft^rfR^cf 
^^ ^ cT^T^^T^ii ^>g;^ I ^^mt SrwT i;^^ f^sr^if ^ttt^ «? "^ 

<5rT?T'f f^'I^ ^m"^ ^^ ^^5^ ^T^H ^^"STT^fT, ^ H^ flRT- 

IsgTsrt g^qr^w ^^^ ^^g^ ^-bq HT^^t ^^q ^TI^^T JITi'T ^«» TT»s 


t^^ %fWT^: I flT^i'^n^T ^^fl ^^^ I ^<£. 


«. ^T^cT Tf^ cT^ ^T*r, ^ ^T^^^K'^^Tl^ ^t€[cI^ I cT^ f^l^f^ 

^rai ■^f^^TJT'^cT ? ^^ f^il ^^: fTTi^l^T ^Tf% ? ^Tf^ ^^ f^ 

St^T^ ^T^T ^ ^"^cT ? ^^ lim iT^qicT ^^m ^W^ ^ iT^- 

«f f'TT^^^^I^^g I ^ ^f^ ^^T ^^ "^T iTt XT^lf^^ ^ffl cTff 

^i:^^^ ^^?TcT , cr^ c(?^'iTT^7nfiTfit ^"^fi^t "^'^iirt ^5^ "TT^- 

\» ^rqr ^T^^ ^f^^ ^T^cT ^^T^^T-^^T: ^T^^T^ITTW^T 
M 89 

cr^TTt f^lX^T Ot^^'pI TT-a^ ^m^ (^^^ ^^^T fjfSr^T^^^TW?? \« 
T^TT^ ^^T^TT^^^^ ^gXTTxri^ TJTlc^r ^^^T^ ^T^Wt ^^if 

^m(?r i"-^t ^n^ T?ii^ I ^^^ t: ^T:i ci^ ^*^iT^^*{^ ^^ 

^^ IT^T^^^qf^^ ^.^ %^T ^cft^ Vrif^T cf^ ^^I§Tcf^^» 

^T^^T f^"^^ ^T^^ Tf^^ ^vrri, (# f Hri^T^mi^f^ ? ^s^^^: 


cT^ fsfN^TSft %^^ ^cTT'^rt ^r^^ ^^Tft^H ^TJT^flT ^^^'^r I 
^^ ^^i. ^T-^ ^IT^TT^ ^"^^j cT^ W^ ^^Tfir ?TT^^ Ot^IT 

^iRlf5T^^ ^iT T^T^ ^fm^Si ^^ ^^ ^f^T cf cTT"^<T^^ ^TITTT- 
^i f^cT^T^ I T^ ^-^il ^T^^ ftf'fVrW^T ^nnf^cfT, ^TT^^^ 

» » H^T cT^T: Tirl'^T 'TT^f^ cT^T^ ^T^ eft f^^^ I ^TJK 

^xn^sR^TT^ ^^xn^ 5^cTt ^J^^- f>T^v, ^ir^TT ^liT^xr^- 

» \ irilf ^^T^T^ cT^ fxTW-^ <I^TTf ^JTT^ I cT?r: fTil^i'TiTf 3T^^^ 

«"? ^xic fxrif^l^^ ^^^^ f*rr|^ ^^^t" ^^^^ ^ cr ?j^ ^^^ 

^^ ^TITT ^^TT^, f^5RT f^^T "^TcT (^ ^7^ Tl^\Wl ^H 

^?f|xm ^TTT^f^ ? ^XT^ ^ fxrw^l^r: ^t^rt ^TTrrOr ^^sr^ 

XTH ^TJI'^T'f cT? ^m T§ir»?T: yT'fl^^ xrg»?J^ ^TTf«T I 


^g: I ^^?fI?:iT^TWT^'5T5^^T: fxr^^^Rt Xf^T^ 7rH^T<T^ II^T^- «,^ 

cT^ fxT^^'53^ f^"^^ ^\^T f^^^^^^T^ ^T^^ f^^T^ HX 
f^-51^^TTTfcTiT ^T^^ xr^'^, ^ ^\^?:, ^-^ -^^T ^^ ^5«T! ? 

ci^ ^ ^i^it^ I cf^T Tj^x "snn^, ^?f ^^r ^^ ^w ^fcr t.i 

^^: f^^^'^T^ fsi^: ^^'ff "^^^ ^T^^ ^^^ ^iflTTT ^Tf^- 


«, ^ST^-C $T^r ■^T'^r^ "^T^cT ^^ ^^* -Rff cf^T^ ■^T'^T^- ITT^T 

< ^"q"?: ^^^T^TJ ^r^^ ^jwi^ crf^^^ ^551^^ 1 ^^i^^ fxr^- 
^^■5^'^f^rin' f^^TT^r t^cf'^'^T^'^T '^ ^^ jtt^^ ^'^m §t^- 

'Q TT^* UTST^TgJT -SC^T^^^^^ ^^^^TTWT "^f^W^ITSIW?: | ■^^T: 
^T^5Tfq' f^TI^T3DT^-^cnr*T ^cTTf^ "^ II 


£8 fHfl^^^ 13 W TiWW I \^ ^^T^: 


^5pfl^ §I^T ^T-^ WJTT^, ^i:-^T^fTRit ?nT ^^ ^ff cT^ ^.-a 
TTi?r, ^^' eft VTT^T^' g^ ^T^Tf^, c^ ^m IT'S "fl^-^TST^ ^c^ 
XT^^^^^ H^ "^m^ ^ I "^Tcr ^"^ ^^ ^^51 ^ ^^^: fiT^- 
€t^TTt ^^ ^^cTTf^fTT "^T^ §T^ ^FT^^T ^^T^ I ^Tf^ ^T^H ^t= 

*»- C\ si Cv ^ 

^T'^T^^ •^■^, xr^ir ^twt c^f^ g^fcr ci^ ^^ ^fzii ^^T^ ^T^ 

vi\TCm ^cT^ 5SXr^ ^TJTTcTT ^f^'^H ^^f% | cT^T ^Tl^^ ^^- *? ^ 

^T^^ ^WT^ cllTlT'ff '^TXf^TflT^:, ^T^ cflf^ ^T^rf^ ^f^ I 
cTcT: WT^J ^IJ^T^T^, ^^flfw TT"^? ^"§^1 ^^cTt, ^TT-^TT c^tT: ^ 1 

f^^vr XT^ ^ ^T^^ ^"^^ '^^^^ w^tvf'^mxi^ fxr^^^i^t ^icf 

^T^^ ^ff cTT ^Jg-^T "^ cTt%5r ^gl^«T | ^^T %m- ^T^T ^T"^^- *?< 


^<!L '^R^lf^IS^T^: 

\ ^^^^ ^1% ^T'^T "f^ f%^TT=^^ i^T^T^^^ ^^^^^^ 
» ^^^^ il^m^: ^cTTtTl?! St^^ ^*ft^ ^T^^fr^lf^ ^^T- 

'fRig, ^cT'^JT ^^cT: f^fiirfxr ^txt^t:^* ct^ ^'^fvr^ ^"^t^^ ^cft- 

^^T^^T ^T"5KH ^Tg^ cTTrlT^ cf 'sTTq'^T^T^ I ^Xf^ St^^ 

^T^T^, cT^T^ ^^ "STT^T ^^"^T cf^T^t cf ^T-^f^c^T ^^ITT^, 

xr^T^^ m^i ^^t lEiTTr i ^xrt ^tii^T ^Trf^^i^^t az'ftf^T ^^ 

^T^^* ^fW^ ^^T^. ^f^W ^3IT^ cf isf ^T ^^ *TiT ^^flTTH 

31 c^T ^ Pf^ WT^^ '^'^\ lief cTcT ^4' cf '^lX[-srr*TT^, ^^^t ^ 
Vrf^^^I^lf^ ^^f<ig?T, ^Uf^^ I climT ^m §TW TcT?:- ^^ 

■^cTT^^^^mm cfcf^^fiT vrf^^^T^ ^^f^^m^t^^ i ^^^< 

^"I^T^^fl f^ f^ilcT ^f^ T1U=^ I clef: H^iT tl ^^cT^^ iTB"^ «?^ 


^T«T ^^T W^: ? 

^JTl^, ?T^ f^* lief f^ -^TXR:!:^ cI^ fxT5: ^?f|^ ^T ^«T XTT^f f^R 

cT^ ^T^^ W^ ^f^fcT, ^T %cf ^ ^f\ %f W^ <^ff H^T^1J=^ 

f^^^, *IH flTcTT cT-^T^lJ'^* t^f^cT-^T^^ Tf^ *T^T '^m (# ftf 
N 97 

■^T xn:% ^m ^f«T(^ fTTcf^ ^^f^ f^^lii cT^ ^^^5R ^T^ ^f^ 

cTTcT^ ^TfT^ ^TT^cT <T^T cTmflT ^^li^T ^^5 I ^^^ ^ f*?-^ l» 

^^T I T^ i-Rm^T ^T^f T "sf^^ ^?t Or^ii f^^T^ "STJITT, ^^- ^< 
^^^ ^T3"$T ft^^: ^Hf^cf ^^15 I ^^^?: ^T^T^^T ^T-^ff^ ^^ 

»\. N» ^ C\ 

^T^^^^n^^c}^ ^J^ =^Wf^ I cfcT: xr^ HHf ^T^^^5R nf^-m ^ \ 

^ol^T^^T i^V' ^mt w^g I 
^xn; ^i^^ '^^ff ^rf^cT"^^^ I ^-^^t iif?rxrf^^^ ^xrf^^ '?» 

^T^^: ^T^ jg;^ cT^T | cf mfxT Sl^^t^^^ f\^ f^TrfiT ^ ^TJri^, ■?< 
■'q^I l^^fcrfiT^ ^TvS^f^^ cT^iSt^ ^f^^cftf^ »T^f^ f^>ff- 


»?<: ^^TTT^ 3T?T^r& ^i?T^'^t ^if^cim^ I ^ m^ ^"^^cT W^ f^^$ 

^\ ci^'f f^ ^ "STT^TfJT ? fsni:^^ cr*i^T ^m ^f^ wm wtf^^f^ 

1^^ '^^^^ m^^ ^^^ ^^T ^ff: '^'^ 5I3Tm I cfcf: ^^T"^^ 

^^ ^f^^ ^T^W m"^f?r ^ cT^T^TTT^ ^^ Orf^Wq- | ^x^f 
%^r^^ Olf^H'^ ir^^ ^^TT ^T^^ ^■q'f^^ ^T^T^T ^T^- 

^T^ ^T^T <Ti7 ^W^Ff ^cTTf^T TJ^c^T ^JT"^' ^iff i 
a ^ ^^'tT^ cr%W ^T^i 31% ^fcT ^T"5r3- ^f^f^T^^HcT ^T^^- 

^r^ ^m\'^ ^W' ^\ ^U^i ^T?:^^ ^nnim i ^xtk ti ^x^t 


^Tt^^^' ^^HI^T ^T^T ^T^^TcT li<^T 11^'^ "m^W- f cT? ? 
cT-^ ^Tt ilf^ ^Tf% f <T: ? cT^T ^I^^ ^l|t^^^* -^JW^ ^T'f ^cT «? 

cT^qf ^li ?ff I «T%T "^TTSI^T ^^^ il?5-^^<T,«^^^^^T^T5?j: 8 
^^TiTl^^ tl ^•'T -^T f^^^T^^ ^^%T ^TfEr^T T^^ WT% cI^T 

f^^fiT fafi ^Ttf^ ? ^^: ^m ^^ ^^?lt^3q Tf^ %WT ^^T 


^5^ ^^T^{ I fti:^^^^ nil?? w^4 1 \o^ 

^ o •^^5t[T ^"^r^ ^^T^ cif^^§ St^^ ^?f|xiTcT x^-^Tsr 3n«ft^- 

^W' T4 ^nm Tj^i ^^^ ^ f% ? wxrr, 

^^ Tfw fTT^ ^if^^T '^TSii ^4(li: f^^cTTTfV ^ ^3r: ? ^Tf^ eft 

5R^t ^^^f% 5?5fiicr, ^tt'5e;^ ^T^t^iT^^ ^Tcfl"5f^T5r^ ^rihtw 

s^J^ ?;i{q^TS^I^: I 

^. ^spfT?; ^T^r^ cT^TcT ^T^cT U^W ^^^^TW JT^f W ^if^- 


■^^HT5TT^^33Wr^^^3TK,T f^^T^^ift^T "^TJ', ^5R ^T^- 

Xffcf -^T ^f^^fcT, -^^ ^^ ^§ ^^ Plf^^^'l liiT'pr^T^ ^f- «: 

fW^T H?5;^iT ^^fi^cT TfcT ^iTft ?Tt ^Iff^^* ^WT^ ilflT 
^t ^T^^^t I 

^TT ^^ I ^ IlW^^cT^ ^ ^H gWT, ^ETf ^^ ^xrt%icr ^I^ I ^^^ ^ ^ 
■^%? ^TT^?7^^^ ^ ^cT^?Tt f^'^cT cT^^ c^ cP^ ^^T ^'^ ^If^ 


■^^ ^^ ^jq^: ^-qriT^ XT^T^sf ^TVfT^M^ ^^ ^T^TrT ^T^ ^ct ^T^ 
"? im^f^ ^^f^ ^f^ "^TtTI ^^7^ ^T-^^ xr^^'S(^ xig^ cIT^^fxT^- 

\ f^^'^^^i\ ^rf ^ f^"5it^t ^w I cri^T ^"^^t ^t^t^ ^jt^-. 

^T^^ xr^^ftf XfT:^'S|^ XT5l^, cTcf: XT^fl'5^: Bfc^l^^cr^, c^^^H'^T 


^T^^ f%^^t IlTf%^f^fcT ^TtTI ^(^T St^T 5Iin^, tT^'Sl^T 
WTcT: I ^ii'fr^ ^mT ^T^^ cT^ ^T^t^ ^mf^ f^^^t == 

^T iTc^TTlirTcT^ fa[iift^T*I3Tr* f^^T^lf^^ Sl^Ti^RT^ ^cT^ | 

Nj ■** -S, 

^T^^ icfcT -^m ^m Si^T ^T^ Ot-^^^ I ^T(T: ^T'^^ f^^*r- ^ a 
^^^ l^^^nfil ^T-sfT^Tf^fSI ^xfTTl^^ fsT^irf gi^ -q^^ 

^^ cf ^ ^^xf^UTT^ 1 cT^lfxT Slil ^T^^*. ^T5I»rT?lT^ ^ff- ^^ 

%^^ ^=m ^T^r^^ ^5IT"5T ^T^^> ^'Tlxf cT^cf 3T<^T T'Sf^'JI <T5^ ^^ 


^8 ^^fsr: I fk^^^^ 13 W "5^ I \«t 


^f^ f ^T^W fci^^ W'f f^'^^T^T: ^^^[^T TW cT^T^iT 

«?« mwf'T I cTcT^ ^sn^ $T^^iTi ^-qf W^^:, t%^ ^T^^ 

?f^ WT^T^ f^^^T^^ <rf^5lf^f^]r HT^T^T^5^ Ol^'n^IT^^ 

^ i 5(prr^ cr^: I ^^^t: ^i^^^ mm^^ cf ^Jiif^^ ^w: f%^ 

^?I^T5QTTr^ ^^', ^Tft ^T"?T^ VT^TcT ^T^T^^ ^T^ T^nit 
^ si 

■^e mi ^T^^ cT^m 5i^T^ ^5itjr^^5 ^?:T^TfTw^T^g ^^m i 

5^8 ^fifSlS^l^* I 

a 105 

\*^ f^^i^n^ u^Tj im^ I ^9 'ir^qT^s 


fir^tTTf^ f^^t^^l^ f?^?T TfcT ^TfT g^-^ I <Tcf: ^TT^: 'B?^*?? "? 


HT^^H I cT^T^Ir ^T^^^ cT^ ^^T'i cT^r^^ ^T^T^T*. UT'tI:^!*! 
W^ I <T^T ^T^^ ^WT^ i;^: $T^??J ^H^TTI f%^^ I f^^^ cTcf: a. 

f^^TTq- iTTJlOT atJITTT I 

cT^T ^T^^ ^^T^ ^r-^T^T f^ivm % TTJT IJW ^TW^^TlSlUT = 

5J?!I^T?T t Wa[t ^T^^ ^TW W^T^, ^T^^ cT"^ ff'^t ^^cT TfH <t 
^Tf^^f "^T^ 74 f cT: g^^lfET ? XTJiTT^ Xf^^'SIT:! JTTT^T iT^ <^t ?> • 

^cf ; ;et TT?;^'5^3nTfVrf¥W: ^'tt^^ i ^ ^^ <ttct xri^r, tjt ^t \ i 

f^^^ TfTxf -^I ^ ^^T^lf<T f^^T fwf^'^ ^?ifcft tT'ZITfxr (4 Jm 
'TiT m^ gnf ^5Rf%cf ^^fcT, fk^^ f^f^ ^^ ^TTTf^^lf^ I 


St^^ ^^t ^TT^ xfmx I "^^^i: ^T^; ^JZ'f m^w. 

^4, ^r^'^IIS^T^: 

^T^^T ^^fl^ ^^Jff^^T^JT f^^T%T ^T^^T «t4t^I ^^^I^T ^^^^- 

^•^^^ '^T^^ f^^ ^ ^'TT^^ Ol^^r ^€1T^ ^ ^T^^^ii:^ 
^T^tcr ^ ^f'^^ f^-sT^^Jnt ^T^f^ ^Tirr^g ^\-^^ i 


fJTHT'g ^^-^T^, VT^TfT^ f^il^lft ^[^5 K^^T VT^cllf^-^K^ < 
^■^t fti^^ ^T 'T TflfCcf 1 V{m-si ^^^: IJ^g ?r cT^Bf "^f^^f^ | « 

^^^i: ^T^^T ^T^i'T ^WT^ ^^^cT ^^3- ^: ? f^gill^ \ • 

^li^T ^T^Tf^ ? cim ^T^5T ^^T^T f^^TI^^ TTTT^T^T cT?^^- ^^ 

^^^cT, ^' -53^ ^I§^T^^ ^^cT, <T?I^ ^^ ^ ^T9^ W^^ ^T^- 
^fir r^W ^^ W^^ I W^flTT ni^Jii '^^t^Tcf ^T^T ^T^^ 

^f^^T?T cfT"^?" •^■^f % ^ ^fTT<!T ^^T^ f^^fxT -^T f f if^cT | 
■^JT ^^T^^ ^T^^^%: 1=r*T ^T^<^m ^"^^TH cTT^c^^^ f^"^Tf^- \< 


^\ ^Ti^r Tf^ ^^9t I T[^' ^T^^ ^^^T*Tm, ;e:cr^ w^^ tjt'ti^- 
^ «. TiT'^^ ^^t ^^f^5^^ ^^^TRig f*T^^i^T "^r^ ^%g I vr^Tf^ 

^^TT^t I ^T^WT (iT^) TfcT cTl^J ^T?T ^tIcTT '^ cT^T^ff^ t^^% I 
^T^ TT^^^^T ^^"^^ f^'^TT^fcT, faR^ VT^^T f^Xflirr ^rSTW- 

"^ ^^ ^WT: ^Jm ^^cf: 5fH^T TT^^'SJ^W ^^*fl^ ^"ST^- 


^^ftr cT^T: ^^T^ UTIc^T eft WJTT^ c# f II^T '^fiT^W^ ^Tf% 

^^'fTi;^^ ^ft^f^^T ^^T TT^^^ ^iftTT^T ^m^^ ?T^T ^t 
?:T«IHT^^«f cl^ ^T^ ^f<T ^ I^^^T ^^?TTT^T^cf tT^Tcf 

1?TcT:^TW ^T"^^^ ^TTfcTT^t Of^TlT^t <^^ "STT'STT cf cn^o^^TlT'fi ^« 

^^■^ I T^T ^^!:f^^»?i: fit TJlX.^'^^m^^T ^T^^T ?r?TT^ | ^« 

^^^t ^TqT^T ^cT TfcT ^\4i T^W^ ^T^f ^^^?TT^ XT^^- ^(T 

Of^^^r^ f ^'^^r ^^=g I ^T^^^ ^'jcn^i: ^^f%cf -qr^ ^^^ 

TT^ Ti?^<T Vr-^^T ^THt HH ^«T ^^T'rt XTK^^gif^^Rx ^T#^ 
Tf^T^^Tftlfflfvr: ^?f ^T'^^'l ^c[T^t TT^T^ 3t?^r cT^ afT^T ^^ | 

WRt JZTlc^T ?TWt?TO!"^Tf%^T ^f^^^ XT^m^ ^^^Z^ ^tT-^T^ I 


«. ^^^X Tf^T ^WT^ ®r^^ filf^^I^T'fK ^TJTfST ^T^^ 

^■ftgi:^%-^-^T^^ fkf^i: $T^^ ^^i iTTTT ^T^ % -ZTT^t^f? 
^ cT^Ti"^"^!!:^: ^IT^^T^, ^^ cSfUT ^f ^T^lfJT | ^^'ff'?: J:^-ifli 

^f^ fr^T f^^^, ^Xf^^T^^-^^^?:: ^^ il^T^ ^gf^=^ IJ^TTT'. 

c ^nftf^ <n^Tn; ^^ftr i ct^t^I^^ ^Ttii^T ^t^^ ^ht^, t'st- 


il^ 0l3fTfTTWT: I 

^^nlT ^T^^ XTTT 3T(^T cf^^TTo^cf^ ^5$ f;^ cT^T cf^Tfl^ l^ 
^^^T^ ^^fTcrJTT^lcf^ I cT^T^t ^T^^ WTcTT ^T^ ^cr^^^« 

?Tff (^ Ot-STRH ilTWT'f f ^T ^ ^'^f^ ? <T^ law ^IT^riif f^^T- 

% »TH TswT ^T^T f^-sr^re^ ■^'^tf^ ^^rg, ^-^tt ttt l*^* 



JFTcf JTcT^lOlfcT ^T^t ^T^T f^^ ^^# T TT^^m??!^ I 

cl^^ ^■^'ff '^^fir Tf^^ f^^ ^T ^-RT^^^cT, ^T^t ^^- 
p 113 

?ii'?i^mm, Trf^'niTsri f^'^^^itt f^^'f ^^^'rt ^^ft-sfTTi^ 

^^^ xr^ f^^ ^T ^^^ ^TT^^^cI ; ^ ^T'^cf fxfi^^T^t 

J^c: '^ISir^'^TS^JFi: 

^T'Tl^ffrf^ ^T^cTt I fl^T ^T"5^^ WT^^f ^^x^ OlWTmsr ^^cT <? 

mm ^Tjfii^t cff vr^cTT '^T^^ I ^T^^r ^t^^^ ^w^t^ 

t^^tg %^"5r ^^W ^^§\cT^T^ I 

^^^^1^37 T«T^"^^^Tf% TTf^^n'mTT^r ^T sitr ^f%*n^T^T^ 


WW f^^ 7^ ^<^^ ifrf^q^ ^'^ ¥7 ^^ 'im TT^T ^^^ 

cT^T: ^Jftt ^W^' f 4^^ ^^T^, HT^'SfTF ^^?T^T HtcT cff^ 

i"^ ^^5?£iFm^^ I ^^^^ ciin ^fwcn fk^^^ ?^ ^w: ^s^ lim 

^^ -^1%, T'SJ^TSfr ^RTWSr^ vrfV^^Tf^fk: ^ "^T ^^ 
f^^Txi^ 'f «e^Tf?r, ^^T %Ht ^^T f^ ^=^^ cl^ ^^T^^ <r'3Tt 

iniT ^^^^ci; ct"^"^ licT-^l^^^ cT"^ ^^T^ ^^37 ^W^ cT^ ^jft- 

«? » clef. iri^n^^^inT^ >g;*?T ^^■^cT^f%xnn«T, wqt TiiT^'^rm ■^i'^: 


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ir€tT ^T^T^^cT , ^^it^t^'^^^ ^r^^ ^€t ^t^^ f%fl^ 

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t^f^ f^^TOJHT ^^ ^f^ ^if^^f^r ? Wirt, «. 


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TTTT^Hir?I m'^\ cf-^ ^ift" ?T^T 'I'^TT 'T lElTtxT, cT^lflT '^Xf^^T- 

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^tlJ^^cqTlf^ ^rcTlf^ ^^WT f^W TT^TcT W3?T: f^fi^ t ?I^ 
■RTF ^ cf ^T^^: ^?ft^i7 ^T^l^ K""^!^^ ?5T^«rT^T^: TH^t^^ TfT^- 

si: f^^^^' "m^ iTJT uw: xflflrcr ?Ti xif^fSTsiT jict^^^ i ^ \« 

f^^^^T^t ^f^Ilf^ f^f^^T^"^ ^T^^I-sJt'I^ ^f^^Rt^tH 
T^ ^^T ^t^ri cff^ cT^ ^^^^ -^-^TT m ^■5JTf?T I 

JTcTT^lfiT ^Tf^r ^T^^ T[^'< UTTJlf^ f^^^^T ^T^^ % W^ 


^ ^ ^^^^ IfTf^^RUTT^ ^T^: XT^r^ JT^JT ^^iTT ^ ^ ^I^ 

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^«t^?:h^ t^^^"^w5t ^h fxr'i'^^5 ^^<^ Twii'^^ii:'- 


^'T'fl^ ^Tng;^: TTT^^T ^i^r^T^qTTT^^T^ ^ T^I^^^- ^ 

T.-^-^ ^^m St^^ ci^ •5=^13511^ ?ti:t^TfJ!i tcr^T^^ firf^m 


r?ii^^^^ ^^ g^sfi 

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<> XJ^T^ ^^^ il'Zn^^ ^■JTTKTff'ff'^ ^l^^'ffX^. ^W I cT^ ^ 

cflW¥ f^f^cf ^f^ I ^ci^^^^ ^^ cT^ ftr-^^s f%^3^ ^^T^ 

WTHiT^^I^^^l'^ ^ f^^cTT^t^RmTW ^ ^^t ^T"^cr ^T^- 
u 121 ' " 

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t^Txrjrj«Tf»TT ii'^f^T^T f^^<a^*^ fk^^^T^n^ I cr?" ^t^^tt^ \« 

'^T ^J (^^^STJPIT^ 5ft^f%V^«Tt Tim: || 

fir^5i^xr^cTT5 ^^ "^^pr^^f^ ^^ ^f^ i ^ \ 

^WT ^WT^ "^^T^t f^^^: "RT^^T^^T I 

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fe^m^rnr'iRtT f^fvitT 'r ^Ecri^fxr i • «?^ 

^ ^TTlfiT ^1P?| ^^^ ^: ^i^^T: I 
f^f^clT! ^^^T§^ ^PTTf^llf^^g:;^: II 


«? o TT ^T ^^T: ^^ ¥5 '^^ "^WWTf^ '^ II 

5^ f^[^TS^^* i 

^'^%I^T^t ^m^ V^ ^^T^^reJ ^K^ ^1 ^^T^ "^^^r^ ^T«I^^ 

^TfTT^t ^^^T ^cTT^t ^T^S" ^Tt^fjlf^T^ft^^^prt ^jfllT 

^ T^T^t -^^T^ ^^n ^Wl ^T^^ ^?f^ 3g;^T ^^cT ^^T^ ^W'^ 
13HT St^ TT^ U^ f^'^^T"^'^^: ^^t ^T"Src^iTT JTmfVr- 


^li^ ^ "^ff ^^^ fjlf^i'T^^^^fil^T: ^iftiT ^V\^ ^l^T*. 
^f^fWcTT: TT^TcT ^^ ^^t ^2^f<:5gIT: HcTt^ cT^^: ^^^ 

xrs^fi:^!! ^T^ cJW 1 ^^^fT w^"^^! ^r^T^^ ^^, t^t^T ?.» 

^^T^cT: TTT^ 3TcT^5^: | ^tt^ ^^TH ^^^^T ^t^^T ^sfcf- «>< 
^i:g: f^TT ¥c^T ^W: ^t^ fV^S^cI ^^^JXT^Tgi T^^T "^^T- 

'^^firf^r TT^T ^Vs^ ^^w I ^^'trt <Tf^^^ f^^ Tr^fcr \^^ 

»^Tcr^ ^T^T^ ^^Tsf ^^f^Wrf^ ? cT^lflT ^ f^"^f^g* t'^cf | "? ^ 
cJ??I TJ^^rfq f^-^T f5T^^T*Tcr ^5T ^ clf^\ ^T^ TTcT^^ cT^qT 


\m^ ^^f^cT Tio^cT^ ftr^^ ci^: I cT^r^tfl-^ ^-^^^t m^r"?iT^ 

^<f ^fjTcTT ^^g;^: ir^f^WT^^: TJi^T^ -^TJT^ ^lU^ ^ ^^; | cTTO^^^- 


f^f^cT-^^: I ^xrC i^T^^^^ 5RfI^T^ cTt licT^t TW^7 ^^^^ 

^ 5^5ts^t?ij I 

?. '^^^^ Sr^^ <er^^^ •#^1:^1^ «r^f^^^Tw ^zn^rvr-^cr 1 

^ m^T ^^^Tm5^T^^T*rr cT^ ^^: WT ^^^ I ^^t ^^W 


WmTitlOr^'ITHT ^-^^i TOT ^W^ I ^TT^H ^^l^^T^T JTH^cT: 
ftrT?rf3"^^T3TT TT^^t Tf^T -J^^T"^ I ^T?t ^T^^T "SfT^T^ T^T^T a. 
JT^^-STT^T f^f^-STiT^T^T ^^: TTWT ^W^ I T^ ^4 ^^ ^T^^ 

WT^^^=prT t^-im ^wT^ff I 
^f?r^T^* St^^^i:^ ^t'^t^^w^ ^ii ^t^^ht^ct crfcr^T^^ i 

'^T^^T:: ^T^W ^^^li ^T^cT I ^^5Tf^*T ^^T^T ^ff cTT ft^- ■«> 

fc"^^ ^'iT '^T^JTIff W^TT^n^ ^IW^lfq" ^^T^H ^r^^^^^T^: 

(^iT ^cri ^?Tf%^liTfV 'T^^ ^I^iTT^TXT-5Tf% ? XfT:^^^! ^T^^- <t 
^f^ ^^T H'^^ IfcT^T^r^, cT^^^T^Jff W^-^ Sl^^^ncT T.l^'^ K" 
JTfl^T ^T^^R»2I ^if^t ^T"^cT ^Sm?T T^^^l^T^ f^l^- 

^T^^-^'lf ^^cfi XI^T^ ^T^g ^^ci: ^T^TSI^-Rt Vff^^I^JI'f I 

cltl "^1^^ ^^^cT, ^ iT^T c^^T ^T^ Ot^H: ^ft^i f^Ji^ ^^ 
iT^T (^tT ^^ ^T^ ^TfcTcT^ cTS" W^fH, ^^T ^ m ^T^TcT ?I\^^ 

cT^ ^^lif i:crT^^ yff"^ ^^i^, ^^ fxi^^"?n^t ^Icf f^-5?^%T 


^ WUIT^: I fti:^^"^^ f%«Tt^ ^m^ I ^:^ 


^e xr?:^'ii^ ^T^5^fk iff^^cT-^r^^ i ^tt^^r ^^^^^^t f^^r^^r- 

\' W^T^ f%^TW WJrm I ^iT,S"^^^^T t^^fcf %5RT5r ^ffil: 

^Tf^cT-^^Tf% Bm^RT'T? ^m3^: I cT^T^iT ^-^^^T fftm 
"? ^ ^^R^TcT^ I ^TT^ ^Jm^ ^m ^fV5 ^5 "^TH^^ 'f^^T il^T- 

"? i cq^T ■^TcJcT f^^i cTW^ '^T^ ^ ^TJTcT-^T^^ I ^^^^ ^T^li^f 

<?<> Tf^i ^^J:^ ^\^^ f%?T5f xnn^^TJT^ ^T^T^^'iT ^t^' ^^ 


^^ T[ I§^^r "^T Vr^Tt^ ^cTT^^t ^^"STT^T^ ^VfT^T ^^T^ 

•^^, ?;t3TT "ST^rr licf-^T-iT cT^w ^^ ^xm- ^^?;t ^^5^5 1 ^^^i: ^^ 

f^^T^fr ^^^ ^^% "^rmT^f^, f^^^T^T: ^^T^lf^'IT ^^m 


■^tpT^ %^T^^^ f^TijftiT^cT^WT "^^t ^^inm ?§^ ^^: TT^ 
^1. ^^^J: i^cft^ft^T^ff^ TOT ^?§^'^T^T%T 7lt^T?TWT^5RT^ 

R 129 

^^^^?T^ T^^: ^S ^^T ff^IW ^T^^t ^HtTT?T ^TTTlsr ^ 

^n^Tcl^ §: ^T^ Of^T^Ti^Tf^ t '^ ^"^51 ^^T^^T Tl%fH- 
^T^^ ^T^c^ -^^TX I ^ ff WI^ f^W^T^'^T^TTTfi; ^'liTT^Tt^^T^^ «. 

w^?{ ^f^ -^j-mm mmm % ^t^^^ -^^t, ^cTcf wr^ u^ 
t^ "^^T ^^^T^T^ ^T ■sr^i fij^^t^T'T f^^w R^irr^ ^t"^t 

JJSJ^ ^;^^ I§^iT m ^IT'^rt^^cT^ ^ ili'^^fM^ W'Ri^'^^ I 


\\ ^-f^mt mxt'^-^jm Tt^^ ^T^^: ^^xr5R ^^^^^if^ 
^•^ ^T^T^ OfT^r^T^ I clef: xr^^^^ T^iir ^TWf^xr^ 37t ^^rfxr- 

^,«. w^^t wm^T ^m^: ^ijTpr T^-^x ^^^% ^-^m -^tTw^ 

M<*^^<i ^^^* ^7n^, -^Jif^ ?f^Ri|f fxr^^l^T^^ ^c ^^- 

^^T XT^^'R^: fxrWt^r^t %^ f^^Tirf^^ cT^3;r^T ^f%^f^ I 


Wi^^ \^ ^t^^l^ ^^ tT6IT?J ^f^^: 'TT^^W fl^WI^T ^T^^«i \^ 
TIT^ I ^nr^* "^T^^ f^^^fl^^: ^SR^^T^^^ 7ZW^^ ^^T^ f%^- "? 

•^ff ^^J I ^^^^^ ^-^^^^^ ^^T^^T^'^r^ cfcT^ ^cf-if ^^^ 
IC'SnC^ T?W^^T BT^* cTf^^^ ^T^l^ Sf^^T ^^^T^X ^^^B 

^T^ clef ^^T ^St f^^T^'SJ^^ ^TfT^t ^^T^ I <TcT C3^ uftT ^ 

<T-3TH t%^^ I ^XT^ ^T^^ crf^^^ f^^ XT^^'^^T^ V\^T ^^^T- <e 

■sifcr? ^^^T ^T^^^JTi: t^^^iftxr xTTfl'^^^ iT^"^r^ ^t%h ^» 


f^cf-^T^^ I ^^'Ti"?: ^^ ir^T ffiw Orsf ^I'^f •Rcrf^j^ ( 

^ff cTT ^l^^T ^\T ^T=^rc[ ^^' ■^fl'^nT^ "^HW, T^T^^T 

f^^^T H^t^, cn^^^ ^^fxr ^*?wr^t ^i^t^t ^t^i^ f^^^T- 
"^^ Siisl I ^^T^T ^^^ fT\-^m ^m^, Tf^^'^x^ ^t^^^if^T 

St^T^ ^f^m TTtl^^T ^^ ^T^cT^f^^TT^r cT^T | 

sr^ rT'Sl "WTT^ l^^ «^T^^-g^ Sl«f1^T^ ^firT^T^f \^ ^1^^= STl^^Sfit^^ I 


^■^cT , f# JTc^r iTJ? ^^ ^T"^ ^^ XTil^'SI^ T:f^ ■^'^ ^fw ?qf t^' ai 
^cft -^T^ -^fk ?T?T %T^T^T^^ ^WT^^jgft^T^t ^T^T^* ^JT^ 

^ft^lf^'^l ^ ?TTr ^mi"^' ?Tf^^^^ f^'^T^fcT, ^^^cj^ l^ 


'^ ^TSr TH^r f%W^T^^ ^<ft^T^ Vrif^^^T^TftT ^^-^ ^fcT- 

'^^ Trf% l^t fV'TT TT^t 5Rf%^ if'Si^T siif^ I ^TTt clt^I^^^^T^^ 
^XTT^cT^TT^? fJT^^^ii:!^ fH^^Tcftt^T WT^^T ^^^^^ VT^^-^ 

^liT^n ^t<5t: ^jft^ vr^^^ H^T^gt: ^^if^cf ^t'S '^ ^^r- 

<R "STTf^ ^cT^ cl^^ <# ^T^' cf W^^ITT^^^T % ^T^^^^ <^^^ 

»?^ ^m ^^gi cT^^ f^r^cTT I ^^ttOjit: tr^^^^ T^Tt^5i!:#'5i<: 

cT^ 5ERrW f^^T ^tcT <T^T tT^T'SITfti:^ ^W' r^H'^T'f f%, -JIcT^^W 


^"^^ ^xrw w[i:w ^T% ^T^^: ^iftxr g^^^i^n^, ^^t ^^- 


^Tfcf ^H I 
\ a ^XTT ^T?73- TTT^ ^f^^T: ^m^miH, ^ JC^TH^il^ ^^^ 

^^x ^T^^ ^^cT^ ^tW ^-j[W crw«S^T^ xrii^'si^^ ^f^^ 

\<> ^^t^^^ TOT f^^T9nT?r2-#fcI^T^iri5^ W^lcT I ^^It^^ 

Wff^ ^»i^f^m ^"^^ ^«IT I 

^ ^-^^K ^T^^ ^^"^T^^ ^^' ^^^^^ li^ ^ I[t?T §?IT^fi:^ 

^1^55: ^ERflxr ^T^li ^T^T ci xrS'^ 7^* ftf ^^: ? ^TS'^^c^^^ 
^ *T^ci: ^ ^T^ v:-^ I -gEl^^?; ?;t-5TT ?^^T^^ ^^ ^ sjcft^?;;^ 

« ^Tjnt iiToTT TT^^ iit^'^Tt ^cl ^ff isn^t^^^cr^ »ni§t^^ 

< f^t^'ITcr «TH ^^T^^THT^ I ?T^r^7 $1^^ tmi §RT^^^ 

s 137 

^T^^ I cT«T: ^ ^^^^ 'V\'^\ ^^li VF^^T ^t€u1' il ^<T^ '^ 

^fff isi^^ Tt trf^ n^m ^^^: f^^^ ? 
^^^^ ■?;T'5n \iri^^ ^t^ '^^^, ^i^'^f ^tr"^ ^t^^ ct^ «» 

?T¥r pwnT 'st'ir <i^^ ^T^ifRcf ci^ol* ^^^t ^'^^ ^tt- 

■JT^T: ^^^ ^I^if "STTT^:, ^T"^^! cT^ ^jflxf ^T^i^f^ffT^ 


i ^^-^t -^-^ ^T^^: ^^§ ¥3!IT^T ^^qTT^llT ^^i%iT- 

"^wtm ^cTT^^ xrT^w fcT^TT ^iRi\'?r i^rrf^Ti^i^T^t ^t"^t- 

^:^€W ^T^T^^ i'T'^^Vt^l^^ ^l^^!^rfWTfl!I ^T^i^Tf^T^^: ( 
^ cTt ^TtTT f*T^^ ^T^^ ^T"Sri¥* ^^^f^ ^4^jgif*r "^ cT^ 


<T?r^ ^i^T^^^t^T^ ^TilfETt^T il^i^^JT^iT ^^■55'5^: I t%^ 

^Ti^ ^^f^"5r f^^^ ^Jtsfi^m ^T"^ ^m ^siT^ ?:tw- «? 
f^ -iiff ? cr^i^ ^T^^ ^<n^, ^fV^ cfT^ ^T'Trjrq-cr ^xr^?r^ » 


c ^^T«r^ wf^ mm^j ff"^^ ^^ JTif^^ xrij'^ i ^^^ ^"^^ 
,t vr^i^^rfti ^fercTTf^ i cr^it^r^ti iiT^nT^T^^ -^t^ii^^^t^ 

l » ^ff ^TTTiT^ TfcT -^r ^T^T ^T^^* ^^m^^^ I <T^I ^T"^^ ^ft^ 

^vrrt (^ f%* ^r^TcT wm^T "511!% ? cff^ fieri ^ir'^ f\ ^=^1% ? 
■^iftt "iri^^ ^^^ 3^i ?T^ 5^ '^T^itr^fxT ?TiT uirr ^mi^ 

UI^^ ftlf^^ -^^OtT, cT^T ^f^ iTT^^XfT^TT^" -sn^^^TT ^^ 
^ "? -WiWiM ^^ifH, ^cIT^^r ^'^ iT^T ^ ^f^^^ I cT^T ^T^^ 

^c ^jft ti^itr ^w^ -^^m "^mt ^^^ '^TTT^r^T^ 1 ^ ct 

•? » fxm ^T5n iw 3X7^1, \^* f m ills* ^JTil^f^rii ^cf^^: ? ^TxPt- 


ir<T^^ TfcT ^ "^f <T , ^H ^^WT ^r^r tr f^Tfl^if?;^: ti^fxr 
u^^t ft\^ ^T^^T lief ^^^ xTc^'^^^igf 55^^ ^W5 I 


^'I^"?: TT^^mi ^T^r^t ^*flT' 11^^' ^^^TJFfT'Ff ^ ^TJIW 


tiW ^^?T3TT^, ^^f^'^JlT H^^T^^fTT ^ftl^'^^T ^F^TW I 


■"N ^ 

cT'^ TTW* f^WJTT^^T^ilt -^-m^: t%r^^ ^^^'^ ^f*l'^^^ 
cf^ ^f^^^ ^¥^Wt UTim cTli^ c?^fcrij^ xrW^TK I «T^T «. 

^w^ cf Tfsj-^srf irfcT ?r^T^T$^ y^^'sr^ ^T'^r^* ■stjtk, i??;^- 


^iTTH winm m^il W ^^^^ I 

^ cT^ ^T"?r^T ^^T ■STJIT'^ r^^^ ^ Tf^W' | TWT^^: ITH: XTT^- 

'Sfi; -JCfcT -^T^ ^dW, <^^, TWli'^Ji!:^ ^T^T Vrf^^ JT^Tfwf^W: 

«: $TW^ ^^I^ ^^^cT^ ; '^xrC cT^ VIW ^^Tx.^'^^J[m ?T^T 5*^* 

\\^ ^T^^^^ H^T ^f^^^ I cf^T ^T"5r^ TT^^ "^VT^ XT^^^^^ 
f^^ ^^ xnTTR^lfc I cT^r 'Tm^T ^^^^^ ^ET^^cT , XTi:^^?:^^ 

Trf?;T5gfw I ^^sfJ^ ^T'?!^ OtWJJ^ ^cT^ I 

I,* ^^'fn;^^ ^f^^^ ^T^PiT TTil^m ^T"^: ^^ xr^^'s^^HTT- 

\< ^i €T5cft^ xftf^WT "^^i"^ I cr^T ^T^T ^T^^^ lief l^'!!^^ 


cT ^^: ^ ^cT Tf^ I cr^pff ^T"^?" wf?TW ^cZirST ^(^T 3IT^. «? « 

Jii^^ w^\ '^'^jfk xrft^=5l xr^^'sj^i^T^rm ^T^w ^w^ '^^t^, 

^^'frt ^37^fl ^"RT^^ ^T ^^l^srrfqcTm cTW^^ H^^^lt^ 
TmTni: f^^W ? ^T^^ ^ft^f^ V^T^^ cT^ licT ^^if^cT^T-sr ^t\- 

i^ ^f^T ^T^^T Vff^^^TTt TT^^J^?:^ ^TRfT^IffTcr «T^ ^r*T 


•^ Wm I <T^T ^T-^^ cTW^T^T: ^^1? WmTiT ^T^ ^f^TIf eft 

' "mm^y f^^^i^ Otw^t^^^t^^ 3IT 31(^1 ci^ f^f^cT^ xr?a 
^m"?:iH ^W^T^r^^ vt^^^jt ^cIct ^^i^htt^w ^i^^ ^'^u^ 

T 145 

^ff ^^T «?T ^"^ I cIcT: ^T il^^«CcLf *T?T »^TcT "^f^ ^ff m V^ 
■^T^ 'TTJZWTcr f^^ cJ^T ^^■^T'Sf^^^^ ^"^Tt^T^I!! cT^T ^T^ f^^ I 

^^^■?: ^^T '^1'^^ ^ciTf^ ^oItPh ^t^t "mt ^^iv I ^TiTw •? V 
^■^i^iiT^T f^^»^Tcr^H ^^[-f ^^?T ^vi^ -^T f^irfxr ^mr- ^ •? 

■R^5 ^"^^T ^T^^ ^-^^H^^^' Vrf^TSlfcT, ^^T ^TWT ^^Bt 
% iTH ir=pr cI-^fT, ^^"^TTT ^^T^ JTJT^TcI cT^lfk^^ltT 


^^ «?HTf^^ ^^T^ I ^^^?:jt ^^grri'TJT ^w^t^^ ^^fcr ct^t 't 

^^ilTi'TiT^ ^T^T ^^^lI^Tii^I'^T^^T^^mr^* ^f^ cT^f o^«j^ 

<icr: XT^TT ^:^^^3!i: ^^^ Ot^^^ ^^^ ^XT^TcT^ TT^cTxn^- 
^i -Sff^^T ^Ttr ^T^T ^T^^^lf^ ^^^ I cT^T f T^T^i^T ^T^T^W 

^ < cT^^T^I^cT I Tf^ ^^ Jlf^cT ^-^ ^T^¥t?IT ^¥^1^ ^T^^^^: 
^< ^f\'^t ^1^?" ^T^T 'ScT^ ^^T^* ^fcT ilT^r ^c^TTW^Tifw^ 


^^^ ^I^lt'^r ^^^ I clef: ^ ^T^T^t%^r4 ^«f uff ^ cTc^T^TcT^ "? 
^^% ^Jftxf 3Ic^T cf^ ^^T^cfT^lfT ^^^j «TcT^^ "^li^^ -^^T 

Vim xifciwrT vm^ fT^^m^T^, % wirif ^t^tit^^t^ i v{^Tc^'' t. 

'IcT: I ^MT: ^^^T ^T^T tl ^«TT^T^t ^^ cl%: TT^^t ^^ ^T% < 
^^ Xft^-5r^T H^WT ^^T t^^:f ^^ ^WT^ ^^f'ff lET »^T^-^TcI^- 

w^\t: f^^TTTf^g ^^^ I cT^T'ft ^Twi err tif^cr ^^i^ c 

?:itT Tr?T ^cifrjcT^^^ '^ yi-^g f^^ ^TafT VT'^cT: f^^TFI^ 


\H T^-Jf ^^^ VT^f^ I ^^ifvr ^^5[^-^ WIT XTfcTcTTf^ mV^ 

t.^ ^TTT^T Or^^'fr xT^ f^ ^^ ^tV ? '^^fr ^cr^ -^^^ *t?t 

M ^^ TJWS ^T iTTJft'SI^r^Tf^lTcf^giT^ ^^^ i^^^ iT^^^ 
t>^ ^ilTcT Oi^^T^t'T ^:5T^f^i 53:qfcT^^ ^^tff^TcT, cTf^ 

^T^IT "5^ ^il IT'^T^'^fVi'^^THfV 5R?T ^^ 4tJ ^'Sirl^flcr- 

TT^T^^ ^^itxi T ?T^t I H^^T ^i€t i^T^T"^ ^^ iTT^^ ^Tf^??T 

^« "^^T ^m: ^^T V^^T ^T^?Tfti:=^^cr^ | clf%W ^XTT^Cl^^ 

Vr^il ^^T il^t"^ ^clc^^ ^?T-^T"5r I ^f^^l^g ^s^^'^ 

W^T xrfcIc^T ^TSi^ ilT'lT^ Ti^ ^^^ ^TWf T^ ^ iT*T ^HT <T^^^ 

^^ ^mT ^-^TT ^"^1 ^^^^* tl'^T'^ ^^I^ t^^^ JTt^TWirT^T^r 
\\i f^T^^RH^^ ^Ot^T^ I ^^^t ^T5IT ^I^f^fT, ^ ^^T«(^ 



f^^^T^* xr^T^^ ^mfj Tj^i ^^ ^ <e^^ i 
T^T^^^"^^^w ^t^^?i:t%h ^^ ^¥11 ^^t iifii ^^cf "?<(. 

1T^^^, f^^ ^ ci^ ^wm^ WT^^ ^'^cT f^cft^"^!^ ^.^ 

cfWft^^l ^m'^ cf xi^^ cT^ ^t€ ifiT 'S'i' li^T "^tV ^if^W: ? 
<T^Ti"^^^l%tT ^im'^ ^JTT^ TTi^rT^ cl"^ ^iflxf ^cf ^t%(^ ^"^ 

^T% "^^^ T^T ^^crt ^f^ "^T ^iTTXTilT^T f^^t cTff ^ m 

•^ 0\ Cs N» S# 


H IT^T^T=g foR^ cT"^ -^T^ ^r^ ^T^T f*fq;W: ^T^fi? 'Tlf^ | ^^- 
^^ ^^f^^ f^^T^T f^^^^ "^if^ cTf^^^ ?TJT ^flllfH ^Tirif 

c: w^wT^T^ I ^E^:T*T^^!:€< fir^g;^ ^"^^t ^t^^ iiwt^^i^ ^t^t 
«f xr^^'sfi: ^f^w I cT^T T:i'5fT "sritr^ li^^^ 3t=^ i ci^tct^ ^ 

XTIiTT^^I^ I^W WW^fvr^r^ci ^^ ^tT' 'H^iiT ^T^T ^^cfX: I 


mf% ? <^' xr^Ti:W 3T(^T ^T^T ^^ f<T^ ^cT^ fV^^ft ^^^- 
cT^T ITT^^ TtT^^^ lEI^ #T5IiT^ cT^ ^fw^' ^^ ^TW^I- 

^Twr iHT?T^ ^mT t^H ■3r'9^^ ^r^^t tjt^ tto€^ t^, 

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fV^cT xTcf ^TfT^t ^"^^T ^cTT^t ^ -mm^ i wf:^"^!: f^^^si 

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^t WTST^lIf 3?T^^^:^T^ Ot^^^T^ ^T'fT^T'^TiTt ITT'Tl^ vf^- 
V 153 

^'T^T ^T\f^ ^'^^^ mW St^^?I^W?T 5r^T: ^: \», 

f!^ n-^ f^f^JT^^ ^T^<^^^ ^^T"^t^^ fe^^r^^ ^^^^ifticr- c 
?TiT ?i¥r ^Tafr^r ^^^ ? f^^t^'f ct^ f^^^^^^J* tut: ^v^ 

^liU^ f^ '^ ^f^TSjfcT ? -^^ ci (?IWcr ^ ^lif eft •^TcT: TrC^^iJ-i;- 

?f ^ ii^T^ ^iT'^w'T I iBT fii:fiTf^^fiT cT^fw^^^^ TT^cnrriir 

■^fafcT^T^ ^^t -^W^ H^sr ^HTfcT xrTq"T^nT f'T^f^xrcT ^Wt- 

ilT^ f^T "Sft^S f^ ^t^ I cT^T^^^n^WT '^^r^ ■STJTT^ cf^ X^ 


^ • ^^'fi^^^ ^^WT^T^T^^-^rRT^* ^:^^T^^ t^t^Ih ^^Jifvr: f^ 

«f V ^^^ ? cT^ftr -Q^rfVr ^^m ^j'^m i ?rir^l^T?r%^7n^Tw 

^7n^, «T«r cTT^r ti^^'^i'^' ^t ^xtttwI T^^\^^ t[cc^t^ t^ ctt 

* 'Tpg ^f^^TTf^TTt -Wi^^ 1 cT'^ITiJI^irT^Tflr ^VTlt, T^T^l?? ^?^f% 


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%^Trt T^T^^ ofTcff^ffT jrf^^ f^^^^^^'f^?! $T -gt^: \» 

^f^^T fl^^T^ ^l^g?^ TfcT ^s| T^T^^^^^TT -STT^f^ i ^m I ^ 

^^T^TiT 5?:^T5fxT ^T^^-^^ I ^t^ ¥T ^ f^wfxT ^JT^^T ^T^^W, l^ 
cTf^ ^^ft^liw^^^ TTT^^ ^ifl^ ?;^^ ^T^^^ <T^T- 

^^ I ^^^^ ^^^TT^T T^^^J ^^ ^T^T^T"?^^^. ^Tt^T- I » 

?I'T^^mcTt ^tT^TJ ^^T ^"Sft ^^ i:cf irf%??I ^^^ ^^rf, l< 
^-iUm il ^TtTTTT^^T^ TT'iT ^T^r^: ^^TJ JT^»7 ^^tl, ^?T^r 

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iTfi^^lftr'T' ^^f^cT^ 5R^^^ Ortir^ FTTT^^^ 511?^ ^TT ^'ff 


T^-m y^T^T f^W^JT^^ Wir W3TT?T, ^TT^ TZ^^ ^4^^fV 


^TTT ^mi ^T^JTT^ ^^^cT ^f^fxT ^^f^: ^^"^t^^^lfH I 
JT^aTT ^^T«T; («f -^ff ;^T 3T^ ^^T ^f^ "^^f TT^li^JTf^ cTflf t ^ 

?T^T ^T^T^ ^^ ^cT ^tf ^Tf ^ ^"fW^ ^^W^ "^ff f^4^i I 

f%^ ^f ^ ifi^T fwT^T^iTifi? ^st^^T ^^^ ^^iirsr I 

^1^?;^ ^% *T^«f^ t^^^ ^T^T"^ ^^K, ^^^imriTi? ^1i- \ • 
%^ IT^I^'g ^Wf'^cf ?^^T^ 1 ^T?T^^* ^'RT^Tf^ Wm^ X \ 

^d^^, "^r^T^sw^ ^^iri'^? ^xif^T^T'i ^Tt^^H i[:ti^^5r 


T^TWsf^l^ TT^^^'TTcf^ ^fSIT^^fcl^ ^cT^ i^nil^ f^'SETcTT*. I 

•^ ^ ^t'ttt ^ ^if^cT^T ^^^T -^-i^wmx ^mn I ^^^^ ^T^T"^: ^f^«;^ 
^T^i^ ^JiK, ^^^«i. 1$: ^^r^ VTf^^ ?n?Ttg^5Tr5rtfi- i ^m 

^ tf TjfR^^ ^^i;^ 31^^ I <T^T^ ^"HT^ ^^r ^T^?T^^ir^f#f^ ^t^ 
?r^^ ^i4^ '^'^^'»?1^ 5f^^^ 'e:'^^ in"^^^ ^T^r«ftf?r ^^^ i 

tr^^'fi'T ^§:^3ir ^rq-^m^ ^WJ'fTf: «fff%w tt^bt irmi^T 


H^^T ?I1?^ V^g, ^T?^ ^ ^§T ^sH^g;"?! X?cT^^^^r^ ^'SHHiTcT 
cT^ W: TT^^^^T ^% H^l ^WT HH WT ^?;xfW: ^TfcTl^^T 

^cT?T^ IWT ^TT^: ^^ fCTTtl ^H'^T ^^I^ H^^U^TI?^!^ 
Vr^cT: IITfcr^^^Tf%^f% % ^S el^ cT^Tn^ ^^?IT VT^'g I 

■^^T^, ^TT^JT TcT^m 3r^^^ 3T^^^ 5iTf ?;cr^ ^t ^t 't^ irtsi 

? ^I^>^: ^1^^ ^l^R^ f^TTW <!: TTSITsf q^^II^g T^^^^^I^TSft 


\t ^■^m^TTT, f T f T W3FT "5^ TWir;^^5!l ^TT^cTJ ^^^^ ^^itt 

f^^ ^^w^Tw iv^-^Tf^ ^'^ifky x?3^cT ^ZT^TT iri^^ ^xrfV^ 

'^^'^T^TOT ^:5I^f«TciT fiT^^t^T^t ^^^T^M ^T'^t^- 
l • ^T^^ I ^TT^^^^^r^t iTT^Tf^f^WT ^T^IIT^TH: ^ il^^lT^cT | 

«1Tf^ ? "^ "^ f*TT^ »T?T ^T=^r^ ^T^T?^ ftt^W^^ 5^5r- 

\ » ^-ItK*!^ ^IfsrST^^ fV^^T^i!:^ ^iT^^T^T'TT ^^5 ^^TT^^ 
^ %r^ yfTW ^mi'T?? ^^T^ Vl^T'T K^^ TT^T'g i!T^ ^^'TT- 
X I6t 

^T^^ ^Xfifff ^mT«T srtT* f^^"^^!^: ^T^?T ^T^TTTifr I 

s* ^ ^ 

^^■^j: ^T^f% "^T^^^ ^T:iiTJr^ iriiT: w: ftrf^TfET ^^xr^: 

SRT^IDTcI^ f^ ^ ^^^t ? cT^T ^T^^ "STJUT^ % f^^^T-^TT: TOT "^^ 
^^i^T: ^^* ^W ^: ^^^^: ? ^^l»gT5R ^^ f m ^J BfcT f^Xj^^cIT 

^ToTT^' ^T^TcT ^'^* f^^irT^?[t%:^Tf^WT^^TJr^5 i:T^T cf ^«^ 
■srm^ % t^TftimcT Tsf ^i^T ^^T ^^ 'T 3TcI^T"5r^? ^ 13?W^^cT ^^ 

UtT -^^ ^^ cT^^ t%"51«Tt I ^»? WT ^t:^H: ^T^cT^???T ITt^t ^k 


JZlTctt ^cT T^'f! ^^ ^"^ "^^XTf^- ff^^sT ^JIT ^•(STT^'^IT- 
TTcT^T^^ I 

^^ ^^^^ ^T;x?f%^Nw^ ^I'f^cT <# iT^T ^^T xrr^* jt^ ?^?t^ 

^< *I.?^T ^T^i'f f^T ^^ V(W ^^TT^ *fT^ ^^ Hf%^Tf*T ? Vr^"^T 

^^ V(Tc{ cl^^f^^crt I cT^T TIZTfcf: HT^HTT'^, f^JT^Tf: T(xt Jfr^T ^ff\ 
^^ ?I^^T ^^^^fctf: XfT^ JTcTT: | ^XT^ ^^T^l XTT?: mi5I ?f§- 

?T^5TT^ ^T:xTf<T?T ^^^^ ^Icr^sff: | 


^T f^Hg^Hf f^^^ ^T^JT^tT? ^R^rfTi^T T^T^^^^T f^T^^T- »^ 

"^ C\ SI 

5^0 Rllpirl^S^F?: 

%^^^ ^T5T ^T^lcT ^ ^^ -^KiT-sr ^^cT ^rq"f^ ^^^t- 

^l^T ^T ^^^^T^^ ITf ^=^1^' f^^T"?T TIcf-^T^^ cTT JTWTITT^ •^■^- 


H^WT^ cT^ TT'^T^ ^^*|5 ^^' ^'^^ ^^^ TI^T^ ^if^g 
'^mtcT^ cf^^ ^fS"?^ ^it^ir W^5 ^^ ^^ ^T^tcT , f^^ 

i^T^TT"^^^ ^^TcTTTt^^^ f^W: ^=^^ ^^^ ^"^T^ ^^I"^^: I 
W[ "ST^T ^T^li- b1^% ^T^^: ^=^^ Vr^fcf ^ ^T^T^^ XI^T«1^ 

^T^HT3TT^ -^^^H" ^T^ f^$: "^^^ ^^^ ^T^T^ IJT^Tm 
i'TJTT^^ ^^^3^5 I 

Ol'^ffl^ I TW T3T^ tf^^ tl^T^^ ^flS'^T %^T: ^T^T: 
?.^ ^VT^-JC ^JT^^ ?T«1T^ ^^T "^f^JTcft ^if^^ ^%:^3!r ^T^f- 


cT^f% f^'g f^^: ^^: ^'^ITJrir ^ Tflff^fnT^cfl^T ^l^T ^^ \ 
^T^^T T^IT^: Ilf?r^^' f ^T irmi^^cT i^^ ^ W^ ^Wlf^T: 
ir^^cTt cim^'f ^JT^TcT^ H^T^ I cf^T^ ^ ^f^^ ^t^TT^ 

?:T^cT^, fsfil^T^^ TOT f^TT^^ f^^^^T^t fxfi^^T^T^T- 
^Hm^ ^T^lcT^ I 

cT^flT xr^^'Srt XTB'^ cTcT: Tf^^'g^^ ^f^^JTT^, %^'«ST^ 

V ^ trr^r ^^=^ i ^nr^ir ^^Jim ^f^cfi Tt.^\ ^T^^nr^^ ^^^' 
^f^^ S^^?:^ ^Tfw §r^^ cifim^ ^T^T^^^ ^ ?r$T ^ 

^.^ ^^T^^f^ "STTn^ 1 ^ c^^Tc?^ ^T^TcI^ ^I^^ cTf^TT^ ^T^TT- 


t^^c ftr^^^^ fVcft^ ^^'«' I ^^ WUn^: 

^^Wm^llW' ^rW^T^S c?<T: XI^?^ IT'^^T ^I^T^t ^T^^Tt Jl'ftc^ 

^"5^1^ ^^^'^ ^T^r w^s;"^ I cr«T: ^er^^^^^xfftfjTcrfxrTrw- ^< 

iri^ fxf^-^t^: ^^ ^T: ^'^RT ^xrf^^ 'W^Tcil^: f^fs^T^^T 

«^<^T-5r^^f1-5f ^t?rK^ ^^-sjtcf^ I TT^^T^ fqr^^ll': ^i^ jfi^ ^35 ^<; 

l!:«?r^^T ^^W^ ^"^"iicT ^il ^'f?^!^! ^^^^T^cf §T5fq" cl^- 


» ^^^^t^^ 13TW ITTTTT ^WT fk^T ^^T I 


Y 169 

nfci^^* Pfi^^^ ^^\^^'^ ^ lief ^-m \ 

Tt^Tsr^ i;=^fW '^T^T'^ XIT cT^T^ f^^l'^^ I ^ ^ 

^^TH^T ^ IC^- ^TvS^^^ ^^ IT? ^*T I ^ ^ 

^IHT^^^^ ^^cT^^jf^f^T cTT'^^^Wlf^^ j 

W » ^^JS'i ^^# f^^'ST fk'^^ilf^^Tf^Tr I 


^^: ^-ET^m I 

■g^^Tf^ cI^^tOi f^TT'S 'TiT ^f% f% ! 
T^m^T -ST T^T^f^ ^TW^TST m^^T^* ^ f^ j 
T^^^T^^^t^ "^T^^cr^^^cT II 

^^^Tlt^ ^T^T^ ^-^^1^ ^f^?^^ I 

^f^t^cT^ ^4^ fw'SIT^T f^W fCmW' I 
^^Tft Or^^^^ ^ff"^^ ^T^T TO I 

frsn^^ f%^cTf^ ^t^ ^-qr^ ^ff II 

^ t^T%^ ^3:§^ ^^^ ^(^^ cT^T I 

c ^^T ^^^cft ^T^T^t ^THlt^ I ^ilTIfft »T^ cT^HT^^T 

\^ f ^^fq" fq^^t^T^t ^^^i^TT ^^iTT^lcT I ^XTC ^T^?" ^^TW- 
^^ B%: XTT^^^^T^ JJTlc^r ^T\^! ^^tiTn^ ^TJT'^^^, f^^ 

'^n^cT I ^ ^icT^^T^t iri^T^t f^^ ^^ ^<^T m^^ f^^Ts^r 
'iff ? cT^TcT^ ^ ^t ^^Txrf^ w^"?, cT^iftr ^ si^^^'^rmt 

W^^, cT^^cT^ ^ f%5RT^^T^^ 3I<^ JTTTiTTi f^^^^ ^T^^T- 


^^ Wm tV^T^ ^cTlf^ ^'^ifjil '^^T^, cTcT: ^ ( f%cft^T^t ) 
1f*fl^ ^-^TfR^:, f^T^^'. ^-^'', ^^r1^ IC^^T:, TT^3^m •?«. 

^^T f*r^^"2r:, ^^TTl^t ^^^^r^r;, ffr^iT?rTcft% 5r^^^:, >?« 

^^^5^^ 15^ T^^^S":, ^^^TT?r^^ TOT fTT^I-^^ ^^^T*T:, 

\S ^^fl^IS^l^: 

Tft^* t^t f%-^^* ^T^*^* ^^^ ^"^ I ^^^^ ^T^T ^^*ftir^^ 


?:^T^^: ^^■^m^t ^^TT »^^^T ^T^T^ JT^I^cT, ^ ^T^T^t. 

^ ^W f^f^f^'^lf^T I cT^T ^r^T^T H^T^ STTTT^, T.^l'^ '^IT'^'WT 

^I^T ^T^^ cr^ ^Vr: XT^^^^^T^^ I^-^IHS ■^^^^■^ TTfl" W ^^- 

^ W^^ ^ ^^^^f^cT: Tfjt in^T^T^*: ^TTT^T^T^T *riq%cr^ 

^^^^ ^f^^ ftrf^t ^TxrsfT^^^iT^ ^T^^l^^^gr ^^^ 

^ cicr: xr^ ^"STT'STT^^ ^=^^: XTKli'SI ^"t^T^^^ ^TT«T^: I ^^- 
tT^^'SIT:!^ ^^^TiTT^, ^T^IHI^^ ^^T ^^TXTTXTiT^Tft, ^ IT?:^- 

\ \ ^^^^ ^T-srf^ -R^^ ^sTm^ ^T'^r^: ir^^^ ^f^-EEf^if^^* jtt^ 
•^371 -^T^ -^T^fcT, cT^ ^^5^ fjm ^^r ^^T pr^l^^ t^i^^i 

?,^ f^l^cTt, JT-5TT ^ ^"^ f^t ^(cT ^Tn:^R I cr^T JTT^T ^'^' ^^flxf 
3Tc^T cl '^rxTeT^^ ^^^ cT^ ^^ BH "^W^PT^ ^ixg f^ ^f*|=%T 

^^^^ xfwi^^ ^f^xgi% ? n-^x ^^fm K»fTf^ ^T^^ ^i' *r^T- 

«7T^I Vrf^^fcl ? cT^ T^T^?1^ ^itl^ f^f^^ ^^T 5R^^f^^ 


HT^, ^^ ^T^»TT^»?I ^W^t m^cT ^Hf^^Tf Wlf^ ^T^Tt TJ^t4 
T^-^'^ cfqT ^^: B^T^cTt I 

fsf^m^i ^*i^^ xr^^'g^'^fOr^i^^T^^ T^J'^m ^^im ^^ITT ^<t 

^ ? ^T"3^ ^"^TcT, ^T^T^t iT^TcT^ iT^TiTT^ -^rf^^^cT tTcTJiii 
^^^'SI^TW ^'^tf^H^t f^'^TXrf^gi^ ^i. cf-^ ^^T^ITc^ ^^- 
?T^^^T^?T, T^^^H^ITTfl I crmvStmm ^T"^^ ^Vri^, ^fT^^ «?•? 

^^xrfcT i^ v{^ iT^% erf ^ JZTl^rc^^g, t^w^ iw^^ 

^^T5IT^ WTTK, cl^ ^-^^j ^^^T^ ^tT ^cnffT ^4lf3!I ^T5ITf*T, 
'ITT ^^^^ TT^^^^^ f%^T3J^^S?T^^ -flHW^^^ ^cW'^TfjT I 

"^Icq-T ■5T?TTT 1 ^^t ^I"^^ cT^ ^T^ XT^fl"^^^ '^'^^Tt f^'^Ttg 

JZ^nX f ^ H^^^Tq-im ^ScIT^T^ t^T^^T ^R^TITT^ f^"^¥^ I 


^1^1^^: vm m4 


^ ^^'tR: rraTT ^I^f ^f^^: ^^^q-^^-^r^^ Tg-r^T ?^f^ ^^- 

^^T^* iwr ^f^TTf^ f^f7T=tf '^[^fm^ ^^"ct ^^cfT ^ri^^irrfl^, m 
^^^l w^^ f^^cft ^TjW' TfTK^jft-^T *?f^Tsjfcr, ^ir^ir ^^t^ 

^ "^-^i^X cT T^T^W: ^o^^t ^tm^ ^5^^ ^"^cft ^irf^T^- 
» ^ITTTrfFT^t g^ffl^t yi^ 'T^xrw: ^?ftTTfl ^if^^: I ^T cT^ltft 

c ^T^Trtl VTf^T cT^ ^^T^ '^^g: I f^'rT ^^^t 1ErTt*TiT T^^X- 

2 177 

T^^m ^N^T ^T^N f^W^^TcT^ ^^3TT^^ ^ Ol^^^TiTT^ I 
cf^Xft?rH^ ^xr^T^ ■^T^f<IT^ f^i'^?, ^ ^5T ^W TT^^^Vr"^cTT 
^f^^.t Wci^qfT JrilTJ-^il^ ^T^: ^^TJ ■5T3TTW, cr^T^l ^TTfcT- \i 

?ITJ-^^T^xr=^T^ ^T^'^?1 ^^"511^^ ^^imfcf "^T"gT^;Ff ^T^cT- 

■Hfcr fcT^^I ^^T^^ ^fk ^^ 'sTTxr^jfcT cTf4 TfT HHT ^CTWf^ •? ^ 
^T'sTT ^3^ cT^T T^^: ^^l^T ^^fcT cT^srl^ ^f^X2i^TTl ^T^^ *? ^ 

^xrm-^f^ ; ^fi'rf^ ^TWT ^^xr?i: ^^^^^ ^ «r ^f^^j ^"t^ 


«?< ^T^T f^^^^t ^^fT^f% ■^T'cf -^^Ofr ^ I fm-m vr^^T ^1% ^TS^' 

«?« cfifT ^T^^ ^T^XTftr: ^IWhTT^ ^cT^qt ?TH ^f^fW WTl^T^- 

^^m ?T^ Xft" ^TT ftff T^^ ■imi'^^f^?!^ cT"^ ^^^ "Sr^m"^: 

BW: TT^*i^^^ ^T?T JZTtc^T iT^T ^: ^Ixf^T ^^if^ ^T>s€^ 

^l, ^W^t^Tfc^if I cT^T^ ^cT^STT ^ffl^T ^cft ^T^T^* ^BI^ 

^"< ^^^^ ^rwT ^Tf^ ^?TT^ "^T^^ ^ifi^* vrf^^-^'if^'sf 

'^^ if^ ^^Tf^: ^jfilTHTJT^g ^ilXlf^^T^^ ^T^TXT^tT^ w4 f^^TIi^T: 

^T^ci^^T^^ ^xrfc cT ^T^imf^"^ f •^■cTTH ^^^t "^^ ^^ g:KY 

^ ^^ifi^^^^ffT^T HH f^^T^^ ^xrWH ^T3T=^^ ^H Xf-< 


IFfT'T f^r -sft"^^ I ^TT^ ^^ ^T^T^'T ^^^5t^T iT^T^'^'T » • 

?rr"^ ^T^^T ^?T^^^^"5T?r^^^ ^i^^ ¥f^^ f^^^ i 

^'I^^ WW^ ^*TTF ^ISfTT^^^^ ^fT*T ^ITWcTT ^F^T^ « ^ 

^^T^^^ ^1^^^ gWI %fT^^ WT^JITJT, <T^T^t?T ^^T^- 

^T?r^ ^^*TT^ ^T^Tc^iT^ f*T'^W^T^^ I KTWI ^T-Sf^' ^T^T^ »» 

^^i^ ^^ ^^* yff cT-^T^^ ^ ^ cT 5f Xfi'il^cI^JT^ ^l^lfllcr'^'fT:, 

^ftrf^W^^T cTcT: tT^ ^^T'i^ ^"^W^ cT^TcT ^T^TT^ ^ETTaT- 
^(^ lic^ ^TT^ ^^^T^*T TI2^¥«^cT ^^-^ f^^fli^T ^WlfVr^- 

uniiTT^ I ^T^i ^^f^^T^ -^T^fVrfli ^t^tct, w^ ?Tfr ^=^irTW^ »« 
^H f^'Yw^ ^^?"?; xr^pTfl^ in'^r^cr li T^it-^-. iiw. tt^^^^: 

^ ^^: I cTcT ^TJTI't^cTT ^fl^fl-ij^ ^^^^^T: ^S ^^ ^ »^ 
^¥?;*T ^fl^l^: li^^^T "JTlcr: ^-JT ^cClT^ 3TWT ■^THi^T- ¥ • 
i'gT^^T ^Tf^c?-^T^^ ^f^cT^t^ ?;T51T ^^ffT^ Ol^^m ?5t«T 

\ ^m-n' ^Tfrr ^T^^: ^^^^T i ^T^T^TTtV ?f^^^^ ^'^^fv fnfirf^f^ 

•? r<2rrf^?^, ^f^"^^: ^^ ^^ ■^fSRsri ^tti^ ^^tt ^r^ifn, w 

■^T ¥^f^^^ cT^ cr^ ^cT^ licTT^T Vri"^^^ fff^TSfHT: Tf^^'^^^ 

^'Tt^cfH ^iTTcf^cI^ cI=#(fi!r^5T "n ^^t%'^^*l xrT^f%J^ TTT^i» 
pfcT 13tf^ ^^T'JT cTcf WSTcTT^iT ^xrf^^T^t ^Xm\ ^^ ^»q: 


cTcT c^^T '^T^^ t%^ ^I^ TT^I'T ^Tc^T tR"^ »^m: ^^TTcT^ ^^"^cT 

xr^«^^ ^cTf ^-g-g-^cT^i T^T^ ^"^rr cr^ ^^^ mi^^ ^i^ct \< 

^^T^i^T WJTT^, fV^^^'f ^^3ft*TT^ ^-^"t^JTI ?Tt f^^T^f^^' 
^^T^ T^"t^^ "^T^ f%^^nf^ ^siJ:^h ^^Jfir: ^ifixf 5T3TT*T | cf^T 

^TTf^i^u: t:i^^^^T! ^i^TzjT^»f ^Ttrf^c^i eft ^^ ^tw^- 

^i: I ^^^^ ^W?TT^^ T^xrfcT: TT^^'SJ^:^ ^TTT JZTlm ■3ITET^ ^ 1^ 


■JO '^ C\ ^ c ^ 

TT^*i''5i"?:^TTr^ TT^T^ '?^r: ^fflTT ^T^ ■5:fcr ^tttt'??'! ^^rfV^ 

^ " (^ JTT^T cl?r^ ^M<Fr^ I cT^T fq^T'sr: XT'il^'SI^^T^T^ JTc^I cf 
^^ cI^T^f ^irf^-^'^-^T^^ ifST -g^ ^Hi cT#5r cer^T fw^Tcrt c# cf#^ 


^^l^T^T^^ XTT "^ m^:\4 ^rsr^* '^^t^ i 

^^ ^^ H^ JT^^^ f^^T^^ «!^^ ^ fT^H cT^TcT^ ^T^TcT 
-TT cT^qT <rTm JTTcT ^TWT^ l^fcT ^TtT I ^I^: ftrf*T^^ ^f^T ; 

I, fqrri-nT: ^^-RIT: ^W^T f^^'^fH ^ "JiTI^T^ ^f??^T^ 1 ^1^["5^«^'?:'^TW 


^ '^^^^^ ^%*rT^ ^imfcT f?f^^T9ft^^i^*i f^rmi ^?f 
^ ^TfT: «Tf^m XT^^'^T^ ^T^ f^^^ ^T^T. f^f^ci ^\^\ 

cTTcT^ ^rir^T f^t^H ^ffT^^^^ TT^^'^^ ^*T 'ET^l^fcT ^^* 

Ck ^ ^ 

?innt^ ^ ^t^^^t: faR^ f^^T^T^ ^r^ ^^^ ^T^ m^^fsrit 

A 2 1 85 

'tT^ ^TOcTT ^^iT^IT ^5^ W^ ^tfcl ^^ I ^^'f!^* 'JET f^?5^T^?T 
% ^^f^"^, Ori"^^ fcI^T"^: I ^Wt ^HflcTtlT iri t^r^^rSTT 

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^T ^^T ^ 'ZtT Tf^ ?^ f^^ ^ TT^T ^"^^T ^m^T Tllfcf 
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^5? ^T^lcT^ I ^Tjt ■^WTcTfjrf^^^ JT"^^^ cT^^:, f*T^^: ¥=^^ "5^1^- 

^< ^T^xr ^^fr%^f?cTt ^Tf?i*TcTt ^^^cr^i ^xr^?T wi^^ ^m^ 


•qr^TcT^^TT^ ^r^^ fxri^t^T^t wixr^ fi?^?;^ ^I^t^^ ^t^ct^ 

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^XI?;w T'Si^: ^^3T^ ^TJT^cT^-^fVrsiT^-^TTTf^fiTcf ^T^f ?T^Tf^- «?({: 
if ^ XXWl"^'' M^V^T "^X^m •^T'^TTT ^95^^ ^t ^T^^I 'IT'TT- 

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^T^^^T^T fl^JTJ ^W?T5fT: ^iffTf f^^^T^^^ t^^T^T^ ^Bt 

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3TiT cTIcT^ ^T^?T t^^^^ ff^ ^^IWcTT^^ ^T^^TcT cfT^cT cf;^ 

a V^^ f^^T^ ^TnrWTf^ftT (^ ^fw I f^ncf^^T ^?T ^W TT^- 

* f^TTf S"'!! '^ ^^^ ^ f^^^ I ^cT: ir3?r H^T cT^ TfT cT^ ^5 

« cT^rT Tt^^: ^^fT^T ^% T^H^ ^Hm'^^W' ^\ ^T^TT^ 
c ^: 11^^^^: ^T^^ ^^: | ^*Prl^ Tl^^: ^^iT^t 5ET?ft^ ^cf 


^r^^ ^i'JT^ ^l^ f^cIcTT^ ; clef: Tf?: ^t'lT^^'T^T ^f^ 

^i^t ^gr^^-^rf^ w^T^^ f^'^T^T'sf ^^^mr^ cict^ m'^4 'm^\ 

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■^Tm^^iOr Oi^^ I ^xf^ ?Tf^?:^ '^gfr^ ^T^T^t ^5if 


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«t ^^ I Tsf ^ Hf^^Tlf^^TJlf ^JTTTITr^^ ^XK^^ ^^^it 3i^^T§: 
^TcT ^i^ ^^Tf^ ^^T'^Tt TTI^^f^ '^ cff^ ?T^T cT^ cTTcIT^ ^T^^ 

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^< fsRf^^I^: If^^T ^ ^itl ^W5r I WTT^^ T^^^ f?r^H- 


^isFTT'T ^^'fl^ irf'^?;^ fW f^l^^^W: ^f^cI^T^^ ^^v.^^ 

f^^^ I ct^t: ^^h^ f%^^^ ^^'m^4 n^^^^^ ^s^ct ir=^?^fiT «? » 

^^^^T ^VI-^5 I W^T^ f%cft^ f^^-qf ^^^^, ^^T'. t%^^^T: "<i 
f^f'JrtT ^^ ^^^ "im ^^t fVrfTfH ^^^ TT=^^«T^t f^frf 

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^sTT^t ^f^cf I ^l{^ <T#Tirf^ f^^^T^^ <TT«!^=^T^^ fV^f^cf- ^«. 


^ wire ^ f^^T"^T^Ti:«5l'TT*T f^^^ Of^^ cT^ ^^ iJcT- 

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c ^ttt: «t^ "^t^ji^^^ ^f%^^ xr^TcT iriifw ctt^^^ fVf^cr?? 

b2 193 

^(^mt ^^^T^^Wi^ i^ ^f^^ illltT ^^?TfT ^T^Tf^cT- \^ 
^if^^T^t ^?nt^^ '^SRX^ f%cft^^ W^' m^Sr^ cTT^^ "^miK I 

^^15 ^'^r^T'^TTfi: ^TO'T^^Tiif^r fk^^^^ ^t^^ i t^ 
^■^^t ^ ftr^'JJT^'iT iri^T^Tt ^T?r?:^iT in^* '^srx?: | ^^ 

^^^cT I ^TTC «T^ '^^f^^ «R^^T^J ^fw^^ ^?r ^iT JfT^T- ^» 


cn^t f^W ^TTiZ^^f^^t irf^TTH^f^^T ^f^JHTT^f^- 

^^ ^^^ ^ ^^w^^f^ '^g^^if^TOi r^wmif^ fn'fr- 
^ . m^"^ ^f^ ^fw ^w ^T^'sr I ^^^^ Tft3^ fiTTiwrr^ifr 


U^vi I ^TfX 13 JTf^^^ ^fw'ff^T^ TT^xft^rf^ ^TiTTIT^ ^ Xf^ ^< 

xn^Tf^T f'T^H ^^t iz'^'m ^f^m^ •^Twammici ijo^f^ef^i 

^if*T?r ^TWTcl: XI^^^^^?Tf5^^^ liW "^^^ZIT ^T?f% f^i;^- 

^^iTpr mOf ^ ^TXT^^T^, cicT^^t ftrTnn*rt xff^iw ^ 

?T^TfTT<TTt% I cTW: THC ^^in^r ^cIT^^ ^^15^ TTf^^^cnf5T 

^ ^iCTis^^^n^* 


^ XPC^^ <4^J Onr^Ji^^t f^^f^^ I §T f^^^T ^TT'^T^^ ^m^Tm: 
\\ H^^^ Tt^^ XltlT^ cTTl^ WiT^cT ^2- ^T^^T: xr^^T<T 

\^ cf^pfT ^iin^^ ^n^fTT xt?:h^t i't^n^sr^^ ^^cftf^ ^'t 


^Tf^cf, cTcT: xr^^^^^ •^T^T^'# f^cTTcT^ ^T^^: XT^ IITT^T- 
^^PtT^ ^^JTT'T^ T^T^^: Ivc'^^TT^^ ^T'^TcI^ TT^^'SI^^ ^^ 

^^m^^ "^fif^ «TT5r irf?r ^f^^^ ^^fw^ ^T^^t% i f%^- >? » 

% ICWTW^ T'SIi:, ^^^T^^ ^ft'Sm^'RT^ ^T^$ Vr^cTT ^«r'?< 


^» ^T^^ ^^^cTcT^r^T^IirT V^^T ^T^T^ yj^^T ^^cTJ I '^cfW- 
^< <^^T im S^T WTW Tf<T f^f^'^ ^XTWHi: •Cr^a^'ff^ ^, tTff 

?iT^^ f%^^ t%t^^ "^T f^^% irf^^^i^ f^f^r '^ WKfi'^ 


?ltilT: ^^ cIcT ?TT§T ^T^ ^^^I cTi^Wrt^^^WnTBIT T^ (^^ 
f^ag- TIH^'SfT^ ^T^TcT ?lT^lt H^^, cTf^ <# ^^T^Ift Bl^^t 8*. 

t^^^T^ f^?[»g ^^t tV^T^^ OT^fTf ^^ I ^xnc ^^f^ <?■? 8< 

sj ©^ ^3 


sTT^^^'iT ^^ifH^xn;!"^ mum %^^^ mcrOrfcT -^^f^, Tsi «« 

fi4w '^j tfff <# ^^T^^T^TcT ^^TTcT ^^t I[T^?rt t^^^^ T^W^ ^t 

^f^rn^Txzicrt ^T^ rn^^rt vr^'n^. ^f^ f's^ ^t Or^j^trt i 

f^«T^ ffl^TW ^f^^l^T^: '^^WlftT'^T f^^f^cT^T^ | 


*,< ^l"5lt mc'^ ^*n^?T ^Tf^r^ WJTT^, TT^Z^'SI^T V% VT^^, -^IcT: 

«^^ ^^^t ^w ^^irfxr f^«?\^* ^m^cf i ^^t^ hw: xt^^'sj^t 
fV^Tfsi^JT '^^fSi^T: xr?:^^^^ ^f^ti fcr^^ ^^ ^ ^^t- 

i\ 'STTT ^T^fcT ^f^Tl^: ^^^Tcftt ^T^^ I W^^T^^ ^^^T 

^^ ^^'fj?: ?;twt ^^ ^^ ^^ i:^T^^^iT5(iT^ xrir^'gi:^ 

^^^f^: '^^WTcT ^T?T^^t^ f^^f^cf^^Or ^If^T^^^^l^t 

^^^m^i^t JjTfi^^Tw^ ^KT^^^H ^^cr^5^^rf^^Tf^ 

^^^ t^^ %^T ^T^T f^ir^T^?r ^iflt^ ^3T^: | cTcT: Xf^ 
c 2 201 

i^^ rim qimTt ^^^ I 

TTTI^'a^^^f^^^ ^T^HT^T^^ "^ t^^T^ cr^^Tf^ ^T"^OtJ ^ 
^4^T 55r[^f^ I ^"qX <T^ cTTm ^T"^^ "^TT?^^ ^f^tT^T-T cfT^sR^ a 
T5lf^ iT-^T^XTW*^ ^■^nf^^T'T^ ^T^Tf^sfl"5r ^ XfT^f^f^^, ^f^ 

J^-HJ ^ f^^!:t?r-^W^T ^TfxTcn^g ^Tift^^T^T ^^^: ^^^T^T \ ^ 


^"? ^^r?:Tfj!I ^^m^cf I ^cT^ "^W^^ ^^5 'ft^TJ ^WiT^T cTrlTf^ 
\ » ^^ mcf cf^ cT^^ ^THT^lfxT f^^^ I 'l^^^T f¥giMfV^^cTf%- 

cT^5?]^ f^^^T^^ f^^^T^ lic^^T^ ^ ■^T^f^^TXrf^^ ^iTTT'f 

TT'^lTcTTOr ^^^^T: ^^^Tf^W ^TT^r^r-^^?? Wf^^-Jf | 
^?TTfxr«! I 


^^g:?icifesi:xrr?;tii?Tif^ ^mV^ jrtim ^^jt^: ^^nii^ 

^^x xr?;^^?;^ ^im^ ^^^: ^fff: ftt^it^^ ^fr^T- ^ 

f^r^^^IT^TiT^ ^TJI=^cT ^^JTT^TT^ ^Tq-^T^ ^ ^^ ^iT^TJTWiTtV 

^f^^ ^tT'^T^T ^^"^ 1 ^T g •5:twt^ 3r7rr^, >t^ct: ^^Tf5!r ^ 

m^«[T^T5r ^^^T^t ^^ ^TXTHf cTT^cT eft ^5T^f?T?T^ ^^(Jflfl^ 
^cl^ T^lSi Vl^ci: ^T^^TcT^ Ot^^T Vf-^tl '^I^T^Txf g5^f% I 
Tf^^RT^JHT^ ^^T^^ ^WI^ ^''^^ ^^TT^^cT^ <T^^ ^ VT"^^* 


^.'^ 'T^^Tf^qFT I ^^^^ fgi"^T^ ?Tf%^T: m^*rTcT^^T: ^^T 

\ » ^^'ffC ^r^WT^JTIUT^ Trfij^^JIT^ ■Sfgft^cT'JtT^CITW ^^^T- 
^3"^^^f^^^i^cTf^^^TTf^f*TcTrf*T ^wf^ ^i*T^: ^iflxf ^*TT- 

^c ^?T^t ?;T3TT ^f^^'ff^T^ f^^TW^^^ f^^r^^TiTT^ cf^T- 

in^^T^ ^'rn^T^ ^-^^j^^ ^\m cr^i^i^^'^'f^T^^ ^t 

f%^ W5TW 'TRftcTI ^^?TWT ilTWc^^iT^ ^"STcIT^t f^iTflT 

f^-^^: ^^^ ^T^t^l. I ■^^^■^Tlc!^ TT^ ?T^^^* ^ cliff ^^TT^t 


^■sT'rrT: ^^iTT^^ ^5^11!^ 'f ^T^rff 3nw ^'^x7t^ ri^ ^^5'- "^ < 

^^w I -^ ^m ^w TT ^r=^«T cTT^fxT ^w^ ^^^^ -^niyH m^^- x 
sn^cT w Tm'^ ^T^ ?T^tf% ^^wpr^ ?i<sr^3ii*T ^t^'^- 


^JfTT^^TcT (^"^if^cf^^ xr^^^^^ cf^TT^it ^ ^fr^^X^. 

^T^^ ^T^t^T ?T^fH-^t^cI^ f^^^i:!^^^^^^ '^T^^mi^^T 
t, » ^^^^ XT^^'g-C: ^ilH^T f^'^:^^^ Tf Urt^f ^^^THT^ tf^- 

•^ » ^^T*Tm I ^X(^ c^^fq^-^T^T ^[fjl^ cl^ ftl^^cT^Tfli ^^ 


fqr^T^H: ^cTT^t H"^ fW^TWT U^W^ ^^^ETcT^ I ^Tjt ^T^^ ^ftf- «? ^ 
^^^ ^m f ^^' f^^T^ WJTT^ H^ST^ m f^^^I^ *T«rT ^^^T 

wxT^fl T^^: ^^*r^r f%^:^fr irf^^T^^ ij^^f^^T^ -^f^wir- ^^i 

M^T{^t ^T.1\TJ-m ^T^HXrai^ ^^l^*^T^»^ ^T^'^ I HiT ^T^'© ^^ 

?!^ cTT^T ^I^^ T'^ ^?TltV(^m f^^T'^T^ ^HT'^f^g ^ ^^^- 


^ 5Ri[Tf«"5f?cf cT^ ^H ^T^^ ^T^^: ^^t^ ^^ ^mif^ta 

^^r f*T^^t^* xr^j^ fjT^^f'^1^ iftn:^ ^T^r^iiT ^Tf^<«r 

■gmftH ^T-^^ f^^^T^W "^^^^ li?^^T^^ 3xrf^ ^TSTT^r '^'in^ I 

■^ ©Ik 

^5^ ^1^5iTS^I^: I 

D 2 .209 

tr: f^^r^^r: ^i^t^tct: i ^ g ^nTif^^nFT: ^fW^HT T^rtwl-^r- 

^^t f^l^i^T ^c^T cTT^^ ^^^ ^T^^'^^t^ cTT^ ^^tT^ ?^fcf 
t^t eft ^'W^t f^^T^ cT^ ^^^"^^T ^ cT-^mi^ iRg^^i:^^ 

\j ■>. ^ •» -^ 

yi-^WT ^^ ^tT^ sRtT^ «Tf^^ I ^-^T^, cIT'T "^^g, »T?T cTTtT^ 

?;T=^T %^T*Tt HTf^cTH ^^tlfcf I ^cT: Xf^^'R^r f^^T3"^ Xf^ 

^T^^ f^^^ Xfil^'Sl^ ^cTf^^fxTcT^T^^ I 


^"^ f^^^lT^JT IlWTJr^^ fi;^f^^T«T ^^(Vcfi: | clef T'Sf^^T- 


^Ti:f^?n^ri^*T*TTH^ xf^^^ f^^ ciTi^fr^ ^^"^h ^^^tcT 
fit ^f«f ^WT"^^rT ^ I 


TT g TT^^^^"^ "^i^if cii^T f^"55:3 "^nfftfl ^crm ^[•Er''En*rT^, ^ 


^?:t -^-^t iif^ Ti^i^^cT ?rT^flcTcr^m^"q[^ "^ I crci T'sirl^^i^ 

\« ^ TTTci^ ^ HTjflil ^"k^f^ ifST '^ ^ HTUTTT^^* I cTcT: Hi: ^ 
\\ cT^T^lt %^^ ^^T «^I Vrf^^^T^ ^^^cT^ «?^ ^^r 31^- 

\< ^T^ '^ I ^ Ilrg^T'^, ^% f^«IT ^'f TT^l^ia cf^ -^m V(^^ c?^ 
\« ^T^ <^^T ^T^ir ^^<T=^ ^T^ TTTfJ^ ^ ItWTfFT I ^cT: Xf-?;*!^^^ 


^C«T^ '^ ^f^cf cf ftj^ ^il ^TJl 5T^ Sl^TST cTcT^^ fW^T •? » 
^iTT^: f^^^ ftf^cT^ Xjf^^ ^^T cl^ ^^^ ^f^^^f^^T 

tirr^TT^icT ^ crt "^i^^t f*!^i^ ^7iT?r, ^^t xr^^'SHft^T^gT^^ 
^ T'srrl^i'i^ ^"^ ; ^ ■cr^fl'sj^^ ^^iw^^"^ xiir^^^^n f^*^^ 

■^iiut ^srf ^,fgciT ^r^i?f ^"qr^T vf^^Or i 

<Tcr: xrt ^TUf^^TJT: ^^^T ^JTUr ''r f^lT^ ^^S^T^ ^T^Rt ^^ 

*n^ -^l^FTrr^^ ^^^r^i^t ^I'sr^-f^xfi' ^^^^r'sf^fcT j h ^?i»?i^-^cr^ 


^l^m I 

c U^TJT^n^Tf^XTfcI^ f'^"?3r^^, ^T^r^'^TTcT ^T^Tli^ ^l^*TflT 1^* 

^t ^raf^^ ^iTcT TcT^^^T^^ f^m?|Tif^ Of^HTXril fT^ 
^» ^^^T^^: ( ^tl W: TiW ^T^f^^m^^T HTgfHIf^* H^T 


^cf^JR^T^ ^3Z^ JT"^, ^T^^ <^^T Tn^nflDJIT^ cT^ ^T^% ^^ 

irfcsTfcT 1 ^ir^JT^ ■JC^i^^^^^r: ^^ cTirfk f^^cjj isFin^ ^'^ 

Wfl'fl^ ^T^f^^T*?^ WT^T giSTT^ JTc^T fV^t ^^ I ^^ 32"^- ^^ 
ig^ cf IjrUT^ fsT^T^ f^^^TT: I ^T^fV^rH^T^f^^^'a^Ilt l< 

f^¥^Tl^ ^^H^lsT^?! f^T^f^^T^T ?:T^(^TT^f^T<T I TX^^ ^\ 


^^T ^rcTrr^^T^t tt^t^^h ^iw^^x^t 11^3 ^frfif cnf^ '^ 1 
^«t cT^ fc^fV^H^ '^fc^ ^^ litrrf^ ^^Tfw ^Tt^ ^ Oi^- 

^WT'^Tilcr <T^ Xf^Tf55^^ ^nif T ?T^ ^"^ cT^ 5R^: ^RH TT^^- 
e2 217 

gf^^^ ^w ^m^x.\\ w^xT^^T ^xm'm'^ ^^'^% ^ff^cri- ^^ 

^JTcTTJ^ ^Fl^'^H ^Xr^sfi^ I cIcT ^T^Tt TT^^'Sr^-?fH-^«f^ ^.c 

^f ^fc^g f^-5f^T f^^^ cf^TcT TT?^l"f H ^TTT^^T^ ^I^TcT^mf^ 


W ^JTcrf^^fll^DTci^ f^^TSr tW^^t "^Hfcf "^W I ^^'rl^^^ ^^ 

f^^mi^' ^iiircT^^ ^f^cTT'sr^ Kmcr^r^rT^ xfT^T'nr^^^T^if'r 

^S cT^mi ^^fii:'^ ^=^f^^ ^4^.^c^ ^4^?^Tfiff '^ ^-ST 

^^ W ^T^^ ir^t^^^gx^trf^ xx^^ ^=§^^ ^r^'^ ?^- 

«?< ?:^-?J"?T T^T^^ ^^f^ ^T^<# ^^T^l ^ xr^'R^^ ^T^cT^ 

"*■ ^ "i ^ 




^^ ^B5TTS^1^5 


WTT "^^giTf^^^ ^1^5" ^T«Tc^ '^^n; I ^ ^^^T^^rfr^f^^^t 


cl%i^ mw ^TST^ ^"tfTK I cT^T^^^ftj^- '^fC^ ^^t^ fsfiH^'^^ 

fsf^TT^T ^r^rf^^ f^^T?T^; ^^r^q rr^ ^f^<TW \-«> W^T f^^r^T^T 
€t "^I^ cI^ ^f^TJT^infcT^cT, (^TT ^^TcT ^T^TtT 51^1^ ^ 

^"^■^f^^ I cT^ cf wrci§T ^^ fiT^ "^^jf H^nfti ^T^^ mm « 


i 3I(^ ^^5f^ XTT^ f^^tcTSTT^: ^T«I^T ff'^ m^^^^T I cTcT; yf?T- 

^nn^, vr^f?r, t^^t ?tt& in'^Si^ f^f^w ^f^wir^ wr^ft^cTt 

XT^^'^rWTJT^cTT^TS XTiHT lim^ "^^Tf^T iT^^Tifq- ^T^T ^ f^^^, 
'^ ir^ ^ ifl^S^ TT^^, cTcT: TT^?1^ ^T^t IJ^T 'ZW TrfiT^T^: | 

\^ ^rf^^^t snn^, jtt ;h^:, <^^t ^^ ^w erf ^ ^rm f^^wt, 
cnrifxr i^ vfT(^ ;fT^^^T ^^ '^^ ijxf ttj^t ?t?t ^f^fviT ^fht, 

\«t cTcT: ?r cit ufcTaTJTK cT^ TT=pi ^l/ Tf^ I ^^^i! ^ cT^I ^W^- 


JZ^^W^^^I^ cT^ ^T^ ^T^T ^^^im^ XTiil cT^ TOT ^^f^ I 
cTci: ^T %f^^ ^f^^ ^^T^ c^5R T^^^^^ff ir^jf^ cT^ ^ » 

sfT^T ^'^cf^TJUT^ iiT?n^W3!iT?T^Tfk^3irTf^ ^'i^^ I ^^^fr^ St < 

^3TT^, ^T^fr^I'^^T^ cT^jg'^milT •ST^TT'T | ^XT^?T ^T^f^^ 'O 
^^T ^T'^T*?. ^^^Tcf tT^T'fl'l ^f%^^ ^T^TcT m^^y cTcT: ^ cf 
Tft^'Tt^ ^^^'^ ^'^^ ^WT^, W^T^^ f^ H?T W^f%^! ? cTcT: ^ k 
<f 5lf?T^3n^, ^T^^ I t^ ?Tc^T f^WRW^ ^Tt^^, XfI?T ^^1^ 


?! ^flTcIT ^cTT^^ iR^Tfil ^il ^^^fq- ilT^ -^T ^ f^^W, %: ^ 
^t^f^cf ^Ti^ ^if^ ; ^qX ^^t ^T^T^t i'giiT^T^ ilS^f^ (# 

X •? ^^^, ^f^^ ^TJTcT ^fcT ^T^t 7^ JTr^T f^ oflf^i fsT^^^ I cIcT- 

r^^^ ^T^ m ^tcT^ crff *I^T 3T(^TTT^T^ ■^mT'Srt ^f^cTT^lt 

^Tfr^ ^f%^ ^T'^TcT ^=^' "^TT^t '^m^T^^I 
l^ ^»I^^?T ^T^T^ ^t%2f fV%^ ^T^^ci^, ^^T^W: m^ ^ 

V^ i^TTlf^^r ^TcfT: I ^^T^T (^ ^^fT^^ ^f%W ^4t^ T^T^^^- 

^ \ ^^^^JT^ ^f^^: ^^^^r^T^rt ^ittxf ^^'^ ^r"^!^ ^^ ^fcT 

r 2 225 

jjr^jjfq ^'g^ 'T fl-^^^'T I «Tcf ^f^^r ^T^T^^ ^^T'^cT XTT!^- -^^ 

^ " i ^ ^ 

^3TT^, -^^ ^^er: ^ cT^T^ "^^^^ ^^ ^"^r IR^ ^^VT^^ ^<qT 
TTft^''5^ TT^Tcr €^t ^^^ 'fT^T IRT^^^ f^^ cF^ ^f^ ^ 

^TTK ^ ^m ^^»^?7 ^tT^ i^TlfcT ^T=^T ?ITcT:^r5T*{T^»?I H^T^- 

«RT^ <iT- ^ ^mi fi^T ^T^^T'^f^*^ r^^ mvj "^TJaft f^3=}x:5Tn: 

'9Wt?r^ I ^^^^ ^TXqi^^T^ ^f^^^T^^ ^T^T^^^^ ^ETlf^cT ^« 

'^i^lfcl ^T f^ "^T ^f%^ ilWlf^ H t^^rJT^T "^WTfvr aTTTTilf^- 
cf^^ I ^^^^ cT 3$;^t ^?TT^^^^ €^t rtw^^T^Jii Niftier- •?« 

«^H f^T^T <§^ ^§Ili Wl^ 'i^^T'fT^TTfK f^NT^ ^W^ '^^:- 


^^4^ I ^^^^ ^ ^^H^T^^Srcft^^T^ cTci[ ^"^cT, cTcT^ g"€l^- 
^ifl-q-^<^ "STJir^, ^ ^-^Tt^f T^^¥T^ T:^T^^^ IIHT TT^fl^C, 

« \ ^^^^H ^f%ir ^iTT^' ^rf ?:cr^ c^ ttc^ h^ fV^ '^ ^^t 

?TWI'!J^ I cTcT: ^ -^f^c^T f%WT^ ^I^^tT^ f^^fV ^if^ | 


Vm\ ^*Tt im^T ^^^ ^I^tOt^ cTW m^T^ ^f^ ^ ^f^^ «Tf| 
^^T 5R^W^ ^-^m ^m cr^T^f^SR^ ^?[| ^^g I clef ^t^^T'©^ ^ 

T^T^ Ol^^T^ f^^f T I 

^^^t ^ ^^T^ f^'l^^* WT^fT^ in^T ^^fV^ ^TcTHcT^T- » 


» ^ ^W I ■^W' ¥^W ^^=^^^Trt =^^ ^^: ^^T WW^ 1 cT^T^l^T 

■^ ^ C^ "* 

XT^^SI ^^^4 ^Tff cI^Txr^T«T 'W^T^W^ ^^T^R^^l^ iZT^il^ 

^«C ^^^t ^ cl^Tcf^ ^T^TcT H^T^ ^riT¥3-^ ^fI#^l^T^^ 

f^^T^f^^^ XT^TT ^T"^^ ^*TT^ w^r^ -sr^^aTT^lf^r «T^^ 
Ot^ fcTcr^ JTTcTi:^ ^^fj^c^T VT^'ff'T ^^-^f^^TfJT | cTcf: ^ cfTT^ 

^^^ cfi"! ift^ XITTT^ crf<5^"5[ ^Ti^T f%crf^?f ^ cl^ ^^f^^ '^ 

^o f^^f^ri^lS^T^J 


^^T^T^^ ^rf^gr^ TT^T^T 'f ^TW ^^t^ ^J?^ ^TfiT^T^H 

i^rt ^m\ uff ^ ^JTT^, f^^jf^^ Tj{i ^T^ ^fw, c^^^if^ '^ 

^T^ ^T^T^^ ^5gf% I tier X^^^l^'?TTf% "^^IXf^^ HT^t^- « 
^cIT^^ "SI^TT, ^^ ^WVri" ^I^ ^^^cT ^W^T it^T ^^iT^T^ 

«T^ ^^^cT ^^TflfTJlt^ ^^raiTt 'I Hl^cTt I cI%W ^JT-q" f^W- ^.^ 

^^m ^^^T*TT^ xr^^^^ T:?Tt m^ -^^fk (^ Tm^^ ^cr^ ^^^ 


^j: ^ ^ijjT^^T^ ■^f%^7r=^^^ crf^^^^jT^ fr^jf ^^^^ ^^j'^j 
^"? ^^'tr: ^ ^f^^^T^ T^it^^^^xr^: ^?ftTf ^?ffii -sf^n^ 

•K ^ -J C' 

^0^1^ VTETcfl^ ^T^r ^^f^m ^m f^f5T?T^«T ^siTxr^^ f^rti- 

^ H -ST-JT I ^Xf-i: cT^ -SIT^f^ f ^^m^f^ ^^ifsT 5IiT^ir cTT^f% 

\i JZTlf^T cf^^^T^TD lief I ^TT^ Tr?:f^^ -^W^ ^TTf«^ f%^^- 
"^^TT^ilT'fl^TT ^^nfg-^^T^^^-i'TS: WJT ^I^fl ^"^^r ofjrmi 


TTftm^ ^T!5r^ ^c^fw ^f^c^T^rftrr^wr^wl^JTTlxT^: ^'ft^* 
^i^^crt, irfwg xri^^f^ ^ cr^ ittjut^ ^f^igflr i ^^^^ ^ ^ "^ 
'^fs'5 ^m^^^Tf^ xff^^ji^ ^^i^ ^^fn ^f^^^T^^^^T- 

^"SfT ^5F cT^ W^?7 ^^^^T^ ^^m?TT^:, fV^^^^t^r ^W^T 

TJT^T^XTf cflf^ tTlfsT iT^T XT^T^^ ^if^^^, ^^^T HfT cTmST 
Wlffl^T^ -^-[-^^ f^-mW^ X.1JIT ^f^^'fr cTT^^^ f^^T fsT-^rii^ 
^W^ ^T^T: faff^^t I cTcT ^T^T^^ 3rf^cf iT^T fiT^JTr*?^ li(^T 


^d '^'^1=^1^ ^?^f^ ^T"5rT^* ucft^ cft%j^*r^ I ^XT^ iZT^Or 

«"? irf^lT xrfilf^cf I ^^^?: ^iT ^JiT^Tcf ^TW TT^i'SI^ ^cTT "^"^ 

5^^ "^^f^'^IS^W 

^f% ^^T cTcT^ ^?IPR=€'^ ^tPc^^ ^cI^cT^ ?T?T ^^^^ ^f^§T 
^ F^T Tff^^^ ^^T ^f^ 5*^ ^T^^ <Tf^ «T^ ^^ ^^cf g»?f 

g2 233 

i^'^^'^ >i;(^T f^^VTTsf JTcI-^T^^ ^TTi; ^isii^t Oixr?ii f%^. 
^^iT cf-^ ^mi'^^ ?g^T TT^* ^-^TcTt ^^T -^rf^ g^ •^T'^^ cffi 

"sijn^ ci^ ^fci ?^^T f^^^ Ti^T^'^^-sT^ir^T^ ^T^(^ ^tTc^w ? 

«g^ ?i§^ g»€f ^if^^^ I ^^'fl^^ ^rf T^^ TT^T ^T XT^Tftl « 
H^ f^f^cT^cT^ -^^t, -^ITTf^^Tr^^T ^^cTt 'ntlcT^ WT^«lt 

fVr^^ ^'J^^ mT^m ctct: in: ^^ cf "^ff ^w xn^m ^fr^^cr 1 

lici I cT^XT-^T^T ilf^^T ^T^TcT^ il^T^t ^^ ^W^T'f ^TT^- ^"? 
filler: I ^TJX ^^T^RT tr 'I^T^TJrTSI cT^ ^^^^ ^Tff^f^^^: I ^^ 


•^^ 3Ti^ ^TTTn^^^f xrft^'Jj ^if"^^^^ ^iTwsr^^ far^ ^'^(^jt 


:^^^ n^TR^f. ^^H ¥^^ I j^s^ ^>iiT^t 

^5^ ?[lf^S^l^: 

\ ^T'?!^^ ^T^fflTT ^^T^^ l^f^^-^lf^ ^T^T^ ^\l '^^T^^ ^f^WIT^^r 

xr^=^ <# T^ ?j^cTf3Tf%^t' ^f{t ^^' iT^T mm TifjR-^T^ ? 

HT^ '^^:l[«TTf^ vrf^^Tf^'i: ^TIW '^^^ ^^T^ ^T^Tc^ftrf^- 


\^ Wn«^* ^if^^^ I W^t ^ ^^T ^^T^W ^Tl?!^ 3r«f^W^ ^ «TH 
^WTtcT ¥i?f ^^ ^f^Tlf^l ^Wm^ T^ l^xr^t ^Vr^^T ^^t%, 
^^T5^f^^ ^^f^ ^^TH ^^oT^T T5r "^^ Wf^ ^^T!^T^ ^T"^^ 

\il ^^mt ?;T^: ^f^^ <Tf^^^ ^3^^ ^^iff%^ XTf^^^TSTT^^^ 
?ft^T^, ^^1^1 ^n^^t ^T^TcTfjTf^^ JT'fJ^ f^ ^T cf^T 

TT^^'SiT: ^^^T^ 'Jl^^t ^Wt TTf%, ^t^T W^: ^ ^ t^t^^f 

\C T^ ^^* g*^ ^'^^^f ? ^^^^ ift^T^T WVTT^, c^^T TIR^^^ 

^T^t% ^^T ^T^TcTftrf^^^ ^c^T xr^<T cf^T ^^ ^ilf^'Slfw ? 


^^^^H T^T^^^-^T^T f^^^lflft^T f^^T^TT^ri'T KT^T "^ Kt 
f^^T '^^ H^cIT "^TXrc^ ^^Tfq- ^T^ ^ ^JgcT | cfcl§ i;^T^=ft ^^ 

^ii wfcT ^Tlf% f^"^^ i;^T^=^T^^T^7r«T^cT^ Of^i:f^^ I 

^^'Tl^?? ^€^ oT^^r ^'^ f^^T IJ^^H ^TH^^T^^li'T \9 

^^nl^ 1i;XTf?I ^m ^tS: ^TfJT^TJIIH ^T^cl^^ ^f^li ^'O 


^'SrC^ ^T^^TcT f?^T^T^* '^^ f^^ ^JT^T^Tf^ ^T^t^^'fT 

f^-ifiro^ir^^^ ^T^TT 1^ xfolxr-^^Tm ^^^ ^iir^ Oi«e^ 

», ^ C^ ©\ ^ 


(^^^eiTlT ^TfiT^m^ ^Xiw ^cTT^^ ^T=^TcT f^ <TT^^ T^* ^^T wff 

^^^ •g'^r ^T'STT ^^^ Hff cTI^^ ^^tif WT^ JTc^T ^^cT "R^^- 
^T^^ xrg^ ^T'lL ^I'^TcT^ ^^5* ^'^^ ■^'T TT^^iT ■^'^ IC^^TWf^ 


H^ mm ^^cT ^^^t XT^T^T^T^T^t HI^T^ "W^^T ?"^T '^^^J^t 

xj^inof xi^T^ ^^T^ ^^TT^, ^^T *iJT mm ^^^T ?§l 

i^ f^^^IS^T^' 

h2 241 

"^ ^i? T^'tT??^ ^^TTJI^-sj sr^T^ «?f^Wlf^^3I ^'jn^^ifn: ^<J 

T^t^iT^! ^f?r"5nn^ ^f^ tt^^'s^t 5h^t v{^\ ^^ct: mm"^ 

^T^i^'St'^lclt ^cf: TTTT^^^T iTT f^^t^ ^T-^W UTf^ilcT^I clef: 

fk^ ^f^ ^ ^ ^ "^t^^W I tl Jl^^I ^^li^ ^[(Slilni^ ^W \\ 


i^ ^^^*l ir^in^^ ^=gin^T ^rar hh cttct '^^ ^h cit«t ^«t 

^f%^^ ^TT'^TcT XffcTcf -^W^?? ^T<ei^ ^^T^(2T ^^^T^ cTS^ cTf%- 
^Mf^cT^ r^lil^^ ^^if^^ ^XI^^T^t WT r^%H^I^ I ^ ^li- 


^T^^g: I ^^^TPC ^ <T^TcT^ '©T^TcT ^f^of fi!:^T^^ T[^W[^_^ \ *. 

^ (?^ilS^T^: 

^'^^^* ^"^"^l^T ^'^«^ ^%?T^^T^ ^^^'TT^^^ I fwiSf^T- a. 
TI25(«lT^tf , ^ra^ ^x^T^tt: ^TT ^?Tr ^'^' f¥ 3R[<fT ^T^ ^if^T- 


^MM l f^^T -fl^^t ^^cTT^t TT^H'5^ 1E:^^T^H ^^fcr^cT^ I 
\^ f ^cT I ^cT: Tf^Ifl^'gr^ IT^t *IT^cfT W^W, '^TtVr -^^T^T ^ ^f^- 

mcft'RTir ^f%^^^?r?i T^TH^^n?^^ ^^■m^J m^^ ^?ft^ ^«cf 

^«^ -ST^TT^^ ^l?TT5nH ^^TfcI'STl I ^^t ^fS^t fce^T^^ XTT^l^lXTpC 

sj -» ^ 


^^W' "^f^T ^tTJTT TT^^^r^ ^^ tf^^T: i^W pR^^?!^^ 
^Vt ^^^T ^^Tfsi^TWT ^"^^Ot f^tl^ ^T^Tft^T '^^T^- \ i 

8 ^^rS^ns^^J I 

'rnr^ f^^r^ f^^% I cica^ ^ ^^^iht^ c^^ ncm ^ff :- 


c ^mr:^^ ^^^T T^l^rT^ ^^^ ^ift^ ci^<?n ^it^^ "jj^^cft 
«t ^^^ ^T ^T^t f^^ trfcf ^i^^ xr?g- ^ot ^^t^^i^ ^f^^'r 

TT^sf T WTW^^"5f xft^T^^ ^xr^=^^ f^^lt^cTt ^Ti^f^^^t'TH 


■^f^^T^fTTTTiT I ^11^ T.^^ f^'sf TTt?f ^HT^ (^^r cT^^r^TH ^^T »?"? 

^^ <^^T f^I ^T^^ ? ^^T^TT[^T lf% f^^Hrf^^firfxr -iiff I 

ftlf^-^ ?TT ^1 ^TJK cIW 'Ic^r ^f'^WX{4cr T'Sf^l^il^^ *«. 
ffT"5[^T^ ir^f^ ^TTT^ TTIirWT ^T ^^ifl^T | <^ eft ^T=^TcT ^=5* «?< 

ITT$T ^^T^ I cTcT^t ^^fV^ Jr^f% f^^^ ^TIW, T^^^^^^- 

"» ^ a. 

^I^^^ "^^^Txrf^ JI^cTcT ^3r-# f^^ff "^ I ^T^^^ K^: ^■^- ^ <• 

^f5^"^T^^i T:?5r^TT^ ir^f^^T ct^^^^s^ ^tc^t ^T^qR^ "^^^^^ 


^« tlf^WT ^Wt '^^T^ I ^IT^ ^^Ilfl^^T^W wi^^^mfi: ^f^m 

^< cl^'ilf ^ Jr^ftf 'RJlT'g^ ^T"WW <^* <tt ^^Ht^I^l ^T-^^ 
UW^T5FT cT^T Ot'ST "5=^ ^^'rft "^fV '^HW I 

^^ xTf^xr4i^l^ «TTf*r ^wf^<^r ^n^^T^t f^^v fti^ cnf*r 

B - N cTcT c! ^I'^T^cT I ^^f!t ^T^T^rt ^T^^T^ llf^^^ §1% ^ 
^tOt^T^ cfcf T^^T"?! ^T'^^^W '2:<Trf*T Wl^^I f^^IHI^ ^ 


1^^ Tf?r I '^^nf^ T^T^wti'T ^iHrf^^cT XT^ xrf^f^T ^ 
^^^^Tf^ I 

^ii^^w^ ^^T^^l^ 'r^trf^r: ^^^c^h ^f^^cr^ ^^ t^ ^ 


f^iT^ crir: ^T(^T ^f^ wf^^ "^vsvm ? TW %¥ ijf^T ^ TT?:r- 

^T^^T^^ ■^T^^ftf^ ^H^KT^ ^JT^ ^5r '^■5?^r^^§^ cT^ 
5EI*ftxrHTJTW tT^ ^EI'^^ fcT^'sr ^^T^ xi^^T^^JJTi^ f^^T ^f^^T*. 

^ o ^q-?:^ T^ct^^T'R^^^'jr??? xrtr^T^^T Jr^fFT t{*\T^ ^f^- 

^^fl^T *T^cT^ ffff H^T <^^ XT^T^ Vlf^c^T cf^W flff^^ 

2d I 

T{^ j\^-m ? cTcT! ^ '5jT'^^^ ^^' fliT^ f^fi'^ HH nw m lift «?I ^ ^ 

•N "N "S 

^T5T^5T ^^^^^T f?^^^ IS? "^fw"^ 5?^ "^i^T ^mv. ^'^^^^^vf^^ \o 

^^cf: ^W^ ^^ ^T^ ^^T»T ^«TcT ^T'f ^T^^ | ^"^T^Tf^ •? 

^^\ ir^^T^* fw^f% c}^5ri^ f 3n:^ t^t^^t^ ffnrTncT crw: ^ 



Wi^ T^li'^^'TTtTT^: IT^I^T il^: ^ ^I^ cTcT fk' ^^ ^^ -f 
^^ ^^f^^rZT ? tT^pff cT^ »?fll ^^ ^W^T^^ ^ *T^ I?W iZT^I^^ 

§^ yf^W ^ 'lIT^Tf^T^fl I cTcl: If^ Xf^^ ^ ^T^^ f^^^ ^^ 

^o^\ ^^^T^ T ^^*i^i:, ^^ ^^ ^^* ^T^lfcT cT^^^ cT^ 
f^^ ^ ^ril^^TTT'^T^ "^^fr^ "^fV^t ^^^§: ^f^\^ 


licT ^ ?wf^^ xnr^ «T«T: IT^ i^ f^^^i: ^"^t HW ^f^W ^^^: | • 

^^^^»T '^i^TTft^ t%"5rf^^r 'f^xrf^r: ^^rf^ ^^^rsqrf^ •?» 

^JZ^ ^T^t mm ^Tf*TTTW SITT^H ^-^^^m I ^^ ^TfjT^m "^i 
^'^Jl^ ^^ftfcT^^T "^H^y ^^Tcf JT^^ ^T«rT^XTt^«=TT5[^ ^5^t- 

^'Pl ^STT^T'^t Vrf^^cT T<«I^^T ^T^T^H^^liT | cTcT ^T^t ^JT ^=^ ^<t 

TTif THf^^, xT^f^if ^T"^^T ^=^3nm cT^ wm -^ t^lf^ «T^T^ 

<T^T^T ^T^T cT^i «li4r ■^'^^* f^Il'^ ^^ ^^'f f^'^^, cT<T: ^ - 

^^^ ^^tilT^T fJT^irf ?T^tlf^^ ^T^cT gi'ft^^^I^ ^^ 


JT^T^TcT ITS^H JF:^I!:m: ^T'^^T'T ^T'^'cfW, XfI?fcT 5R?T fti:^- 


^ cT^T^l?T T^l^T^ ^T'^'^% "^ TTIIH^^^ ^^T f^^HJT^cf 

^^fiT TT^^^^JH f^irfcr ^i^ifw fw^^ cr^TfTT ^^ f^H ^Wcr ^'^^ 

^TfTt^im f^rf^il^ m^^TJT*?, ^^f%jt^^ ^^^ ^T^jfW ^^^ I 

'^^if^"^^^ 115^ ^T"^^!*? iET ^^ ^ TT^'^r*: ^^rf^^ cfi?rcn^ rifl- 
es ^ ^ 


tr^^T^^^T f^^T^ f^'STT'T^ f^^TT^ mmff^ ^fVg TI^T^T^- 

f%^ I ^^"riJ: ^ ^f^^r ^i^r- ftif^^^ m^Hiir ^^\z^- ^ 

^^^Tf% JJTtf^l ITTXlf^wrT f^^f^ cTcT: U^ ¥^o^I^' ^^(51 Tri^T- 

g-oTj^vqcT^ tjf^Yjr cT^r^ftr ^^if^n ^jtt^t^ -^f^r^r ^^ini Oi^- 

f^^'^T^TT <T'^-^?|f ^55?flt^i Vrf^WH: I ^cf X:^T^*T^ ^cf ^^ 
■m^ cT^ WTSf^ ^ f^^^ ^T^^^ ^rs^Tifxr ^if^ ^W^ ^^T 

^T59\% t^«T^ ^I^^, ^cl$: =8^ ^^-^V ^T^ ftlf^^T^ ^f%- 
^Ift^Wr i1^*T3I^ ^^^W^f^ I tTcT^^ ^<?TI^m 'R:^!^^: ^^ 

^if^5Tt ^^ ivi\m ^f^-m ^"^w- fi^ ^ ^TO^ftr^i^T*?^ 

Ol^'f^TfiT ^HT^T Vr-^f^ I ^R^t t f^W Tm^t JZ^'S ^8 
wfw^ f^^^W irT^T iri^^ '^^S^ r^H^^^ci ^'^^t^^T^^ 


f^^T"2Tr^ ^T^Tftr f%^^ <T^Tfq cTcT f^ Vf^t '^TK^T^ ? cTcT 

^if^m HcT: TOT ^^^ BTTT: ^T ^T^ fsf^f^I^^i:^^ ^«^ 
ll"^ HXr^^^T^ f^^^f^^H ^TT«T^T cT^T^ft ir'ff^^^^^ 

^ i^^ ^ ^^5 I tT^T«fT ^^irftT^I ^^T ^T ^if^cT^ ^^ ^T^- 
K 2 257 

f[f^1^T?:»?rT^ ^FT^ ^<I^T: '^^ ^f^^il ^^^ll^<T cfcT^^s^- 
^^Tl^?I ^WtiH^T ^^^^^^ ^T^m*T cf^T^t^^ ^^^^T ^ 

■am IB^^ f%^^^ ^'^'^^ f%fr^^^ ^cI^T^ ^I^ ^T^f?T^ ? 
iTI XfTff^TcT I IC^IIT^^g^T^ <^ ^^f Vrf^^^f^ W ^- \» 

^f^ ^s^'T ^"^ I cim ^^T^^: Tlft;¥^^P!^ 'TTT UW ^^T \«? 

^i:x(f^'d TT^mrs^ T'^^T^^t fti^^i'^cr? ^ uw^TTtcr <^ 
Km<q ^'^' Tdx.^ T^'^wi^^ i^^WTPT^ ^T^^ ^m<# '^^rc I 


^^ ^iT^r^^ m UfcT'^IH ^^^I<T cTf^r^Tri f^^^t fk'^Xl^- 

^ \ ^i^T^T^f?: ?:t^^h^?t^ ^^f%ftr^: i ^^t ^t^t^t^^ xT^-^^ 

^^ ^T^r ^Ef?ft^ t^i!:T^t cT'^TWT^ ^TT^ t^^T'T Ktl^f^TT^^ 

^^m^T"^!^ '^ft^ ^51 iicTTt^ ^s^Tpir ^jTjTTfflr ^ fm f^^- 

^< r^^^T^^^^T^T^ cT^T^T^iff^^I ?;tWc^ W^f^ ^T^W | T.l^~ 


TT^T^ ^^Txr^^ f^^T^ %^im % ^^TTT*^ <^^T ^f 'T^T «. 

J3TTf^ (^T^^f ^IW^ 5^r^^ I ^ ^"^TW^^r^^ ^iriT^=#. ° 

XTTcT^^ XT^^'Sirt^T^t ^^^^^^l^r "^f^J^lTTcT^^ ^ xjf^ cT^ 

TMl^^ ^^ ^WT ^^T ^T ^sl^^T H^I^^^ I ^Tf T^^"^?! <t 
Ol^T^^ci^ ^T^f^^TH^ -sf^irJT^ff ^cT*l^^ -^I^IT f ^rfff^ 'W 

^^^ li^I?^ (^H ^^T"ir^ ^s^fl-^ ^T^^ I ^ ^f^cf-^T^^ ^ TT^^ 
'S:^!^^! W^^tn. ^^tf^'Z: tfilfl^^ Tflt ■^T'ffl'T ^T^ iT^T 


d ^rmv^' I ^-sTT^isn: f^cft^ ^^^ i si^^ 


l^ (^W^ T^T^T ^n^^^fHfTOJ I cI^pfT ^^TH ^i^^ ^^^ ^^' ^ 
^cr^§^ f^^T^TT: lIS^T^cI ^T^cT | cl^^ f^^^T^T T^- 

f^^T^-RT "sran^ ^^ ^^t^^ ^t^^ cici^iT ^^^i^^f^- 


^ ^^ -Sim Wf^T OnriTTcn cT^I^ft ^^: ^if ^fVi^f^^^?-^«?«. 
^^T ^^T T^JT ^f^ f ^T^tr ^^T cT^ fV^^Tf T?^ XT^T^ 

T^RT 7^* TT^^^^:^ "^^'n^^T^TtT or -sftT^T '^'i',sf^^^ f^f^^ I 

^3nf?T»Tm tT?T ^T"5r^5 I cIcT: ^ ^fivt ^^T«I Wf^^ ^T^ 
iT^PC I ?lcl'^^ ^WT^ ^^^ f^WWl"^^ ^T ^rJT^JT? <?c 

-v. ^ 

^Xfft: JiT^-^ q|n^?r ^RH I 

^r^^"5T^^T?7 ^\Ti-^ %^t^ f%^T^ •^TcTT^^^ ^W^^^li | 

'^ ^jft^ ^?IT^ ^^ ^n^T ^t ^T^TI^t 'TTKIh ^^T^ liTi!:i^ 


■^^ XT ^T^ ^^^ WV^^RI W'^ if ^^^: TfW^ wfk- 
ii^^ ^ifir ^5* ^iTTfiT ^ 9r^^ i 

<, ^^^'^T'w^ ^"af?r^rn^t fsiT'^^^-^ ^ ^f%^^ ^ng^^ i^r: ^^r?- 
fim*i^ I 

^^^^ ^cfcT^ SlTiZI ^Wrftr: ^WT: l^cTT^t ?T^ ^ ^tTHT ^TU^ 

^^TW$T 'ITniT^WJ ^T'^il^T: fk^TTT^sRj^ ^%i ^f%^?T 
^«t W^«ff II^'T IITf%13^^ ^^ V^^T ^^i:, Vf-^T "^T^ ^T'^- 

5?:^ n'^* ^^^mi^, crf^^^ fVfi3cT?T T^*, ^f^ ^"^f ^T^iTT vrf^- 

ig^ TT^t^mi ?rrl^^ '^ cTf% ^^t SIW: ^cTr^t f^^t^T^^ 

« ^Hf^ -^^T ^T^^^ 'TTTi:^ lEf^IW: ^t^ ^ ^(ST^T^rrr | «lf^«r 

^ ^^ ftrctf^j ^^^g f^^T^ t^fW^ c»^ ^f^flf ^^^milj: I 

t m\^ ti ^oiit ^R^T <nf^ f^^'Jj^ I ^^^^ KW^ ^iw ^ ^f^J 


^'^ftr^^ »^TcT^T ^T% TTf^TEzn^ ^flT^T^ 'TTTW^' -^-STTiT: | 

^Tt^^i ^^l m^\ ^^^ cfT?^ ^t ^Ht <m ^^: f^ ^^^W ^^? 
f^^T^K^ ^T'^'^W ^K^fl^ I ^^IW cI^T ^f^ ^^ ^t 
'kVw I ^"Sl^t ^^ cl^ SR^ ^'W ^^^ ^J^^iT ^RTIT T^^T^WZ 

cT^'^^T'T ^ETS^T'T W^T^^ ^^l^ I 


<? ^ ^T^^T^lF*. I ^^^1 TWt'^W: ^4^ ^m^\ ^T% flf^^^ "^TW* 
=51:^ ^^^: iTvSfir ^^T ^T^if^^^ ^Wt^ ^"^ f f%^f^ cT^T 

^JT 'ET^T ^^tt:^j t^^s"^ cr<^r^3!irc!; ^5^" ^"^^ m'^^i tr^ ^gr 

^ ^, X:^T^W: f^^m^ ^TI^^f?T I cT^fiT ^^: ^olx^tSRirS: ^?r?T 

l2 265 

^^f^?n '^ ^^ ^TW7# 'pT^T^ I 


\ • JTTH I ^xrt ^m^'- xr^H^^^ ^rfs^^ f^crrw ^i^i^r ^^xr^t 

^^^T'BJT^T'^i ^f^^^ ^f^^ xfi^fl ^T^»g ^f^i;^ ^m in=^ 

^^ ^^'fn: ^ ?:t5i^w "^ffrr^^ w^ fti:^f% fsR^z^ Oiin^ <t^ 

'^^ ^T^TT^^ ^TTflf cT^T^ cIcT^ cTH '?rfVlf^^ ^T^T^ '^W: 

\ » XIT^'SI^:^ ^T^K ^IWX'^'J ^jftiTH ^T^JTT^ I ^^t ilT^T 
f^W^^T^^ ^'JT^ ^*t1^ f^T^fcT, ^^'gr^?;l-^K3(fx^ ^T'^: 

?Tf% %f^ fVir^T^f%^ f^^ ^^^ f^T^T ?;T5f^T'tT ^5T- 

ITT 'It^T <T^ ^WH^^ ^Tt^ft ^^^^^ -RfcI^Tl^ ^5^m 

^ ^^T^ XTT:^^^:^ 'i'^T^ ■^(TJTTfjT^^T^t ^T^^ m^JB XTW- 


\ f?l%T^l^m« tlT^?^?^ ^T^m^ ^TT5Ic^ 8 T^Tt^T^Sf^ ?B\^1-5TTT^' 
^'il ^T^c^^ ^TTfl "^W^ ^T^T^T ^T^<^ ^'n^, ^Ufi^ fV^- I 

^^T'^T^H ^^^T<r^ I fm'g ^JT^T'TTf'T ^T^f^^nl cT^T^l*TflT ^ 
^^fl^ ^T"5rT^T ^T"5niiT^^ ^Txf^ ^T ^T ^^m ^T: TT^^^^ » 

^tif^ ^Tsrc^TcHEn: ^^^ ^rrsr^ 'jf^^^ ^^i^t^ 'riii^'r i 

^?:i^* cTT ^Wrfk ^T cI^T! I cr^T "^TT^^T %T^T^t ^^'il ^^T f « 

^f^ciT Tf^ <Ti:^ ^T^^Jiix ?Tf T^T^^^ ^?n3i««r TTi:^'9^:^ 


m ^"^ ^prt^^ cTifk: xiTi^'sn;^ ^f^cr^ ^wct^^t^ -^rf^T- 

^^^T ^3TfP^,S^Tf^ ^"^iSiTtrTOr ^i5J«^Tfl!I VTTW^Tfsf "^T ^ 

\^ "cfTw^ ^^^S^T^^J XJ^J f ^T^T JITcT^ f^^ 31(^1 ^?7< 
f%^T^ tT^TlT ^ift'^ cT«T: XTC '^^ETT^^T f^^^T^TT JT^ff ^'JI^ 

f^^TT^-^ ^Tl^nn^ '^ f^cTlf'T ^^Tftr ^^Wlf^ '^T^^T^THt^- 

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•>> TV 

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f^W^T^?ft^^TT^^^f^^«^^^^ ^T^m^ ^^Tf^*^ ^T^(^^- I 
W^ W*. 1^ f^il^T^^ T^li^^-^^ ^T^c^ ^^?T^T?;'^ 

cIT^^ ^f^T ^f%ir?T '^^T^ "^ I fti^ XT^^^^W^T^^l^-^^»iI ^ 
35:^fW^^ ^:ST^f^crf^ ^^ ^S^TJfl^mt f ^^T ^T'^'f ^fw^ 

^xT^^it xr?;Ti:Tfxr^% f^fecTTf«r t fV^^ ? ^^i^^ t^^r^Tf ^t «t 

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5I3TT^ TT TJT cTTcT IT ?TW cTTcT f T T^T^^ T:^^"5TT^Tff 3!!: | 
^^ ^^ifft f^W^i^T ^TTtOic^T •ST^T^, trslf^^^ ^TcIT^^ ^T^^ I 

^^^^ ^^T «R^^mT^ xr^TT^TT^ ^^^T^^ "^T ^^TT^T^ 
^ ' ^^^^^^ Wt^T^ f%^^ JTW ^T^T^* TiT^];T^ f^^f^^ I ^fft 

K \ -3[-^K^Tf:-m^^^ ^T^T^t^T ^^^1^ ^T^TT^fl^ ^T^irffr^ i ct"^t 

^T§^^ ^-J^ IH^T^ Ot'JTT^ Jl^^f^^^ ^^^T f^^f^^ ^ 
^^TT T^l^"?!^ ^ilT^WT^ f^f^f^^ I cT^T t^r^ T^^T"?!^ 

"? •? f^T^T^^^ ^T"^^ft^^TT ^i;T*?l^^^Trf>r 'I^t^w t^t^^- 

•? » ■sr^T'^Tcf^ f^l^^H^ «iTT^^T^c!^ I ^^f}"?:?? ^^T?ft^^^Xf cTT "WiTT^ 


f^\^ m^m^ ^^m^ f%%T^rrf 'fTT^ ^if^ ^aniTisixrf wpttt^ 

%^T^ ^•?^«?^ ^HTur ^ ^-^rr^^^ ^^?r mwT <T^ tth ^m^- 


?Tf if^T^t JTof^tw ^ ^T^tT^^ T^m^ ¥To^i?: t^^^niT ^vt'f 

M 2 273 

■STTcT ^m ^WJ ^^T^ ^^ IcfT: il^tRiT^^T T f^^t TT^I^'Si-^; 
<TT?^lT ^T'^^^ ^^JIRl TT^i^^T ^T^T^l^cT^ ^T^f^ilTJI^ 

^T^ f^^^T^T "^^ ^ii'^T'i^ ^cr^Tfxr f^'WK.Ts ik^i i:^t^^^- 

^^TTcftlt ^^T^tITO^ f^fecTTf^ ^ f^W? ^^5??^ ^T^f^- '?<t 

^^ ^«r: f^Tit?:^^^ TIT ^rsTT ^h^ i 

^4, q^^IS^T^J I 

^^m'' ^^^ ^TWc^ ^=5^^ ^T^'^r f^-^i[T^^ f^TT^T^^ ^wn^ 

^TTBTT^ '^^TK I f^'g HJT^T^tOt ^Tf%f^f^^ cT^TiftiTfTT WT^T » 


*Ji^^<^ cr«Tir: ^iw^T iiT'ir^TTf f^m^ %5RT^t ^'H^cf cn-g-- 

i^ f%^^? TW ^^ iif?T xr^^^^^ ^^ ^HJ cTcf^f^^crt ^m^ i 
^ ■sr^TT^, '^g^ ^^ ^R«T cf-^ ^^j: T^T^^^f^f t^t ^ir^- 

^^ ^cf ^W^ cTT^f^T Bf-^T^ cT^ Xf^ ^^ IIIWI ^*|5 '^ | 
^l^T^ fsi^n^ ^<T% cT^ m^ ^T^ T ^T'^^THT^J 1 ^ ^T'T af'^TT 



Ov ^ ^> 

^^ t%^^T^r ^T^ ^f^?i^ ¥=^1 ^T^^i j:\^ ^t^*?^ ^t^w I ^ 
^1 ^TW ^T«i '^^K I ^^qt ^3r^T^rf% ^rf^f^f^^ %^t^^t^- 

^fir »Z^^T^5 ^f^^r^Tcl^ VXT^^T^ ■s\ Ol^^fcl^ I TT^^- 
^< 'R^t^^f^^^TW ^T-C ^^^ ?:T=^T f*i W I ^cr^ it^H^T^fil^ 

^c ai^T^^l w^^?; f-T^flT fVr3TfiT^iT5ir"^c[ ^^if^^t Jr*^! Oi^- 

?I^ T,!^ HT^ fsT^m^^ ^r^^l'^WO'T ^T^cT ^^ci ^mK I 


^^sIt^JT ^^r*T^ -^^it^^T^ I cTcI ^^cfiTJT^T^ f^^^% 

*^ "'-si 

g^T %^t: ^iflTf jmi cT^uft 'irJTi^^w^'T^ ^fr i ^ <f^ ^.^ 

««^t^T^ ^^Hlf^l^^ir^^ft^t ^TfJIIci f%^^^^ I ^TT^* XT?:. \H 


f^^TTJTf^^I^ 1\^ ^f^^^nf^ ^^T'^T^^ "^fr^ 'S'T^ ^t^- 
fa?^ ym^T^^ ^ef : ^ fjT^i;^ % ^^^x ^jftxf ^cTT^ ^i5?T^?:lcI- 

f*iiEi€t^f^^^r 'liixr^ii^'n^T^ r^i^^j^^r^i^^: ^^t ^iii: 

c TfiT^'g^^ fk"^ ^^^xfm liWcT^^^T^^ ^f^cT^'rT: | Wirt ftT- 


■s, '^ '^ <K 

<T^ ^I^ V^^ iTf^*Tli(^T ^l^^HT Tf^^^^ II(II^^t^crr: Ws^- 
^^^T T^ ^^t 4t^T ^TFT ^f^^^ I ^ cT^ f^'Slt'T ^^ f^^^I- l^l 

r^«r^*T=^T«T^ cTT^^ ^^m^TW ^"^^ f^W^T"^^' f%^T ^Uq: ^TsSf^T 


^ ^ lar ^^t ^f^^^T^T^^ f^nrf^^l ^i^fw^ i ^^t ^T^r ^^- 

%: ^■^Tf^tTT^t ^W^T^t 5T1 ^^ J[^\ ^^if 5^^^^^, ^^ ^ 
^ ^?f^5 sg-^^^ «T"^W ^TTW^l'^T^Rt'^^Tf^ff T^mi^ cTW^^f^TT 

fiWl^ ^^TcT ?^^ ^T^^^ ^ ^^»T<TT^^TT?ir ^ ^ ^^- 
N 2 281 

^l^T ^T^^^ ^1T^5 WT ff ^^i^T ^T^ ^^-^ I ^ TT^f^SlfcT- "? 
^T^^ T.\^-^ ^^J"^ f^^i^^^ ^ff cfTTt «T^ W^'UTetW | ^ ^ 

f^-5Txr4xr^^T ^T^f^^ ■Rii^'sj-?;^ ^iwtct ^^I'^rc ^it'^t't i 

^ sj •^ "■ ^ 

f'TS^'T^ (fxTTr^I^Wf^rftl) '^li"^T1^| ^ T^T^W: TOT Tf^^'R^ «i 
if^^^cT f^^^^T >g:TTcft^t *T^ ^(^^ ini^T "^T <!^ ^iTT^: 


« ^^t TT^^^^^cT^ ^T^m 'er^T^ ^ ^f^^^ w^fm ^^cir 
<» ^^^^ fff^^^ 'niXf^^g^ ^T^(^^?^^ ^^T^^^^^T- 

-<l*lfy 5R^^: ^4w ^T^il^ ^fl^cT^^^ Ti^^ TTT^f^^ ^T 
?reT^^f%W^xrf?;fiTcf ^I^Tcf fW^!:cTf^^?:TTr?;f?Tcf ^"^^^ fif^- 


^{j-sf^ ^i=^Tcr^ .^^5' "^f^ ^^5' I ^^T ^\?iTf^^r^^ ^JTT^r, ^^ \<t 

?fgT5T^^^* ^-^^H ^f^ fq^H:T^iT ^cI^T ^^V ^^^ ^51^ ^ 
1^^^^ 'iff? T^T^t W ^*T mW^T^^^^T^'T ^f W f{^ ; '^'^ 

WrSClfxicT: I 

JiW^ ^^W , ^?;Wl^Wl^^T f^^r^T^TPT ^PJTT^crt ^Wt -^^ eft 


^^«rr^ ^^f%^^T^ETTcr ■jtt'^ w?h^ ^T^rar ^^^Tr«rcT 9i^ 

"^^ ^I'^L '^ 'f^f^T cTI-^^ ^W^l^^ix^sr: ^ifiT ^ifif ifT^T- 
^W^lftl f^X f^f^^^ ^HtxT^^ ^l^^ K^jixm ^T^Tf^ «f 


55R^^<T^, -m Tl\f^ ^t^T^^St^ "^^TiTCt^^ TT^T ^T^T ^TT*?^ 
^ ^-[f^\ ^T'&T ^<^T ^ T^T TT^I^^ ^T^f% tT^TvS^ cf ^"^^ 

cI%T f^fs^^T ^cITlt ^^TtT cTcT^ttW 'ftc^T XTTTT3 ; Xf^TcT XT^IH- ?. a 

■q-s{-q^% ^^j:V' Tmm ^j-^-m^X ^^^cttOt ^t^^t^tOt ii^^iT- 


■JT^^'51^: ^^flclt 5R^-5lfcT I 

cTTl^^WH ^T^ %TTr?f ^T^^ 3T<f | 
<? a ^^ f^^^q ^^TlSJ ^^T«f Tff?;xftcI^T^^ I 

^m ^^f:x ^^'^^f^ ^tx^iTt: T^-^ms i 

'^^^^ WM ^^ 3Z%T^f^ WIS ^WT I 


% Vnf^-^ T^-^m^ f^ir^cT^ ^f^^c( I ^€ 

^cTli- ^-Sg-^ ^][^*T^ ^H ^iN^ ■^'T*. I 

^m'^iT ^^T^^ ^T^^Tift- ^^ <T^T I ^ » 

T^^^^ ^0^ Tr^"?rf^ cT-^T^^ ^^^^^^^w^'ttjtSt ci^-g- 


>Tf%^^iiT ?rHxn^(?T ^^^mm, tt^^'si^: ^^^fw, ?^ ^ir- 
TTi:^'sf<, f^i^iT ^sicTsrr ^^^I'rrs^icisT "^ (^^*t^* ^t?^- 

t ^^.^^i:^ TT^fH^f cT^XTcT^T, (^ TTTIT^JST 3TW f%f^?f ^^, <T"^ 
^^fV cT^ ^'5 'WT^ftf xrX?nT ?^t f^^TW ^ft^lfJT S^cft^ 

,f W^ ^^^ Xf^^'51^^ ^f^^ ^T^T^cT^ f^ f^^-? 7ih r^m- 
f^^T ^Tt^<f, TDr^^'5^?[r WTW ^'^'l ^^^ 'ffTftw «T^T f^^ 

o 2 289 

(S^^intf^ ^irf5«i^^rf5!i ^^H^t^if^ f^"5TT^T^Ti;Tfti ^^1^5 

fffsR^^ ^^"^cT, xr?:^'5i^^ "^^ Oi^TTir i nw «t^ xt^tt^^- \^ 
^if^^^irt ^-sgf^ <n??r*. ^^fnr ^ir^T^f^T ci^ f^t^^^aj^ti[^ 

•^l-T^Tl^^i f^f^tTTOl f^ ^ f^^^ ? ^^ffx: f^f^? O^^frs"- ^ ^ 

fiT'Tfk ^T^^^^T"^^^: ^5r^ ^Tar<^ ^^^ ^JT.^ TT^W^l. % 


^TTO^cf cTT^TlZlflr'Rf W^^ITT^ fjT^fir^snTr ir^^^JT^TT^ I 

ij>j: I? wsi^ T^i "^T^^r ^T'^^ TTi!irr^ f^^^T^?^ Ot^^i^ ?jfcr 


f'T^-i'TcTT cT^ ^^^T^tT^ I cT^ -ST^^T f^^fk ^T?^^ licI^W "? • 

^%-5r wf^ '^ft cT"^T^^ ^^ crfiri^ 'er^T^ I <r^ ctrt ^t^^ 

s^s^ ^if^SlS^l^: 

TTolir^^^ ^T^^T -^(^f^r '^^T^ cT^ ^f^^ ^W ^T 5f<T ?f 


^j^ ftim'^' I ^t^tt^^t: f^«f1^ ^m^ t s^t^ 

ft^v •S 

^ ^1^^ ir^Ti^T^i'T f^fe'^r: iiT'qr^ wi§5if "stjit^ ?t^t tt^^- 

< 'n^ ci<5^^ ^% ^ ?TW xrxTTS I ^^^ ITTT^^T ^^il Tim: 
^jftlf ^Jft^ cf ^TTTlffrm ^WT^, ?Tf^^ ^T^m ^^r ^re'T. 

<. o "si'gTJffr ^^3 ^JTif^T^fV^ I ^^^?: ^^^: ^TT^^r tit^t't ^^ 
^^ ^T^^^ •sr^tftr f^^i'^i f^w^^^ f^=#^ I ^T^t ^Twr ^t^^ 

"5^^^ ■?T%T,StV XT^H'SI^ ^=^cr "^TcT ^cff^^^ tJ^^ ^^t%- 


f^^^T^T ilT'STT ^\ TT^^^T ^xriftf cT^ f^flfcf ^^W?T ^5R^W 

^^ ^if^Su^^: 


^XT^^T^^ ^TW^T^^ ^Rxn^t^ ^TTlf^^W I ^^^?: ^ f^^- 

^^3 T^^- ^^^^"sr^^ i" '^ "^i^ W^"^ '^'^r^ ?T^*^ ^T^T- 
f^^ ir^m ^T^»?T ^^t "m^^ ^^ ^t^^t vini" ^t^^^^tt^ 

29 J 

^WT'i^^^ f^t^TTW ^T'T^^^ fiT^f^T^^J^ ^^IT^"^^ 
■?rT^T5n*T^ ^^^T^^ ^T^T ^cTT^^ ^f^lST ^^'' ^HT^^'- ^^- 

Tf Tiir^ iT^T ^T^^T ^w ^w^ ^ ^''l^- J* «T^T 'iJrict^irr- 
aEJT'ejT^t^^Tsr^T^^ ^4r^ t^l^r??^ ^xrft ^^x^ <T^qf^ tt^- 


^TTJT T^r^^W^T f^"5T?f%m ^f^ci^Tl-jr f^^^i^^r ^wf^- 

"?e cf^ ^H^ Orwli'T T^XTfcT: f?r^T^^ f^^^3g;^^^W f^^ 

^i f^^T^T^^^^f^wfcr^T^^"^^^: ^T ?:T5if^* ^Tf?r ^nrw 
f^^giT^H ^\ iTT^T^^ Tx^w ^mK T^^^jf^^jT^^j fVfc 

t^«? f^^^ ^ff«TT "f^S"^^ «T^ ^^^T^cT I ^ f^WfxT^^T^TSTt 
p 2 297 

^S ^^f^^TS^^J 

^m, w fHsrf^^ ^Tf^ ^^^f^ir iTTxnf^ ^f^^ ct<^T?:3mcT ^ cf 
wcftit ^t^tt^^^ f^fecTTOr f^ ^ fV^^? ^^^^* f^%T^r- ^ 


^^ Wl^^ ^Jft^ ^7T?:?T^ ^^J^-sr^ I ^-qt cT^ ^S ^71^ "^W- 

\^ JTT^ I cT^T f^^^-^gft^T f^^nriiit^T H^^f<T^^ mm ^m 

xm^^ f^^T^^T^: ^i^^ ^^TTf^^T fift^cTTfsi "^TRf^ ^- 

f^t% IT^T^^fn^ I XJ^T ^^T ?TT?TT ?Tf%^T ilT^^^ST ^^"^T 
^f ^ fk^^rn: ^^5ffx?;T^ JT^^T WTfwf% I^^T^T^ Wlf^^^^ 


5^'i q^f^IS^Fl: 

m^'^t cl^ ^T^C^^ 'l^iT^?^^ ^^TTHT^^ ^W f^^ ^ 
^H^ f^"^^ ^^W f^lf^^ ^TX?^T^fw^ «T^ ^^f^'^ ^;^Tt5I f^- 
cT^T I cIcr^^^iTT^^ ^"^^ f^^ >I7r^ ^^T^fWW ^H^ ^^'^- ^ 

^^¥^^T im T^m i\K.m ^j^m xr^i^^ f%^T^ iit^^jtt- 
5fi^ sR^^^T^t T?ci*rT ^-^rxr^: ti^t^ ^rif^c^T f^^l%r: ^1^^ 

%5TT f^^^T^H^ ^gf^=^ WT'^t^'l ^^m^^ I <Tcr: TT^ TJT^vS"^- ^ ^ 


^xs ^i\^Ti ^W^^^TirOr: ^^^"^TT^^ f^^T-jf f^<ft^ ^T5f^ f^^jj-. 


#w vrf^^fcT I f^'w ^H^ mT^ ^TW^gisfTcf ic^^m^ ¥t^ "^ 

^KiT ^f^^^ ^(^^ XJ^^ ^^?T ^T^W cff^iT^^??^ ^ f^f T- 
?IT^'f ^T^fT^ ^Kim ^I'^^T^TT^ I ^XT?! cf Ift^T ^t^T^R ■?« 

^511^^5 wm ygsR 

^T^ ^TH ^T?7 ^xiTcl^ I » 

??:«T^ ^T?rcT: ^'frr'fT m^T: ^t^^ ht^^ ^^rif ^^^ ^it^ «. 

^TTT: ^nfT^TT i:wtgiT cl^ff ^^ f^'rft?! TT^^H I 

'f ^^r. ^^^<iT ?;^iTT5 ^\fcTT§T% '^xrt i;^^' ^'riTtT T%mf^- 't 


f ° ^^T I %W' M^l f^^T^ ^ ^f^f^^ TTT:i^?ft H'f^g^^ ^TOT<T i 

\«f ^^TT tr TJWy ^^^ ^T?T ^^JT^ ( ^'g^T f^HTJT: ) ^^r^T^TTt 
^ » -gf^-^ f^H^T ^^^, <T^ *?T^ ^HT ^W^, I ^cr^ ^W^t w^jm 
«? ^ ^^^T^ ^^"qr '^^^T^cT ^?;^T ^ttt^ttt ^^w f^Mi ^R^ 

«? 9 in^^ ^tj=^^ ^^^ ^^ ^^3r f?;^: f^^JT 11^1^ ^^^ 

i^\ ^^t^^ f^T^JiETJT, ffl^T ^HT H^T ^^T"^ ^^i:, t^^^T ^T^W^ 
^"^ TWTTl^ ^xnr^i: f%2"^T^T: fJ^T^U f^^^, ^=g^^ f^^TT 

\^ ^^mi xr'^ ^^cT %^^: ?[^T tH^T ^ I ^^^t ^<TT ^T2"T 

^\-^W. ^^RT ^^5^^ ?n^^c!^ ^^^^ f?l"^T Wr'T^^ I ^XTTIJR 
a -^ r^^T'T'. ^^T^T f|?55^^ ^^."^^^ f^^W^ f^^T^^ I ^XTC^l ^W- 

^'ffitr I 


«?^ ^f«T x^r^TcTcffg-sqi: ^^ftXT^C^li^Tcrf^'^T^ Stw cI^ Xf^ 
XT% ?;T^(^ '^^T^ I ^XT^ ^IWWT^f^ ^ ^fw ^^ «T^ XTT ».° 

j^ fi;^^TS^i^5 

cf^^T: ^f^^'SI^T ^?l^: ^*^il^T ^^tS^ X^-^^^T: | fsR^ ^^: -Q 
mW' ^^: ^=^ ^I^^T f^^f^cf -^JJIHfk fsf^g^ ^f^^^T^ir 


\« ^^J, fVtft^TS^^T^^:, S:cft^: I[^:, ^^^T f^^^^r, ^^^l 
\i ^^^J, "^^ ^TW^:, "^H^T ^T^^ l^iEft Vrfjr^I f^-^^T-^JTf^tT 

«? o ^m-^ TWl'^t ^^^\ «T^T^ ^^T ^% I 'IT^ ^cr ^c:, "gjo 

«TT^Trf^cTmm^ ^T^^sf ^f^'TJi^rfin ^'iriTT^fTsr ■^^ft'^f^^ i 
•^^ ^fl^^Tir^T ^it^r^cT cRjT^n??^ ^r^w: i ^tt^^ fjni'f- 

^c WT^Jf^ ¥WT ^17»?^ ITKI^ ^^inr^ tT^tl ^T^^T^^^T I 

^ I f^?:iT^T Tfmx I ^Tn;?T ^wf^??^ ct^^t f^nV^ T^n^; uw 

a 2 305 

f^^f ^^^ ^^3T^ ^T^^^ ^W' W ^^T:, ^HV ^«T: »^ 
^li'^^ in^X ^^ I Ttn^rSTT JTWWT^T ^^cr^^T ^T: f%f^- tt. • 


W-^ -, fsR^ cl^ ^T^T^T ICJT^T^T JTWWT^T f^rf^^H^TiTT ^^^'' 
* ^^ '^^f^ir^c^^I'T ^J-^^ ?;T5Ic^ ^^RT^ 1 ^TT^ <T^l-JfT ^% 

«= fti^^ ir^^^ iT^l^^z'T ^TJT^r ^qrJTT ^rfw<r ^^l?rT*Ti t^- 

W^^ ^T^T:, ^mi: ^^T f^f TOr^3":, fiTfTirT^S-^ «m ^T?:T*T:, 
I.* T^^^i ^cf ^HT^:, ^r^T^^ ^^T ^ifk^:, ^iftt^^ ^^^=^1 

"^ ^ TT^t^T Or^f^^: JO^^l l[^fK^^ ■^\^^v. I ^^t f^^^^ 


8 '^^TS^PIJ I 

fH^T^n^T f^^^^^C^^^ 'n^T f%WT ^T^T ^ i STT^ ^T'^lt I ». 
■S[^i mW^ I ^T^^ ^'flT^T ^TT^J %%^ 'n^^Hcr^lT^T'f- « 

^•^T ^cT^ ^ iT ^HI% cTcTai^ cl^m ^Ti7^ ^"^ I cfcT '^'^^^ 


<.^ i^T^^ X:m^^l^lT^^^ T^T^^TXTfllTf^ ^^T ^^?r 'JCW^T ^11- 

^K^i mm-' f^cTT ^^t:: ^t^t^^ oT^ii f?i^'2ft^w^ I ^^x 

f ^^^T ^T^^^ ^^T^g IIT^l^f^fl[^^T^ '^ 5351^^^^ , ?r«!^ 

•^i Sl^^ ^'TlT^: WW^:, ^^«^ ^^T f^^^JT:, fiTW^^nT^ ^^T 
i^o cT^^: f?r?rf%: | <T^ Tn^h ^T^IT cT^^i: W3: ^f^cT^^T^^^ 

^^ Wf^"^^ ! ^XT^W^ ^3"^*T^ ^"^ f^*^!^ ^T^^ ^m^^ ^Wi 


^^^^^ f^fs^^^ ^T^c^^^^ T|;^f%fecTT€( ^T^T -^T^^X 

xr^"^^T^t '^^^^T^T vrf^f^^^ I ^xr^^^r f^Or^Tsft^^n^ nx 
Tr^^ci^^'srTT: T^ii% "S^pTi^^ fxr^f^"^ f^^f^ fc^T^^^ ^^- 

^^^ ■^'igt ^ f^f%^Tt I ^^T f^^^T Orw^f wJTiiiJ?^ w^- "? 

^^W^ T»55 I T^T^^ ^^<Tir^^ ^fll^SJ ^'rlT^T '^^T^t ^ 
15%T ?:T^Tf :, ^T^T^ ^^T ^t^^, ^T^: ^^T i'^T^:, ^ ^¥51- < 


^'5^Tf«fi i""wr^ ^^T^^ t ^^% Jr<[*TT^^ ^=^^^ '^■^^^'^^ '^'^' 
^^ ^ ^: I ^XTT: f*T5T^^:^3t^^«f ST^fPT? "^T^'TH ^T^^T 


^^cI^T^^^'^T^ ^^m ^5if% H^N^ <TT cIT^^ ^^Jff-^^ft^T^ 

^, ^l,*-«[T^f%: 8 Tf^^T^"^^ •^»^T'^5 ^^ ii^T^l?} faF'^TfTOf fiTTTT^ 

i^rf^-^r:, ^r^ ^^f^i'T f^^^i^^ ^%T^t Oif^^ ^f^^ s^'^^ < 


^ ^ TT', T^Tt ^cT: ^TIT?, i^'f ^ ^"^T f?T?T^^: I m^t f^lfTcI^ ¥WT 
^ 8 S^\^', ^^^:^ ^cl^f cr:, cI^cT^ ^cT ^^^^:, ^^^^^ ^cT 

^«. ^sil^T^:, m^^ WS[W. ^T?r:, W^'^ ^'^^ X^^T^V-, T^mm 
^i ^^^T ^TTTcT:, HTTef^ W^^t ^W^^:, ^m^HT'^ ^^^ T^z 

^« ^^ ^^^: ftixirf5T^:, fi^wOr^^ ftrm «t^ct;, ct^ct^ •sr'^iTT 
^< iff?:, ^t ^*T^ iT^^^^ I 'tari^ ^r^^ «!^ ^rrm^T 

« • f^rf^T^^ STJTijT Hi^T^^:, jftlSTi'^^ STT^T ^T^:, "^T^^ 
« ^ STVfijT ^f^f^:, wf^T!!^ 51^^ TfW:, T^ ^'TW ^^T*, ^^1f^ 
R 2 313 

ST^T^T vS^rai:, ^"^XVJ 5r^^ ^^'l:, ^^"^^ SI'T^t fff^:, f%^^ »^ 
fT^iI^ 5T*f%T firf^?:, fff^^^ sr^^T ,Sflf^:, ^3TO -sJ^^T »< 

^Tf^t, ^T^ ^^^5 ^^■?::, ^^"^i^ 3r»i%T ?nrf%;, »t^^ ^^m »« 

^if T^:, ^if T^R^ i:^T ,STt^T^: I 

i^^cf I TT^^ cl^ 1^^^ ^'^Tfsi TTTiTT^ f^^t^t: 13cn^ ^fflir- U«( 

^m^^^^TW 'IHTf%^''3Cr^ ■^m^^JTcT f?T5f^^:^^T^ ^^K^- 


fV^^i![r«T fiifwiTT^'^T^ f%^T?ft^^«n^ jrfe^nnt^ TJT- 
«• ^ ^?f 3TT«Tf^TW, fJT^^^^j^'ilTcr m^fi^in ^fX^^ ^^t PP«T- 

^ ^^t m^^m ^m ^f^: T^-^im f^cl^^T ^tfir^T f^j^^^^j 


tlRJ^T ^^ TT^OKiT^T^T^'r ^T^t ^T\^s ^T^ cf ^Wm ^- 

§^ TT^ ^^T 'T^T ^w^ I ^tit: ^t^t^ ^i?t fw'^iTpr^T^Jir « 

WiX ^^l: ^<TT X^TSf gfET^^l^^T f^^^Tcf T^^ I ^t « 

^ s» ■» >J 

^TT^'^^TfjB tl^T^ ^1^1 ^IT^ ^^^ W ^^% «^- \^ 

^^ 'TTH ¥^^ Tfw '^^TC, cT^ ^"IT^^E:^ 'TT^ ^^IT!, ^^t 
VTl^ ^cT^T ^W^ ^^«T ^^»T^ I ^^?T^ ^tl f%^^:, \^ 


^ • T^^m^ ^cT! 3g;^^'?:, 3g;^^f ^ ^^T ^X^'.. ^il^^ ^cfm- 
W TcT5, <Tf<T^ i:cT Tf^^T^:, T^^KT'. ^cl^^cls, <T^cT^ ^cft 

>* A ^ **• 

^ » f^t^ ^ir^ ^H^cT I cT^ ^f^cTT ift^T f Tirf?:^ ^^^^ 

^1 t^itT^iiw^ ^^^n^^T^ f^^iTTiTww I cT^ ^ti ^-qr^Cim, 

^\ sf^'., ^^ 5^T f^f 1^^: I 

^HPTT: ^JPftlT^ ^clin-51 cTTl^^TJiT'^ «Tr«T^ cT<et^TIT*TT^ ^rfJT- 

^» ^iT^wtr<«rrfiT f^r fk^ Orf% f^nc^i^^i vfji^ ^?:Tf r 

^^ H^ ^cTT: ^m»^T f^^: ^^^ ^T^^^ | ^TXJT^^ "^ ^cfT: 

» « 3W^ ^cTT 'ifniTT ^^^il f^fw^"^ I 'J:^ ^ ^T^il^ -^lU' 


^Tf T: TT^^T ^T-qri: | ^TT^ i"^: ^<TT ^^^T ITO ^^^TT S^- ^ 

^T'T ^"CT'^^K, ^m ir^5 ^cTT ^ti sti^'^' ^f ^f^*T^ I ^xr?: ^ 

T^r^Hi nT^m f*T^^ cT^^ ^cfT f^^fe^?!:!^ ^^T ^T^^ I \ • 
^cTT ^ff^: IIT^l^r f^^^TcI: f^^f^^T 5^11^ ^:^^T ift^Ttij \< 
t^fli 'f T'l^ T^lf^^ ^^^T ^S^Tf^T f^f%f^^: fxf^^^^ I "?«l 


^ » ^'^^g;^! ,S^^T^^ T^T^l^^ ^ I ^^T -^TffT^^^ ^^T f^'JCt^T^, 
^i cT^ xT cT^-qr Tft^ir: I Win: ^I^T: ^cfT: fTf^mT ^^^^^^ 

\t^^'' fsT^ft^ ^T^f^^T TT^^Si ^ ^TcT^^^ -^'^tTt | ^mf 

Tlflff ?tW M^^ I 

^ ^ ^^T i^T"?f^j^ wrn^ I win: ^^f ^^r^ tw ^^^^ 


Ti^mi f^-m-' ti^T Tft^T: -Q^i wxiUir^, ^if-jd f^r^T^ ^.^ 

^^T^T^R? §1=^: ^T^: Wi^i HW^'m-^ fxf^qf^^T: ^TTl^^T 
^^f^ Ot^T ^m\ I fR^f^f^^ cT^^t f^^ft-?r: ^^^t- ^ \ 


^Tf^ WW^Tf^ ^f^f 3r3nf^(qT ^ff^'TT: ^*TT^5^ T^^l 

^^Tt^ ^i^^fin jT^^^rrftr ^fsri^f^ ^^^^ifjn ^f^^ ^^- 

'^'^ ^i[^Txn^t ^TTT^ fT^mT ^T^^ I ^^t ^ftm^j Ifl^T^fxf^- 
^ » <Tf^^ Wfti ^^^T ^T^^ I T^ xr^^XT*q^T^t W^l^T^t *»^ 

i^o ^«n: ^t:: ^St ^TW ^^T 'IT^^T fir^T^T iff^: f%llfi:iT 

« ° §T^^ 15<TT ^T^T^^r ^^t^^ ^"ft^T^^ IT^rjT^^ ^ I ^^^ 

»^ ^cTT ^Ti^T^T 5^5T^<T: f^f^^, f%^i ^WT ^rWU I HTWT*. TT=ir 

WtT^T ^Tf^^: ^^JRli^^: fil^f^-?! ^T-^f^^I ^TiTSI^^ ^^ 

S2 321 

^r^^ cT^ ^^511^ TCi^^Tf^ir ^^^T ^Ttir??^ ^t^^ B^h 


\ ^^'tT?;^^ T^l^^s ^^ ^^T ff%T^ ^^■^^' ^'ftxf ?l^TJri«l 
S^T^ ^T^T^cf ?T^Tfxr ?^^^^Ti^W -^ff^??!^ 3T*T^T^?r^ 

f%mw ^T'g: ^^iTH ^T3T^5 ^T^^T '^^'^ ff i'm xr^^'g?:^ 

V. f^^iEf -513^:, cT^T^ T^ -STTcTT f^^^^T^'^ ^T^ ^^B^^ I cI^T 
flT^ierf^^Tf^^T ^T^^JT ^"^Tf^^:, ^cTcI ^\-^ Ift^* c^'^TT T 
li:^^, cT^TfxJT ^T"5^ T^Wl"^ ^^iT ^^WT ^T^l^^ -^ift^^Ti: | 

va Iim^^iTRt?T -h^ I ^TT^ ^T^^ cff^5T^ ^^ ^^T^,"^^ ^T^T- 

"^mm ^'fT^t U'^T'sf ^^^^T^l^T ^TI[f^<IT^5, ^ ^^TJOt ^[cTT'Tt 


^^I'g^ ft^^^t^ ^"9^^ ^^' ^^^"^T ^^Tw^ ^T^^mm I 

ftT»rf^iTct^»|^T T^T^t ^T^'^T'^WT^ ^cr^^^^fll fTTWt^T'Tt 

TTT^"gW ^TTI^ ^T m TTT^f^^f^ ? cTtT^ ^^T ^"^ITJ firi^^T^t ^'^ 
^%^ 3?Tlm ^T^T^: ^f^V?T ^nr=^ir f^'fl ^T^^ cTcT TTT^ 

^^T^t g^T ^ff I '^^K ^-^^l^^^i^ ^f^^: tmi T^^T- \ =? 

^T^^T^rm I ^^t ^ TT^^f^Tt'l f*T^l^^^H ^-^vt^t^^ T^'^- '^^ 

<T^^ 3g;%«r cT ^^T^ I f^^T'^TT^^ W^T f^^T"5T ^cTlf^ ^'Wrfiir »? « 


«;c ^^Tcf:, ^nn: f^^T^^ f^^J, ^1T^^^ T^^i:^ gcTf%iT^l^ 

^<= fVw^:, ^xr^JT^ ^^5^^ ^^T 1T^^:, ^Xf^ ^TW^^ ^f ^T 

a\ '^l^ T^T', ^Xf?: f^^% JTT^^:, ^Xf?: f^^l^ ^^^J, ^XT^JT 
a"? ^f^^^ ^cT: ^T"^^:, ^Xf^ ^^ifft^Wt-^T*. W>S^'IT:, ^ ^i^- 

a< ^^T:, ^xt^ ^^^^ IC^^:, ^xr?;5R^ T^JffW^ f^^t-^^T ^T- 

\ -^fW\ ^^ ^TW^ ^H^ ^=pTm $T^ %^-^T Vb^IT ^^ 
^I^t«[ <TtW^^^'T^ ^^ iT^ari! ^^^5 ^HtxiH ^JT^'T, ^ Tt- 


^i:^;in«it fl^ ^^^T'T t^^TcT ^xrf^ f^^wi firf^i'T^t^T f^w- 
f^ir W^f^ir ^if^ltir ^ttt't^t fji^^zT^^^im^^ ^f^- \ii 

■^m fsr^HT^T ^if^^Tt f^^fi:^T ^^qff^lf^l^fS"^ T^^T'TT < 

^r'JT^: ^f^f?f^^^T^^5 ^Tf ^ cTT^^^micT^ aR=^' "^ff jft^ cTT-ST^ \^ 
•5T3TK, ^f^ ^^ JFTT^xr^TT' f^N^W ^T ^f^f^mJT'B^^, <Tfr 

^^1^ ^^T ^T^^ 5^^ra ^fV^fcT, f^'g "^rf^ Oi-^xT-5?^ 5Rt 

■^fcT f*I^r^C^^^ sfifcTTT^it^T ^I"^^: TIWT ^H^' f^'g cT^TfT 


^JT'^cT ^T^T'ft^ ^l^'il %^^?T f^^^T *ft^T^^T ^I^^^ 

^^ iI<T^ »T^T^l?;i: f^TlHT^^T^T | cff^T ^i?t <rT^^« ^Tf^=fT* 
"^^ ^irt ¥^^^^^ ^'^^T^^T^TcT ^I^T^ ^T^c^* ^T^f^ iETH- 

"^c ^ij^ ^f-^i^T ?Tf T^^: ^TTT^^^ fTf^^'^lIT ^Tf^^lf^T: Hm^- 

^ifti xr^T^f?T$T »ttt^t€ Oi^ f*i^ fxr^^*^ f^^Tcri ^^it^^^ i 

^^fsj^ f^^^IT: ^^T.J^ IVmi-^T^jf^^ ^^f^TlT: U^TllT^f ^iftl 

S^ ISlil ^TiT'^T: I ^irt ^^^^ TT^t?KIf ^^^-^^ft^T ^K^^fl^T 


^^ ^T^^ vSfvrtWJT^ ^^f^TfT ^H^^J ^Xf?: ^ '^fJD f^^Tf'T ^.t 
cTf^^ ^T^ ^T^^: ^f^§T t^'S^T "^wf^^ XTIT^ ^cT'im 

^T^H ^BW^^cT I ^xr^ ^T^^ Jc^ii^^T f^Tm^ ^^ftt-st ^ht^ ^^- ^ 

ST^TT^ fl^^^T i^T^JT ^WfT[^T: ^TfSTT: ^Tfl?:^^ ^^- 

'ff^clI^T^^ ^^^ -m^Tf-vci T'SI^^ ^1=^1^ ^T'T'^^^ I 


Vrlf^T 5I^T^ cT^I^ ^5T II^T^^T^* iTJT iEff^fq^ T^^^ ?T^^TH 
l^ ^T^^Tfw ? tT^TcT ^ ^T^^JI^ f5T5lf?r^2^ eft ^W^j ^T^^ 

?TW^^* t^IcTT^t XRI^'Sf^ ^it^^T??^ ?T^^?r^^irf^3T^^ ^ 


^ -^^ ^ -ftXfim ^^^' ^ ^T^^: ^ffT^t ^Tinf^ c f%: f^^^^T^rt 

TT^i^^ T^T^r ^rSTc^T iTt ^^TfiTcTWTT^ ?^T Ot^WT^^- 
» xr^T ^ff cl^^ Wf^^ I f^^lTT^H H-^Jfi ^T^^T 'IT^^; ^#iTT^^ 

i f^*T^ T^ft^^ T^^rir ^tittt ^"qrirT "^TT'qft^ i[^^i:t*tt "^f^- 

^T'ft f^^^ ^I'^IT f^ ^'tT^ ? ?2f f^ 'Fr*? ^^ cTT'f ^?T^f^^ftr ? 
t> \ ^W' TfK^^X^ 5f JTT^, mfW T^T ^ cT^ ^^ ^H^f^^^ I ^T?^ 
T 2 -i'^^ 

<Tfr: ^f: ^T^^ ^v\% t'^'kt ^tf^wtvi ^?T ft:TT*r wim*!'^^ 

^?Tt ^^' -^^-Slf^ ^cT^^^: fxT%€t^T5Tt t^lf^ f^^'g 
?T^TO^TTJ^ Hf^^fcTI ^^'Ti^^^ T^^^ f^T^lT^^T^^ ^T^^T \t 

^^^T"^^ Xf^^'H'^: ^^^ cfT^"^ "^^cf =rT'5T | ^^'fl^' ^^^^ ^ 
T^^^^^^T^T: 1\^ licl ^T'T Ol^fxTW^T^^ «Ic?^ ^l"^ cT^T ^T^- 


i< ^xn: ^^^T ^^^T^t ^^^t^t: ttst^jt^'tt ^^ ^j:^^"^^' 

OmBl fV^^^ ^f^f^^^Ttl fV'lI^ ?TT#^T ^'^rf^^ T^- 
firife f^^^ ^Xif ^Tm f^^^^^f^^Tflnffr^ ^TilXTT^^T^ f^- 

fil^^^T fif^TilTTiriT f^^^iri i*TT^^! ftT^Octf t%«tT^ 1[^1- 

3a I 

^m ift^^T JT^T^W fiT?!t^Tc5^W^* ^leiw^ ^i"5r5 ^jmf^ 

fk^l^Wmi f^Tt^% ^^f^"5r T^^ltl f%^T^ ^T^^flH^cT 


<> ^n?i: -^r^T T{fw^ fk^ trii^'siT^ ^t^^t^tw ^T^^ir^ 

< HTUTJ-^ cI^Rf^HT Jftcf ^n^cT cf afcT | 

I • clft^'^ TTf%'^^ ^T^: '^^t f^^Tl '^ I 

V I ll^fl!:^^ ci'^W' Bf^^ JT^^W I 

'Bo^T ci^ T^^i^ Bfi^^ ^rl'srw I 

T^^f T^ yf^ Ti^T^ ^f^cr: n:xr^5T t^ i 
f^T^ ^rg^f f%f%cT ^f^^^Tf^^t *r*T II 


^T^4t^ Olf^T^^ ^?:^T^^ ^^W: I 

m'^m ^m-' ^f% ctt% ^ct^ ^^ ^: i 

5Rf??TT^ TT^^^ fW^iT^ B^T^cT | 
^ ^JTT^Tf^ ^t^^qT f^'WTt ^4^-Sf ff I 

a \ ^'JT^ cf^: I ^xn: f^^^W^^TT^ ?:mr^5TT 3ftw*f xr^^'5^^ 
»^ f^^^^T^ cT^m^ ^5{;in^ ^W^: | ^^^t ^^ mm fTW f*f^ 

«n^ afjTT^, TT^ir *i^^^^T^ f^f'SR^ mwi"^ ^^^ f^'g xr?;^- 
^ ^nrr ci^ T^^TO T^^^ ^T^fiT^ ^^^^ T^^z- ■^■mK' 

a "^cT, c^ nm\ TRTR ^W ^T^^ ^^, XT^^'^'C TfcT -^T^ -^fw, ^^ 
^ ^^^-^^^ ^T'f f^'fT^TsqcT ^T^ ^'51^ I cT^TxftWI^^WflW 

XT^^'^^ ^clt ^T'^ "^fW *T?T II^T^T^^ T^T^^J^^ft^T'lt ITT^T^ 


?T^ ^^^ flW ^T^WlI'^'sr ^r^^-^T'T ^W^f^fsit ^f tTT ^T^Tf t 

^?1T^ JTTTToRi f^^^cT, ^cTlfV ^o^lflD ^T^c^T^lfw ST^TfttcT- 

cr-^ ^?^: ^f^^fir 'ITfST <^t f^'IT ^f^^ T^TT Tlf^ | '^mt ^ I 

^t'^^^ ^'SRllI^Tf^f ^5^^^ i'Sl^: ^^??^ ^Tllcl'^r^^ ? T^ ^^f^ 


^^ ^^J: (^^^ «^T*T T^^r^VI^: I T^T«ft % Tf^^^^ ^^T^wflf 
?r^ ^TH Uiei H^^ ^^5 cT^ ^T^^ ^l^TT ^11^ cf^ ^T'gicf 

^Tw ?icr ^Ji^ t%^T HitT ^m <i^ ^T«^ ^'^ ia««rrf^4 

» ^T^T illf^ f ^^^^ Jr<T-^f?T ^T^^ ^^T^ cf xn;Tf5I<^ c!^ ^^^ 

^?w ^^wv mm'^x^i^ i^ms^x^m ^i^^i ^^1^^ ^^^\- 

v2 337 

wfil^TOl fxTTi^T'inf^^T^ t^^ 1^*IT^^ fxTTl^fi-jf ^^Til^TT 

xxm ^v^ I ?iiT ^i\^ ^^^ct, f T'j'fr^ ^*i%T TT^^r ^t ■? 


^H ^Xff^^^^T^^'^^IT^t TT^T ^T^^* ^^^M ^T^^T <T^ 

^^^ '^ifnw ^^T'T ^tft^ 'SfTTT^I^^T^ ^TWT t^t ^t^gic^i:- 
m^ ^T^T^^ nf^^^JT^ ^Tf^^lT, ^I^^ ^^I^* W^jOs ^ ^ j|^ 

i ^^fi^ ^^•^ ^t\t: ^'w^ ^inr^T ^H-^iflfsr^T'T'^^^ ^^^, 

c ^flHTflT ^^T^T^W: | wt ^T^t T^W^ ^T^T ^T^T^ ^^^f'fr 



^^^^ ^^TTf<T: $T"^'fi^ ^^T?T ^^JTWl ^^^ | W^'flt ^T^^ \« 

^T^T^t T^^'S ^T^^T ^^T^ ^f ^"^^T^t ficTT^t ^ ^^ ^T 

^ffs^^JT^^ ^^iT^TWT ^T^flfirr^t ^T^^r^t ii^^^t^ mw^ 


^ \j '*' '^ J 

sn'sr JTin^cT cm: tt^ «?? ^f^N qri'^TH ^T't^cr, ^M ^wt ^^t 
^ W^f^mt^ I ^^T ^l^T^: ^^^T^^I^, T^T^T ^T^^T ^^^T 

8 ^«Tf^^^ wmT^ v^rmi ^«t ^^t^^t ?t^^ ^^ vi^cr^? ci^if^ 

^T^T^^ ^'^^T^ ^T% ■^'^^ ^^^ ^t% i'l^T^: I^^T^^T^^l^- 
«, ^^^f}^ ^T^T^ WT^I'sit ^11^^ ^^t ^T^T '^TTT^THT^ cf^- 


^^ I cT^T JTT^T ^T"^* ^f^tV arm <tw ^^r'^<T xr^i^'g^T wflf<T ^ \ 

cT^T ^T^ HJ-^ WW^ »T^ ^T'^cft ?T^:xft^T ^TcTT, T^T^T Tf^^- l"^ 

^■^^f^ w^w ^T"^T^^T ^^iprf^f^cf TT?;^^^^ ^<f ci^ ^t: 

^T?^ ^T^^ T'SJ^ WVrm ^^^T^t TTJU^^T?^: ftf *I?IT IT^RTftl ? 

cr^iT ti^T^T^in ^\-^T ^i^^i fk^^ I cT^T^^ ^^T5rT%r Jriv •?« 

^^mK' QcTT^ Il'^l^T ^^^: I ^^^K ^t^^^l^l'f^ ^^0 ^^ 


gw ^TTf^^T^fcT 5^ ^«* ^^1T ^T^^ f^iri^ IC^^T^^^T'TT^ 

^^T^T^T ^WTtcT l^JT ITT ^^^T^^^T^ HU* tTt <^^T ^^^' 

^5^ cTcTliW ?T^T^ ^T^ II^^'^^T^ -ZT^tf^^^T f^'jfTtrf^^^ I cT^T 

5?mi% ^\\i: ^w&, nwi^, ir^r w'tt xfTf^^^ ^cT=S?f 
j^^^^PTTftr t^^^ f^OTTf irT^JTT^ ?T^r Tl^^ ^sii^cnfir 

«?t ^T^ f^^T^ I ^^T ^T^^ <Tf^'r ^T^ xr^^^^T^r ^^t^ 

^<t ^T^^ I ffK.^ m^^ I^^T TT^fl'^^T^ f^'3RTfTTtT ^T^rmT %*r. 
f^VJ^T^^Ti: I ^-^^t ^T^^ W^T^ ^T^W ^cTcT RHT: Xf^^^- 

^^ ^f^^H T^i^^T %*Ti^T. ^T^'g vrf^^fw I 


clef: T(t ^^W Ot5T<T^^ ^%*TT^^^ ^Tl^^^ri'^l^^ U^^ < 
•mT[\^, % *T*r «T^?, H^^^^- TT^^"^^ ^I^S^ 'Tf^^ fsT'JiT^- 

'RKlirTcT <q^T ^H ^1% ^f^^ 'T f^'iRTfTIcT^ ^cf: ^fVj^t H^ 

^^B -^ITT f^ut^ "^n^mT ^if^llc! cTTJ TTI^f^^ ^f^ «T^ fjl- 

^IJ^JT. ^^ ^T^Tf^ TTT^TWt^ ^^TZW T^^^M^\\ ^^"ft^ 


flTTl^iTf l^nrfll^^T: ^f%, cI^TcT f^^ ^f^^ ^'«??D ^^TJT 

*r^^^li\^5 xn;^'^^^ crTt^^^i^T^ Jrt^^ ^t^^. xr^if^^T 

^^ ^^f^Su^^j 

■^T^-JT^Tfir f^^^irxrcTTfiTi^ f^^ST: xr^^^^^Tf^^^c^lf^ ^^- 

< ^rf^n ^T^T W^^ I '^^t ^t^^ ^t^t^-jt: f^^Tcft^T f?TT:T?;t^. 
X 2 345 

^r^^: ^m ^T^TT f^^T^'^T ^^t^^T ^T^3!i^, •?:« ^T^^^n:^ 

^KT^ o^r^^^: %WT^ ^^W^^^^ -^-[W Ol'fSrH ^Tftl^ ^^-^"^ 

igi'T f^ft^:, f%cr|^r vSirrlzr:, s:^^t ^^^1^^:, '^^^r f^^f*?- 

^T^: I ^Xf^^ c^^i"^-^ ^^: ^^T ift^i:, f^cTltT f^I%r^: | <? » 

^H^ I ^^iT^ Tf^-^TT^TT ^^T ^ScT^T^^ fi^T cf^ ^^T 1T^t«T, *? =? 

^T^^^ ^i^T ^jf*?}^ XTi;«'5}irt^?Tf5^^^ ^^T^ ^ff^II^t *l^ 

^4^T M^^T^t xrf^'^^^^t xrf?;5^irm^ ^'sf^t^nf'^-c^ ^Tx- 


^o ^^-Efj w.f^ ^q"^ QflTIfTcT: TSfcTiEr^^ IT^^^T:^ l^ij^rW tT^- 

y. aife^TTTrf^ ^gf^^rfrr-^iT '^TTPlR'Si:)?? U'^m'^ \o f^'fTrr^"^^^ U^fH: 

<T^«^^^ir?:*T -JT^T*?!:^^: fxrs:-^il^ci: xr^*T^ ?:f^^T^T:#^: fxj[g-. 


Ht^^, -^T^^ ^T^^^, wi^T^^ mm-m, "^^^^ ^ir^"^^, ^-^ 
XT^^^ f^^JTT:, ^T^^ IT'^^^^, ^H^^ 'i^^^, ^reK^ ^^ 

^^TtM ^^^\fTM\ iB^^ I ^T^xir^'^5^ fVi:f^: | ^T^tjf^ "? 


^Tff^^^ I xr^C^^^^ ^^^T^T^ la^^T"^^ ^JITT^T^ fW^iTHII 

« Tfl f^WcTTtT^ f^f^^^ ^T^T^JT ^-^oi-iT^ | ^^»[^ ^^-f | 

^Tfcf^ ^'TlT^T "^fmrn »TTrf%^ ^3^^^: fw-^^^T fiJ^^ToT 

^^f^^ ^f4^^, ^XTi;*r^ ^T^^T f^^^^T ^*T^^ ^T'^: TTT^ ^f^^'I^I 

^^f^'^c?^, f%cft^T ftT^f^"?r^ li^, ^ «T^ i=ncr^t ^ctt^ -^t^^i: 

^, o -ST^T: I W^m ^^K:^ ^^, ^ «T^ »^Tcr^: ^cTT^ ^K9i: ■ST'TT: | 
<.«? '^g^ f^i-: 1\%, ^ cT^ »5fTcT^: ^cTT^ ^T^gr W^T: I TT^*ft 
^.^ f*I^f5T-5f^ IT^, ^ cT^ »?TtTi;: ^cfT^ ITT^^ W^j: | W^ "5%'5f^ 
\ 8 li^, ^ cl-^ i^TcT^: ^m^ ^T^^r W^T: I ^TTift f^^lT^Wi: li^, 
\1 ^ cf^ »?TcI^: ^«TT^ ^T^^i: WTT-' | ^^*ft f^T^rf^-^T^ ^^, ^ c(^ 
^t ^TcT^! ^cTT^ ^T^^ ^^T: | ^^jft ^Trf^"??^ 1\^, ^ «T^ ^^TcT^* 

^« "^Kii: «r^T: I ^^Klft ^^^^^ li^, ■^ cT^ '^TcT?:: ^cfT^ ITT^^i: 

«? o -^i"!^^ fgj-^^^^ 1\^, ^ cT^ »^Tcr^: ^cTT^ "^T^^ ^^T: I 
^ \ ^5^^t ?TTlf^^^ W^, ^ cl^ ^\^K' gcfT^ ^T^^ ^^T: I 
«?"? XT^^gft f^^^TcT^ l\i, ^ «T^ »^Tcri;: ^cTT^ "^T^^T "^^V | 
•^^ ^T"^^t 'f^lOr^^ Si^, "JET «T^ »^TcT^: ^cTT^ ^T^l[ ST^TT: I 
^ 8 ^m^^t ^irf^^T^T: li^, ^ cT^ »^T«Ti;: ^<TT^ ^T^Sj; SIIT: | 
^^ ^^Kift ^^I^: lii, 5ET am ^IcfXi ^c(T^ ^T^^ WtlJ I ^^f^^ 


«fT^TJl\^, ^ <^^ '^Tcli:: ^cn^ -fT^gt «r^T: I ^^tW^rfcTcT^ft "?^ 
%ml^^ mi, ^ cT^ »^TcT^: -gcTT^ -^T^gi: QfTSTT-. I "^if^gifcrcfift "^^t 
f;il^W: H^, ^ c1^ ^T«T^: ^cll^ -^X^H ^^V- I ^^Tf^'lXf^rcT^t » » 
JI^^'t^TcI^ mi,^ ff^ »^TcI^: ^cJT^ "^T^gi: 5ISTT: | '^gf^'^ffT- ^^ 

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l.^ I§T^^r I WXT^ ^,^^t f^ftr ^^^T'Tt ^3;-5r"iTT:, ^Tf^^t f^T^T 

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W^W> ^T^ OflSTT^^: ^^T^r f^^^ ^T^tcT , cT^ TT^li" '9^- 

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^■g^mr^^ xi?;5T$ "Sl^fr: isTT^^ f^^T^^^^T^^T vS^T^Tcfl?T 

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\^ ^w^j ^^t -^n^m-^^ wr^ ^iijt: ^«rT5^: ^^^^^^t 

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^im^, ^cT; xr^^'^^: ^TZT^T-FTT^, T^T^^^'^m JT^T ITJr^t^- 
Y 2 353 

'^imtcTI ^q?: ^'^T^t lifV^'slTr^ ^^cTTJR^ ^r^lTfcT: f^^^^ ■?< 
«T^^ Tfw: I ^xr^* ^I'^'^^ianTH ^finr^t ^T*TT^1^: ftlfirfV:, ^« 

^r^JtrfcTf5C^^JTT^^l?T ^T^W:, TT^^^Tfl^ ^fW-prfcT "^^T^Ilfi^T 
^f f^'^f: I ^^^ ^-^WT^TiT ^fTJTTfcT TTf^TTlir ."^n^"^:, ^^ ^ \ 

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'^cT^, ?T*f ^T*T^^^r^^ ^r^^^fT^TW ?^^T ^ ^^^ ^cl^ ^T^T 
?^tT"^T^^ I ^ ^T^TXT^T^ f^^TT^V f^T^^f-^*^ "^ ?r»T flTS""^^ 

?T^^^ ^^-^T^^f tT cTf^ iT^TT cT^ HT'^T^ Vm:iSijf^ ^ift^^ I 

5^:^?:^^ sr^m^^^T "^ <f ^"^^ ^cT'- Xf^^'9^: BS'q-T??^ ^^:^?:- 

f^^: ^PSTfsT VrT^T3TTi:r^XTf?:f^cT^T«T^'fI:f^tTTJrTi:Tf3!I XTT- 
\» XTT^^m^ ^T^H^T^^^K^ ^Tl-^T^ I ^irt XT^^'5ift^?Tf'^^^ 


?TJT^T^t HTWfTSlt uB ?:3lcrTf^ ir^f^t^T ^tT^I^^I ^tt^ ^^- \«, 
^W ^T=*^T^^lTT^T3!ir^ Of'^mT^* f'T'lR^Tf^ ^"^IHTfiT l^IffJT'^T- 

f^tTTff ^I'^^Tf^ m^r^f^T ^^T I "^^t ^T^^ ^r^'^'^, xr^«T- \< 

^^^T ^T^^ f^WcT^^ ^^5RT^H ^tl^cT ^^^T^r^ ^?5Tf - \^ 
^5^m cI^mT^tf^Jas ^f=fT I 

^e '^^r^^is^T^j 

^T *?«> ^%^T^ f%rft^^T'<: ^^^^T x;t^ f^T^Tfl: ^^ ^T^^T TTSf^ fsftJ^ir^ I 

^^^t T^XTfcT ^r^^ ^c# ^TTT-sf ^5I^T^, T'SIi:: i^^ H^l- «> 


^T'f T3rT5 ^<T ^^ IIT^T?T TT^'STT'^f 'T f^^T^B f^'g yvrt tf^^- 
■^^■m^[^^ ^T^T'Sr^f mcT^I^o ^4cT: ^T^^^UT-EI^^iir 1\^ ^T^^lf^, 

i cTcT: f^^^'^T^t 5R^^^T TWTi% "^^IT^JI^T: ^^^tTcT^: Wi- 

^ilw[ ^mfw ctI^ ^ffr, ^m -^'iiv ^jf gf^^i^ ^^^ f^^^ 


j:-^ cr?r cior ^^^ f^^farirs ^^if^^^ i ^f^^ifl ^^i^ •sft- 

cnf^ ^^^^T ^T^^T^^, iT^T^I^T'^ ?T^iTf^cf cf^ ir^Tjr?ii»TfTT m^^ 
^i?n^^ ^^ vf-^cT ^T'^T f^wl^^ ^^^T^ m^^T^ s(f^ l^sgrw 

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^^^ ^^ti[ ^W^^: I ^xr^ crr^-^^r*T ^fT^^sf Tn:^^^5^ ^"^ 


^ i T^w^^f cf^i^r ^T-g^^ ii?wwTt^ ^xrf^ ^i^r?^ itct^t^^ i ^ 
^<> ^en^ftrir^w^T'T ^t^^ t^t^^ ^xif^ ^t^t^ ^^t^, ct^w ^h- 

^^mi ^^ m^ 

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^ ^T'fi^ ^ifm^^ i\c^^^ TWT^^ f^'g^cr: ^^^iT?rt*r^ 9i<nTcft^ 


cITVr^cTJ f^^ "W^^ tl'^ ^^s ^WT f%W^^T ^TTT ^TiZ^^^T^f «. 

5^T^t ^^TH^T^ ^f^=^T^ m^i^^T: | ^cf^ wf^=^r^ ?r^T ^^ 


^^^ ir^T^ilI ^ flTTt^I^r^^ ^^T^^T^HT^ iTTlTTcft^t li^ 
^?TR^^ I 

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^ ^^^t ^im^^^r?:^ »T^TT^ ^T^H^ ^fVf^ ^cTT^^ iif^Tif 

« llf^ '^ ^^ I T^W, ^^T^^^%^ <f^cT^ ^^T ^=^^ cT^c!^ f?l3TIIHT.' 

"O t*WT^ ^^?lt ? ^cl JT^T^T HW ^^^^ ^f^^T Ot^^T ^ 
z 2 361 

^T^T^ ^^^^l^Tf^ T"^^T^^l^lfT ^s^^^T^Tf^ 'Sr ^TT ^f^f^ 

TT^ w^^ I ^^t xr?ir vr^cf: f^^^*. ^i^ ir^ifxr f^i'^i f^^'^ i 

^^-giTTT^, TT^^^^^T f^^^oTTTlW fll^^ ^T^I^T^cT^^T^xrft m 
T.J^\^^^^ ^^^TcT^I ^^^T S^^^ft ^I^^T^ '^^^f^^i: ^f^- ^"^ 

lit ^f5^^^^ ilT^JJ^^^^ tl f^^TxrfiT^fcr ^T^^* TTft;3IIT?T- 
^f^T* ^T^* '^Tf^W <T5T^^^* ^ ^T"^ ^T\f ^tT^I^^I T^T^ \^ 

f^^^T ^^H ^if^-i^tHT iri!i^T»r^ ^nt^ ^^^ ^^: ii^l^w i ^ i » 
JTTT ifw ^T vr^ti ^^% ^i-^r^ cT^ifir JTzn-^fe ^iS: ^?f ^ 

SRT^ ^f^^fw I ^ir^ ^^ IIW'IT ^^ Hfc^^cf cT§^ K^tT: f^- ^«. 
^Tmt li^ ifT^H^^t^^l=^T^m: ^sg^t I V{-^m ^T'^cTt ^T^int ^.^ 

xr?e^"^Tf%^T f^^f^%^T^^ Jiiir^r^^T^ ct^ ^^-jicrTfif^ f^ir^T- 


V ^T^H I ^ f^^Tfv^T^^ '^^'Q^W^^ ft<fl^HT^^ f^cTl^f^^ 


"^W^V t^il^T^fxr g^l^Tlicn: ^TTT^HT^, ^XT^ ^Icf ^if^^T- 

8 ^^'^TSWl^: I 

'581^'frt ^ ftrii^Tg^T -^^^i^iT ^R^^xf xttW f^^nr^T^- >? 


^m xT^ ^f^i XT^ ^ "^TH ^f?^^ f^^^, '^^x: ^ ^^ m^"^- 

'^c^^^ ^T?:Tf^ tWli^I cT^^^-^TS-lf^ ftfTf^cf ?l7!I^T*Tm t 

^ o ■^T^^ xT^f^ii:: ^'yj^ f^^^f^i ^■^(Vvri'T^ ^txt^t^^t^ t 

^^JT^ ^T^TcT ^'Sl^^^JTf'^^^ im "g^^^ ^T"^f% ^T^ftl 
\^ ^TT^lfsT ^m ^Vt f^I'JTTW ^iTTTT | TcZt tl ^'HT "^ti: ^'H- 

XTf^TTTI!! «r 'i^ I 


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f%^^T ^xr=^i^^ ^^"^r^r: ^i^mfc f^^T^-sri^rmg^tr^T f^- 

V* >. ^ «. 

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^T^^T ^"fl^T: TTf?;ff cl^.^^^ilT: ^'ff: ^^cTTW^^W^W^t ^Ti:- 


^^5, T:f?r ^I^^ <T^ ^fcT^ ^^4^ cT^l^ 31^*1^ ^^cT: 

^ cf^T^t ^^f7T^^ ^T^fTi:, tr^^mr ^kt^^t^' w^cftf?r ^^ 

^ cTf^i'^i:^ w^ I ^XT^H ?:^Tt^t-5rT^m ^fi§^ ^^t^ 5^0t^- 
^T^ T.m\ -^m TT^r^^^Tt^^T^t ii?^ ^jttwh ^ifti^ 


Cl^ ^"^Sl I 

^^?T ^ ^TV^rftr I f^^^cT: ^^T^T^ ^tTTcIT^ ^T^$ c^ ^c[ ^^ 

^^T^^ I % ^^T^^: ^WT TT^^'5^, ^^T^T^ TTtTTcTT^ ^J-JT^ ^^ 
^■^cTT ^^\ nf^^X^ cT^^^T ^T^cTt, ^m, *T?T '^WlTT^^^ W ^^^ 

yi^^T ^ f^^^ ^T vr^tTT ^^fit I ^^ ^1% iTH ^TiT ^nrf^- ^ » 
vr^ti ^T^^ m^^T '^ vf^m ^"Jf cit I 'BicTcr^ ^tt?t ^T%w \ x 


^ ^ ^jftn^^ ^iTfcT^f?r, cTt^ w ^1t ^w^ ^^^ li^^^ f^-5i^T^pr^ 

^^T ir^^T^ cTT'sr ^T^"5T xT I 
^o (^^T W^r €^T STTcT IcfcT f^fqT^ ^XTTXTTcT TTIIT^i^^ ^, «rff c^f 

^l cTl^T ^S'^^iTgnET I cI^T «fcT (^H ^^cqs^TT^^T "^f ^'!TT?f 
▲ 3 369 


■^WT'^^T fScTt'^f Tfw'^ I «© ^igi-?i; \ 

?Tf*^^%Tf^^ cT^ ^IWTtT ^m*Tt f4^, crff c^ ^'^ ^^t ^T^^t ^H. 
^o^^ '^, trflf (# "^^■^T^^T^ ^If ^-^t ^T^^T f^^^^ fMn^ ^m ^<C 

^€^^1 gi^iri^i V^TifiTciT^r 3T7r^T^ wcTT^r i'^^ir "f ^ ^ 



Tim^ Hsi^ "xfw- Tiv.'^^t ^^^^ ^^r^^ ^ ^^ ^S^^TcTrfsi 

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"^ cl#^ i^lcW^Tf^, ^^T ^^T: wi'iT^T f^f^cTT ^^t^ ^T?T- 

Hf?r ^Tf^ ^ifff ^i;='^Tf^ licT^T^^ §^T^f5^cfT l^f^rn^ WI^T: 
^HHJTT^^ ^i'lf^^ f^*^ Oj^ fM^ "^T^^T^ ^T^ ^T^T f^^- 

^^ cT^ ilT^^T ^cTT ^^H^^m ^T^rf^«r*lfq" ^cf I vmj 3T?T»f ^"^r 


^cT: I T^T^T 'ITt^^T^ f^wf^W^' ^0^5cf*T< ^T^TfVT^f^ ^< 
Iff^^lfic^"^ »T*T i:f^ fl*T T('\-^ ^cTcf ^T^ vST^"^^ ^T^cf: I 

'i'^^'^i ci^ni^ji^ T*n^ '^ ^ifii ^^^t!^ it^^'^t^' f^^^xir- « 


^ ^sn^n^: I "sfin"^^! f^cn"?f ^jm4 1 ^^^ 

^•\ -s 

cT^^ fsf^^T^^ f^"^T^T^ ^^rt^^ ITc^^T^^ ^^^ "^ "^J^W 
<f PT^TT* ^T^i'T ^3T5CTcT eft ^ff^H ^tOt^T^, ?cT: ^ TTf^cI- 


^^cT^ ^^nni ^TT^ 'ftw f^^^m^^ ^f^fv ^tctt^ Onrisi- ic; 

^T*ITcT ^^^^T ^^XT^J ^f^fijiT ^Tf^^; | 

^ eft ^3^^^ '^Tftr<T^T^^ I ^cT: ^^*T^T '^T^ cff^f^cf ?Tf^^ ^ 

^^g;"^ I ^T 1 ^T^T^ "STJIK, Vr^% "^T^tOt '^T^^Tfk ^T «. 
'^T^t ^^ ^TTO cTT^cT^ cTT WT^f<T^^ ^^??fT?7 ^T?^ f^^ XT3^ 


er^ ^w^ ■I'sfl^ f^^nr^T^^T^ 1 cn^gtif^ ^T^if^ fir^^if ^ 
\5^ Tf-^ i»TTfxr ^ ^^\T^ I m'^^t M^Tjj-iT ^^^Tci^ fn^jm *Tff ^t 

\ a cTtOt ^^^T^T^l^^ I cT^^lf^ ^T^"^T% "llf^^^ ^*tt^^^, 
la. IfWOr ^^ifsT '^T^-JT-sr^l cTcT: l^^*TT^^^?;-q-fw^Tf^cTg^'3Bf'^ 

«? •Q^JT^T ?TTtxT%: ^^Tf^I Tn^VnaT^lOr ^'T^?r^T"=gT^'T, <T^cT^ 


^^^ ^l?Tr^ ^T^cT^ f*ff%^^^cft^T^^ ^XTO: TJ^r^ '^^T^ I 
TO^ ^^T^t^Tff «r^ VTlfV-^T^^^ f*T^TB-^cT^ ^T^fcT^T^^ 


^f^cf^I^^, cT-^ cITW^ ^cT ^f^'f ^T^c^ ^^TT^ ^JT^^^^T^F- 
KTfl?cf, cl^ ^^^T ^m ^^cT-^ t%"?IcTt, cT^T lit -^-^f (^t ^f"^^!- 

^ ^T^T Til ^^ f^* ^fw Jlf^cT^T: ? cTcj^ cr« ^^:, VT^T^^ ^f^ 
l^ ^Tli^f^T^flf ^^cT^: I ^tl T?T flTcTT "SIS- JT^ ^jf -^WT^T^TfrfcT- 

B 3 377 

^Tstii^ fi'Tw ^^TXTcft^^ ^f^cfif^ ^w^^if^ S«nf^ ^mx- 


^ a f^^T^TcT -R^I^UrcTT: I ^^^T? ^^t TTT^n^ ^*fl^ f^^T^ T^^- 

5W TT^^'SJ^^^ ^V^W ^^"iT^ ^^T^ t^t (ifl^T^t) xr^T^ ^T3T- 
^cf f^'f f%^37 W^^^ f^^tV^ '^j ^cT^ '^^ ^W^T^^ ^T-^^ 

^mi^^ ^r^trf^ iTTIIT^T^^ ^^TFT'^TT cf^T JT^ sT^^T ^tT^: 
«? ^ ^=^1: "Erf^t ¥W^ 5Tf^^ I ^»l^^ ftl^f^^mT *TI^^T 3THWT<T*T^ 

^fmi vm w^\ ^wf^-^^-^ ^^ sf^i ^mx ^^t«t ^ «fif^ 

xi^^T: ^^"5 ^T^f m^^ff%;i^' ^^^^ ^f^WcT^^T^^f%iT- 



^^^^ t%"^^^^ ^XT^m liW-^^ ^cTt^T^lDT^ ^T=St ft^fw^T- 
^T^lfV^TT^ ^^^^ ^W^ ffl^'^r: ^fl^^T 'T^xif^ fq^^T^^^ 

^TffiT >S^^^T ^T^I^T^^^ -^^T -Wfim: ^^'^V ^ifl^T^ 
f"^^^T^T^t xrf^^^^T "^ ^cT^t ^cf clcri\% ^ cT^ Xft^I'g-T^^T 

vrf^^f^ I 

%5T =fcnf^| ^^?r^T f^f^JRcTlff ^^^?T^Tf^ qT'yT^T^fx? ^^T 


inz^'jr^ f^'sr^T^^^* ^Txff?ig^^ ir^i^^l^T'it ^4^*invrt ttw 

c: ^i'TTT ^TH^tT I T:^r^7 ^^'Tf^ ^T^^r ^3i^ ^^jtct ir^^'sict^- 


jj^4 f^tTT^ Oif^tl cTT^ ^^Tfkt ^^ f^%^ I ^'JflfW: Xf^- <t 

■se'sr^T if%, ^^ cf ^ TT«5w jtth, f^^ TT^fl^??^ xrft^59T^Tfi:^r 
^i^^T ^T^* T^^^^^ ir^^T^ ^^' ^i^^Tfc^ig^^^ f%^^, 

cl^ %^T f^¥^r"^*^^T^Ti^ ^TT^T^"^^ 11=^^^^^ XT^^T^T^tcT I 

^^TcT^ xr^T^fTT^^'Sli:^!^^ t^t ^^^ ^JTxf^Tm^ | cT^T^ ^.^ 

^^^cTT f^^^T'^Slt^T'^ Xf <:T^r?TtT q^^:, ?c[# #gt fxT^i'T- 
^T^t ^W xr^^^^^^T^I^^'* i ^^^^^^f^^T ^Ti:f%'5IT^^ ^(fl 
X}^1^ ^IT^^^«T^ 5ilt^XT^5T^5:Tag^^T t^ cT^^TTTTm^ f^^lT^t 


S^^ '^^Ti^ ^if^JT ^^^icT I ^^t ^ ^iTiiTfw T^m^f m «tt^t 


IT?;^'5}^^ ^f^tl f^^^r^T^^ WITT^, % XTIT^^T: ^^^^T ^^Tft- 
■^m ^T ^T^T^I^^^ ^W ^T^ftT ^^?T ^Tf% I % ^^T^ ^F 

JZTlc^T W^ciT^T ^cl^r: pf^^^^^ ^TJT^m, c^^^T^M 11^: 

^fecTTOr I ^^^ ^^T^lff fsrf^^T^t iTT-J-^T^t TT^^'St^ZTcT \ 8 

^^^r*TT^: I cT'^ ^T^ P^^ ilH'f -^V^ | ^XTiT ^ W iT^^t ^(i. 
¥[T^T ^fir f^^T^ir SfH^T"^^ ^^T^^ ^^T^t^m^^ f^^^T^H 


i!t<fTfw*^^ ^^^I^^I^T: iT^^^^t^T^T ^^T ■sftwi^T^* ^TiT- 
\n -^ f ^^ ^¥ f^T^^T S^jTx: I <T ^§:'^T^ f^^^T^ ^54nf!^€t: 

\< ^cf^T^i ^1% if^^R^ xr^N^r ^w^ ^T^cf, ^*i^r ^iw^ct^i . 

c3 385 

^ 'flTT^^^I ^T^TTT^ ^T^ TTWT "^T^T W^^J^: ^XVSfW- -a frTT^Tfr^^- 
^^^ ^^ ^T^TJi^ fsT"^!^ ^.^ tn^TTfl^^T^ ^^^^ f%^T^ ^^T^t I^^W 

^^^^ ^T^ff^ ^Wf^f^r "SfTn^, T^^T ^^ ?TH c^f?q^T '^ ^f ^ 

Tfcq^ f*T^HT f^^^, TJVfx^ cf^ ^if|TT ?:^cT^HrOr sif^^Tf^, 

^T3I^ ^^«r5TT»TT^ c^ f^^SHT XT^li^^ ^WT^TiT ^f 4^^ ^^1^1- 

fT^^T^* xr^2:f?T I ^^ (^^T'sTT'l^ W lief ZTW TcT: xr^ f^f Ilf^ 
^:gTf^ ^^TT^T^frf I <T^T*rtW^ '^T^TWf5§ tj^^sfn^ y^ig jj ^, 


^TJT^ ^JTi" ^fq- ii^fl'?ii:^ 3Ti^5in ^mm ^^T^t 3r"t^I!i '^^^ I 

^N5 ^TT^^S^R: I 

^ Wt^T^t f%^:?fl: ^TnnT*f ¥^?^ 'q-^T^ I ^ f^g^T??r^ ^^3 

f^^^f«I^ ^r?f^<T: f^'Sf^^T f^^^^T ifti^T^^wm ^^f?I^T- 
fR-^f^^T i^'t^: filiRt^T^T^T f^'f T*II'ZI^T ^Tlf^l^J ^^Ht 


f«I¥^T^^I^^3I^^ c^??! ^^\ ^'^^ ^T^^^ ftJ^ilT^^ '^ cT^ 

^TT^ f^'tTirrwil »T^^S?^T^^ ?TTT5FTffiTT ^ Wc^Tf T^ST ^T^ 


»TT5c-2rr^^T^ ^T^icfftrfw^^ -qi^^T^T^^Jiri^ cf T5oiT?-5rr*?m ^ i 

^ gxiqcTt I clef ^^^^^T ^TWT '^gt^cTTfiT Hf^^^lf^^: ^JZ^f 
f^^fxTcT^i ? cT^T^T cT ^^:, HcfcTT JT'^cTTfl^T'^^T 'STt'^ ^^ cTcT^ 

xn^m^T^T^^T 5Xr^ ^^T W^T f^^^, f^^T cr*T^ ^clti' ZfcT: ^ 

^^^ Tf?r cf^ *rT*T I cfifT f^i^mwi'f ^t^^t"?:, ^^irfcf^cn- 

It ^TW^ ^TTlf^^^ f^^^ cl*i-2f ?rt?§T?r f^f^ct^T^ ^m*f^ I ^q?;*?^ 

^ u iT^T «R^?T^ii I ^^^V crftR^^ 'l^xr^: ^f^^mil^ ^^^ TR'^ 


'^ jft^T^ ^"Smfl ^T^TWt TT^Tcffjrf^-?!^ JT^^ f¥ ^T cT^T 
cTcT! xr^fl"^^ ^w^T^r^^^^t ^T^ ^if^, ^^^T W^; ^ ^ f^^- 
^f^cr^T^^, T^rt^i^T ^iiTTfcTiiT'f itr ^^t ^TflTcrfkfw?!^ jrm 

=51^^ ^^^' fcT^^^ ^f^cTWT^^, ^^ cf '?Hf^!5JTfTT | TT^^^^ 

3TcT'^T'5|^? ^ftigT-g'r irf^cr^T^^ xf i^r ^f^-sr f^^ r^ g^^c^T^ jtwt- *?» 

^ITT^ -^fk "^ "€^^ Xf^T^ig-TJrffliSlf^, cTfir xr^^^^T H?7T 'f HT- 


^» m ^f?"?: Ilf^f^I!^: I cTor: ^4^, ^a^tl WTt^fcT: ^^1^^^ 
f^^ g^^ ^fT^* ^H^, T^T^^l^T 'STT^T-^TJft^TJDt f^^lS 


Vf-^^i ^Ti^ fi^^, ^^T S^T^ ^WTS TT^^^^??T ^f^lilT^'gTi'T 

^f^ ^^T^ ^m^mi ^f^"^f% I ■^^" ^T^^^ m^^ ^^"^ xT^^- 

'^iL^ ^^*I^ ^-^l^l Hf^^fcT I 

^o I^^lF^^lS^T^' 

5T1^ f?J^Tiri^3"^ fej"^:^ ^*r^* ^=^fr ^TJTcTl: 1 W^T^T ^f^cT ^ 

^^TJi* '^'i f^^^i?^ ^sl^rxT-^T^ iTi[^r*TT'ET ^ I ci^T f^iw^r- » 


\\ wt f^iT ^ ii4'^r ^TT^^ ^mai in^t fV^fk? i tt^ cjcqft- 

Km^^^l ^WIIT fflfiT irf^ 'rTf%, f¥ 'li^?! cTIT ^I'ft'T:, ^^W 

\^ wt icrflr ^f^ ^m I ^^ niTT^iT ^T^^f^c^T^^: ^f^m f^^^et- 
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^wfT-^ifWi 'T^sri:, T ^T5i^ t^^nrRrs", ^ ^S H?r ^^ 
f^TTn^nicf I xri:^'^^5! -mp^ ^if^r^' wm^, ^^»t ^t^^tct ^v- 

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^T^T'r^T^Tt^m^t ^fcTTT^T^^ ^"Ur^rg '^^TT^T IJWVtcfJ 
^^ 5«^W^T^^ ^T^^ ^T^c^ ^^r I ^ ^TTT^^"^!^^^ T^T- i 

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^^ ^^ 'Slim i:^55T^ WT^ ^PT^^^'RTT^TtT'ft^TT^^^ ilf^'r^ 

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fti^ f^^I^TJI^ ^r^flr^H^*T XT^i^^T^ ^^f^^^ fVirmT « 

^^nT^^ ^^f^^^ W^sq^f^RTT ^^T f^"5f cT^^ ^c{^^ ^XT^^TcT ^ • 
ilifT^: ^T^W^"^^ "^T^oT, t: ^T^W ^^^^ ilf^^ liT'^-a'^rfiS- 

^•s^^t ^ym "srW^ f^^l^^T^ ^TTfUii W^'^'cf f^^^ ^cTTT- 


i^H^li^^ ^cTH ^^f^^?T,^^T^T'?^ ^cT HT^ir t%^: ^cT??^ 

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fi}r?§^Tr^^T^^?Tf*^^^ ^f%?ff HT^JT^^T^^ ^f^^^ -gut XTT^i 

\ \ ^^frit W ^T^cT^^ ^f^^T^^^ cT^ fil^f^ furls' Of^T^ «T^ 

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?:5^ ^^ir^T^ ^<^T ctI^ ^^'. I 

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^mrsJ^wf^^T^T^ ^ ^^^T ^TWSfiT ^T^^T fl^T^^T^fk? 

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mm^' ^H^W^^^'^-* ^'T ^TSTc^ ^^JT ^IJivq T^iWH l ^ ^ \ 


iTTT^Tfui 3rm sit^^T^i: f^i^'si^:^ ^f*^^^ ^^t^t^iw ic^t- 
ir=^T T^^^ ?Tf^i:5R ^vm\ TT^^'wrl^^Tfi^^ fiiit^trrPr f^r- 

^'ST':^ ^T#T iT-^r: m^Ji T^\^^ ^ ^^^^ ^T^TfcTtT^T'T Xf^- 
^'SJ?;^ ^f^tr cf^T^^^ f^"^^T?^ f^T^giT^fl' XT ^I^m^^: | 

^T '^: TT5t4t^*T ^^T15T ^^T^Tl ^T^l-JTtT | Ijf^f^^?q IC^ 1\7^T 
^^ ^ ^^«TTf^ f^TTlf^ ^J^TZW^^ I ^^=fl^* ^"^T f^%T^KT?7^ cTtOi 

^'Sfift^flf^^^ ^l^T:g"T^T^JT^ ^T^^^^^^»?r ^T^li?t^«lf»3R- 
^^ ^^»^^ i^tT^TOr ^T^^:| T^ ^^^ift^im: f^^JTli ^f^Tm 

e3 401 

f^^^T^i^^ f^v^Tcj^xr^ f^fm^T ^"^T^^T ^T^<^ ^mr^* ^T- ^^ 
RWTJ iTK^^?;^ ^f^^ xTfi;^^ f T?ri:=^T^ iif^rTTT^ TT^fVg?r 

TT?;^'S|^3D ^f^cTT ^fw^^lf^'f^^t f%^^ ^T^f[ ^^^: f^^ 

xr^^'Sfi;^ f^T^tT^ ^^^ ? ^^^ licnm Vff^^ ^ XTT^f^^^ I 
^^tf^: XT^^'Sf^: XlftwW^^I^ ^^'^^ ^^ TTf^iU^^ I cT*^! ^ I 

H^sfT 5sxt^?:t^t^^t^^ ct^ f^"^^ ti^ fVvT^ xr5E;^^^t^i?fi^- 

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J^H. ^^f^Su'Sll^: 

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f^^iTT^^ ^^f¥?!:^^?ij^T,T^ TC['^^ xx^fsi x(m\T: \ f^^m'^^- 

«. ^^^^^^ ^^fW% f^¥^T?>' ^JZU f^^^T f^f^^"5r^TT^ 
< ^iT^^^^r'ST^ ^fvi^f^cTT^^ ^RT^^TT-Sf^^^VlcT I ^^X f^mX^^^- 

3t<^T ^iT^* 2R^^' -^T^ftriT VI ^, ^T^^ T'iJ^: ^^'fft ^H=^ <^t 


<T^iT^?:^^ ^TTfTs^-g^TT^ T^rt^'^T^ "snTi^, t:^t^^'5i^y^^ <f 
^^^T^fT ^f^ri^T'f^ iT-?:^'sr^i!j cr^T sT^ ^H^ V^ ^Tg ir^% i 

^^^^H ^Hf?^^ ^TnFrT"?r ^^^^* ^m ^^ii^T^^'^ffT:!- ^.^ 
■^u ^^Ts-Qj^t ^farceri ^^1^:^?!:^ ^^^f^Tfin ^^^t^^^w- 

^^g^lf f^f^^ er^TcT^ ^^g^ll'T^Tm f^f^KT: ^^ "WJsf ^W^: | 
TmaT^'?! ^"^t ^tf^OJ ^^^Tflll ^^^T^ WWf^"5'. ^VtcTlfsT ^t!3cT- 

'TTf ^%r: §T^ f^fi^T^^^ ^^ tr^r^ pf% ^cri^^^fpf tit ^^- 


f^^^T ^fT^V XT^lf^tTT: ^n^: ^^ #t^ ^-^f "^T^^T'f TT^T^T- 
il^m^ ^fi fsT^^T ^^fW^ *T^TTr<f ^m f^^^r^^Tfl^^lffT- 

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f^W^T ^^5f| '^li^T^^ I ^f^^J il^^J??^^^^^: ^^^ ^T^c# ^ 

^3TTfin f^^m^T^^ w^cf y^'^ ^m^ ^Bt f^^^i m^f^ 

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^H^T^ ^3-g3:wTf^^ i ^W iT'srsiT ^T^'sr i fk^mj f^'^:^ ^^tt^: ^.^ 
T?ci^T*ft f*Tf?TTf T?r^^Tf% yi'^xT^ Th'k.'^jT^ ^^\fm u-sff^ ttt^t- 

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IIT^ ^ir ifsf^cT, f^^ clf^iT^ ^T^i^: W:?^f^ -q-T^^T^t 'Bf^TW 

xTii^'g^^ ^f^^ vxrt^T ^f^^ f ^^^TTT^^ vn^ if'^^i^ i 


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< ^W:, ^xr^ cflffT f*rfl§W^Tf^cfW^f^ Wif^^m f^^t I clf^ir 

^T^ ^rt^T*n TT^fl^'^^^ vrf^^^T^t ^f%^ ^t^ct ^ ^if^r- 
snn^, TTiircr ^^^' fxr^'ir^T'it ^h: xt^c^'st^t t^'^^i^^*??: ^^^^ 

^TWT^ ^^T^*?^ ^TT^V^ 'ig*., ^T^T^ XTTTT^Txr^TV^ ^ 

^f^wf^^T I ^g^T^iT ^tr^T^T 3T-^cn:: xt^h'st:^ =^ m^ t^t- 

■5^p5l:-qf^f^cf^^T^'q^:,W ^^T ^^Tfil xn^^T VT'^Tfir ^mT^ 
F 3 409 

"^^T^ -JTcT: ^ TTWT f^'^^T^'lT?? ^f^TT^Tftlff lic^T xr^H'5^^ 

cT^T^f^^: f^^T ^T^'rf '^f?:!^ f^l^T T^li^^^ -JXTcft^f ^^^ 
Or^^T^JT^JTil^lHin^ r^ff W: | cTcT: lit «f^ cT'T^T ff f«^^- 


«. ^^^t^ ^^W TT^f^^JiS iT^T^TIf^ ^^f^c^T ^^5 ^'JT^T^rm, % 

^fw5^^ ^^TS' ^^^«r ^^tm^ f^^'^rxT^^ xrf^w m\^ T^m- 


'Sr^^irf'?^^ mifJBJT^ ^Tf'l'^:, ^^^t W^t^T^T^^ ^IS'W f%- 

xT^^'Sj^'^f TTf^if Tn^"5iT»n^;, h^jtjtt^^ ^T^iif^^ ^^ ^ht- 

^"^Xm 'if^t ^^W I ^xr^ ^ TTT£^ xrf%^^T^^ f^w^- ^\ 

^^t ^T^ ^T^IllI^ilt^TT^^T5r^T^^^T's[TXr^T*TT^| ^W ^^H^ ^^ 
Wf^^g ^T^^RT ^r^^37 'aBlT^T^ ^f^$T=^l!r licT^'rl:, ^Xf^IW 


\\ ^-^T V(^^ '^W^ I cT^T^T fff^^^T ^TW^T^ W^ Xf^^^^^ 
IfTlf^^^T'T ^W^T^^t^ ^^^^ ^ JTTf^^T^ ^r^SlWT ?T^WT^ 

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t^i^^5?it:, f^l^_ rm^^ t^^wi^ t^t*^^^ ?iv* ir^^'sit iif^ 

^cT^^TT irf^'^^T ^^^m cl^^ cT^ ^^^in^TiT^ "^^Icq^^'^^Rlt 

sivr TT^^'si'C ^^^; cT^T li^ ci^ mmf^ 4^m f^'^V^-^'^ \ 

^XTfSlTf^ x( § ^5<tliW ^^T'Ti^ fsrOg^ cf ^^^fHTWT W^xr^^J? 

ingTJTf*Txgf% iim w^i"^ «H: xr^i^'gt:! i^Tn^ii ^^i^^, 
^\Tx^ ^-^^ jx-^mjxmi T^^wm^^ ^?ti^3ttw i ^^T: w ^srr^ ^«» 


f^^WT^JT^T: ^^^ft? ^T^T ^^^T^^ ^ H WT^^T^^ffT: ^4t 
f^fV ^^^^^it ^irf^^'W ?T^^T^ %^l^T^t ^^^T ^r^^^ 

crf^^T^T^ ?: ^f%cT^ ir^ir ^T^tcT^ xRi^'si^^ lit ci li■^^ ^^j' 

f?T^?fl'ErT^^t%"^^^%^^ ^TJTcTT ^^^J iT^^TJ ^T^ IJ-gcTTT T 

si A 

'T^^fcT f^r^li: ^HTWT^ ^^^ ^^WTT^ ^H^^^lftl ^^t^ 
^:, ^^T: ^T^^T^t Trailer ^'f ^: ^I^^ XI^cTT^^ '^Si^m: I 
■^li^ j\\E(\^ ^mm f^rfe^^^rTW T^i^w^^mcf ^jttjtctt; ^(m- 

fiJ^^TT^^ ^TT^^ ^T^5$r ^^W, ^cT le^T^^^^XI^ ^T^^*9[t^- 


^^^t ^T5i^T ^ft^T^ m^T^ irr^Hj ^Tf^[^ ^^2, ^^ «?^ 

f^f^^:, JH'^^ ^^WT ^^^t f^r.OT ^TW^cT c{T^\ Olf^^ftr- 

^T^m^T^ ^^t^t^T^T^ XfftWT'g' ^^^TTT§ 11^*^'^^ "^ITW- 

^^ €l§'5n^HT^3!l mcT:^Tf^^T^t ^^^^Tr^lf^^Rx^rt %mT5Tt Wi% 
f^^TJT^T^^JTT-^^T^ ^TfHilWtg "^ ^^^T*it ^mr^t lit ^ 

^cT^ f^^H^ ^^T?:^T'^T^ T:^Tt^-5r#^T: y^JfTWTcrTf^ 1 

TTTfl^mt ^^fltif fsT^T^HT: TTII^'g"^^ liB^ XTfw^llJrrT^t irfV^- 


^^ I^^T f^wfJiiT ilTW f^^IT-Jf^fl^ f^f^i^^ ^iT^'5^- 

^^ ^? ^T^ Tt4i^ "^ f*r^MT ^T^^^, qrgiT"^§T f^r^cTT^^ TJTk- 
g3 417 

fk^§[\JJ ^J[K^ ^ff jf^cTT'lt tlW^lHT'tt ^f^^Tf'T ?:t^ f*l5TI^'^: 

^^f^ iiTinTT^ '^T^T'^ W'' tjx.^t:j S^J^ ^XT^X f%^W I 


\\ f^'^m fT^? ^WJ^ w TT^H'sr^T SWT^^ ^yl^Kt'^^^^ 

\x ^^'T. ^:s^ ^^f?r ? ^cT i^^'ff f^fs^i"! ^[iirT^ ^ »^T^g, ^ 
«T^1^^^T<r Or-sriEi^T ^^x^U'i ^x'sm^^ ^x^^T^T^i^^'^XK 

^^' ^^ f^"5i aRii^ fl^^w I ^itti?: ?lf9^^ f^^?^^ 


cff^^^ ^»T^ f^f^^i'T ^cf^T^s iflf^cT: ^^^ T?"^^^ uf^T ^ a 

^T^T'TT^T^ W^TJTT^Tfil f^^m^T*TT^ I "^TK ^^r^^T^^T Wm- \^ 
TiJXJ "^■^T W^'fi ^^JITjfl!! ^r^^^^^^ xrf^TXTT'i^l ^Tf^- 

^^if^^T f^^nf^^^ ^^TT^i f^^^^T^T^T^ 1[^T^^?IRT^ 

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T^^lt f^^jflTTm^^T^, ^^T. "^TiT f^fff Tf t^l f^'^TTT^T^^fiT^ 

5: ^T^ T^m ^"m ^TXff^TTsi^ I f^^T'f cri^^ ^^^ ^T^Tfxrcr^T'r 


'vf^Ti:, cT^r f^^T-^T ^i'Sltl i^tfcT Ot^^t: If f^C'^TcT^T'T 1 

if^i^ Oifig^'i^T^^ ^Tf^^TT^T^ f^^^riiTwr^ i ^ir^ ^ \». 
■j:ct?;t^^ ?^t^^, f^^ircT: xr^^i'siT:^ ^rf^^^^t nfcr^t xi^«^^^- 

^0^^^^ filil^i f^^^T^fl '^ ^5T fVlf^'tTT fHf??^T ^<t 

^m'ftHflT W^T^f ^f%^T^^^ ^f^iT f^^ i^^' ^m yw 

33:cl^ fiT^^^^ftl^ ^f^^' f^^^^^ ^f^tl ^T^^H TWI^- \«^ 
^^^W ir^^'Sl^^ ^{JT^t'I ^ U^^^T^'T ^T ^'J^lf^cl-^'ff- 

'^T^^, ^l?^ tT^ ^^H^^TcT HT% mx^ ^W «3r^I^§(?[^^- 


^ cT^T •! 'er^r^, f'R'TcfWI'!! W^^X ST^^^^ ^T^T^ "^^T^ I 

^« ^(jt^fSTS^W I 

"^fWiK f«r5i^^^^^^ ^T^i^T ^fRf^ ^'^i^ <i^ "^Twi ^W ^T 
■i^^i: jT^^Oig^T ^xT'^i»r« I ^TT^* TT^^ ww^ ^ ^jT^T^rTf^ 

8 f^'^^T?^* fil^^lT^H^ irf^iSeijTTfl ^T^W I ?r^5lT^^ ^?T^* 
^rai tft ^Vf^:, cr^iff^ ^XT^^J -K.^-- IffcI?TT^ ^^ W^^I- 

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e5^ ^^^TfTT^ I cTcfii-^ ?T^T^T"5r^^ ff f^^RI ^?fl^?T^ ^xrf%i- «i: 
^^ XT^^J'SfT^ 'Tf^^'^ ^T^lcrrf^ ^^cTT^^^T f?T^f%r^^#- 

^^TXT^T^^ cfTfiT ^^: I ^ ^R^^TT f^'^I^^^ W "^Tli^t^: I ^"? 

^T^% fffe^T I^^T 'f'^^ f^f^cf xr^^^ct^^"qr^T^^^ 
^tt: ^?:tr^: ^JT'^Tf^^fcr Or^^-zriiTT^, ^^mr^^nfw vc^m ^^ir- 

^f^^ I ^-s\-^t ^T§^: ^T^^T ^TITTfcr ^^ T^* fT^IXTiJTiTT^, «>«J 
m^^T ff T's^^T fTUf^T TT^^?T ^^^TcT I ^^^^ ^TT^T^T^Tt- 


<5irT^3ni^ ^wt4 f^^^ Tr?:^'^^^ *t^t%t^: i^o^f^ci ^i^i 

^^ ^<»^ ^T^^ f^"^^ wf{ mmTW' ^^f^cf-^T^^ ^ "^ f^^x- 

«?^ H'si^ Tf^ vfT^icfT vrm^, 'arci^ ^t^^ crf^-^Tftr^i^ fV^:^ 

^j{ ^w^ >S^*^^ cTf^^Tf Tt^^xT^^'sj^r ^^lf?i iT^rfxf (^Tt^ ^'sr 

>?(t ^^^t ^T^STT ^cTT^^ yffW f^I^^ri^^^ f^^irr^JT^ Tf 
%^T ■^n'ST^T €tI'?TT iT^f^: W^T^ f^f^'^iT^'STT^ST ?T^ 

H 3 425 

^^ ^^t^filS^^: 

'vrm'^T'Ti ?t^^t: i[^fr?Tm^ '^^^^rf^^ Or^T^rT^^^ wwt^, 
^uj: we(^j ^ti^ xr^c^'^ift^f^tw^ itt^t^ f^^T^^rw^^- i 


^i ^WT^: I ^WT^^T f^«f|^ wm4 1 a:^« 


fif-q-cT-Jf: 'i^^T ^T^^T -Jri-si^**!! ^Tl^»«f^ ^I'sf ^f^^m*, f^- 

^^^:, f?|t5tcr^T^ TTfV^Jrt^T'T TTT^^T^^ ^TT^TTl'i'g ^^TT^ 
m^ 'ir«5T ^^'KT^T '^ ^m\ ^T^^^ cT^TcT^ W"^^!: %^t 

^^ f^ X(J:^'^K^ f^f?§^T TTfC'^^r ^f^TcTT I ^^xrf^cTT T:WTt^^- 


^5TT<T^fi;<T: ^1^^ Wfw^^ ^^^rt^JT ^TW^m cT^T ^f?!;^- 
% f^^^^T^T^ fSim ^Tf ^fT fsR ^TSi ? ^^?T^ cT"^ f^^ 

f^q^^, 'T ^cT ^ c^t ^mT^f^'5if?r I cT^TfcT i^rfti^ T'^rt^ ^ "? 

^rt^ Oit^i'5 firf^: ^^^T^T^^ ^JTT^, ^^?T^ ^cff^ ^f^^T 

<i ^^ 

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"^WT'^^'sr^s ^^^ xj^<^ ^"5*1 ^i^*^ f^^m^^ ^■'T JTT^r'T 
t%^^n^?T 55:^1^^ -^w^rsf xj^-^ 'er^n:, ^ fsi^siw: tt^^- 

f^'sir^^triT >i;(^T ^ ^ift^ ^uf^sfT Ttwh^ ^m-.^^^ir ^r^i^ 


^'SJ^T f^sra^Ti: ^-^T^T^^T^^ ^jqf^T^T 'T^T^W'T Ot^IcTT^^ 
W^ crf^^T^TW ^RSfr^t ^f<T^^^^ ^'SI^^ ^TXr: ^^TVr^cT ^ 

iw^rai^ f^'^rfsr '^ ^4^-^ ^if^^ f^^r^ i ^tt^ cr^-giT^RT ^<t 

^r www cTT"^^ ^^cl: ^Hf<T^(^^T^^^TWcT^^^t T^T ^^HfW^^ 
?TT^^ ^T^TTT^cI^ f ^il ^r^* ^"^ «T^ ir^: %T f^^t ? cf^ 


• f?r^ f?j^<\^^T^^T ^f^x:^ ^rsi^T^t f^fTT^^r^ i 

c ^^Ti: I TTTT^I^^XTfcT: 13^^TfsT il^T^q^^ fflf^^TcT^ ^^T^ 
7Z:^1<^T ^iT^^^I'lliT f^'S^i: ii:T^^^ ^f^tl ?TTfiT JT^fiT?^! 


sin^^H^TOr XTT'IVrT^'JTfJr ^^ifv^TOr ^g:^i:«TTf^ ^5Tcf*T^Tf% 
TI^^^^Tf^ir ^^IffJT-^TlOr ^WcTJT^tOt '^ WWTT^T^T^I ^cITfH 

5fff^^^i fsrwgr^: fH^5^r f^i^i'T ft^^i ^t^t^^I; ^^ tttit- 

iT^^cTlf^ ^^T: I ^€?I^?I^ ^^f^^Tf*T ^HilcrrfsT ^^V 1 ^if^- \» 


^c T^^ H^ 5f^T: I ^^wf^rmf^^T^T ^^f^^Tf^lT^ ^^mf^UcllfV^ 

a » i^t^^rt ^*^^ I ^T^f^^^ W ^^^^ ^^^^^ '^ ^^^ 

iter W^T ^W^^ I 
a-o TfT^T^T f%^T^T% ^JTli'T 41i^T "f T^^J W^T "WT^^T filt% 

«!."? ffT^^l-qr f5TT?r^t^T ^5ff^%r ^^^^t i^^^t -g^^^itT fn^^r 

i3 433 

^T^T'ft ^'fJTIT^ ^T«R^«l f^'I'^TZrr^^Tf^ "^fm H^T^ SliTT 
^l^'T I ^iIT: i^^^'fTcT i'^^^TcT! f^^-^r^ ^^'IT^ T^^T^T- «>«£ 

^^^ ^f^W^T filf^^Tt^ ^f^W^^ ^ff cl^^^t W^ cl^ 'iT^T 
t^^im i^^cTJ •^^IT^^t Jlf^cf^T^T^t ^^ T^ -^m ^^M"^ i'i. 

Tn^ f^fi§%^T^^%^T f^^ ff^ ^JT^ "sri^ ^^T ^T^fvr^ I 


xrf^^li^g ^Tf^^TWi'3 ^^f^WT^^ Tf^^'Sl^^f^W #^^T 
^TT^ ^^^T^ W^JS ^T^'H "^TWT. I ^IT^ TTTC^'5^^*Tf'^^^ 

m'^^i^M m:^^j:m g^f^^i'^ ^f^^T f^H^f^cTi^^^^T^ ^t- 


W'R^^: ^ ^'^11% ^^T^^ clft^^: | 
?I^m cT C3W!^^^ ^O'^cf-^'Tf: XT^n^TCr^ ^^^J ^T^^ ^"^^T^* 


8 ^^^TS^I^» I 

^^'fiT ^fH^T H^"5rr i:^T^^: ^^ tjt:^'six^^^T%w ^T^- 

^cll^^ ^T^c^^T^iT ^T^»?I ^ITf^l ^^9^^^ ^f^^ ^f^^T'^T 
^T^ cTT'f^^^^^^ ^^T^fl ■JT'Sf^^ f^fiTTTJT ^^Tf*T: ^^ ^f^- 

m^ ffTi;^^ ^^" ^^t f%^^ Jjf^mi ^cT^m ^f^^t^: I f^^- 


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«>ll. ^^*T^^ ^^TfH^^=fI?T ^^T %Bt t.^^ KTWT'T ^^lT^W% I f*TW- 

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^«!1 -^nrrfH: pffcf cT<T ?Tff ^^i lg^^5R ^qif^, ^STT^?? WT'^TQIT- 


^r^m f^"^f^cl^ in^W ^TtT: ^TifiT V^^^l T ^»^B cTRcT^ cf-^^T^ 
^^'fl^ 0:'^^^ ^13S|j^ ftr^jnf^ «TiT: ^^T^T^T^ mw\ ^^ 

f^cfl^* -^Wt ^T^c? cTcT filllTf cT^T | 

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fj^ gWcrit^ ^'^If^ t%f^Ti:,^T^T'r<lT%5 ^59^ ^^^ H^TtT I 


^^T^ <f ^T^flT^Hl l[T^^^cJ^ f^'^^W VT"^!^ ^wfH ^flH^cT I 


Kl^JTf^^^ f?r^^^T^ f?I^^^T^t l^T'^^'^T^T ^^tfvr: ^?^ 
^TT^'^^T^^ ^mTTT'51'lfiT ^^t "SI^ WT^T T ^IT-sr^ cTcT^li^ ^T^T^I- 

K^S^T^^m f^^ f^^ WT ^Tcl^rf^ I ^xr^H WT^TTI^Tf*T ^^ 
W' ^f^^ T^TT'T^ ^T'srt ^I'fcT cl^ 3I^r«T^ ^cf SRT^' WflT ^T^Qcft 

j^m I ^T ^T^T f^f ^i ^^Tf^ -g^iff^cTcr^fV^cit i 


O^'^m ^^ifTT 5fTHT?T^1 

^c ^^t V^m TT^ ^twf^cf rr^^^T^3!I f^^IIT^JT T'51^^ TTf^- 
^<; ^^'Tl^ P^^^T^^ '^g^gif^^ -g^S^T^TTt ^'fJT'TT f^T^T^T- 

^^l^T^^ I3?5r^^^ licT'^i^ I 

k3 441 

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IC^TWt^^'rlTTTlt ^T^^T^t -^^I^T^t JTT^^T^t ^T^TTT^TTt 

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K^'^T^^TT^^n f \^ I ^Trt ?i^^^^ *?f^^^ TTf^'ii^T'y" ^Tf% ?.tc 


^^ ¥ft:fwcf w^^n^^^i *T"^ ^^^ ^if^^^ clef wlw f^^Tcft I ^iff- 

f^^^I^m ^^ri^RTftwi^ ^^if^^fxT ^TST^'S ^^^ ^^^ 


f^nf?:^:, ^'T W ^WT^^T^^ ^T^ITcT ^-JI^T JT^cTT ^VT^^T I 

^^ xr^T^cT^^'^'^T'^T^^^ I ^xr^fl^ ^^*i-^^ ^^f%^^ cT^ir f^r- 'o 

51^ xrm ti^r^^^^ ^*T ^^Tfti^* ?!:cl xr^s^i^m^^i ^xf<c*T ^^ 
cif^^^ ^T^ ^^ ^tf^n f^sJiOr faxfw^ ^^^m i ^tt?:« ^^ 

fT?r^T^TTI3R^ ^T^^ ir^^W^^^TS ^*flXT cTl^^y-^Sf^^^^T^JT 


*?«. ^^r^^* ^^* ^-Ed f»l-5rr^3lWT-5T^T^t ^^iTTt^T^ filfjTTf ^H- 
^T^t m^f^^ ^cT^ ^^T«^ T^^^ ^T=^TcT ^m. f^^^WcT^lf *?^ 

^^tT^^T^ ^^ TTWT^^T ^^T^TiT, ^^T^*T IC'^O '^ H^t 

W^f^'^f ir^f^^'g cTTHlt ^H cT^T ^ '^T^^ ^^TT ^^^"^ | 
^^il^T^T^T^H ^^^^ Hf5^^^ OlfiTTf mfsf ^^cirfiT ^T- 

i^ o ^=^cT I ^^5r!^* ^T^^T ir^lilT^ ^flTcTT^t iCTc?f»TT^i VTTW^TilTg 

cffuf^JTTijf vttt: f^^^T^^ ,S9JT^w r'^?;^ ^f^x: %g»T ^jztp^^i 


•l^cT: uf^cT^'fr: I cTtT T'R^T S^^^ ^T'^Tsi ^5^5f, ^TlRfl^ ftl- 

Cv Os. ^i ^ "^^ 

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c^f^^^ ^^^fjD ^HTF S^'^T ?TJT ^^ir^^ WTJT<W ^WTf^JTTJT^ 

^TT ^^^^^T^s^^ I % f^^T'ft^T^t f^TTtm^t firfti^t^rjnt f«i^- 

^T^§J ^^ f^rf^cTr ^*T^T ^Tf^^ ^ig^i: ^T^^l^ TT^^T^ 


f^ii'^^rt'^f^^r^^ ^"T -STT"^^! TTTcTf^m f^w^m*. t?^^'^^^ 
f^w -^^^ ^ajmfVg "^tf^^T f^-^w=?i ^^ifw, ^ti ^T^s^gT^ 

^cTim ^T3^ ^T^^^ ^'^IT^f^cTT^wt^^'^TTcrt^t W^ ^irfqcTT 
^'^HT^^^^H ^I^lf ^T^H ^^T^ ^T^1T*rt'5^ ^fn^f^ 

7{^ ^m^jT: ^'^^ f^^^if ^ f«}^^T^^ "^TW^ yT^n: ^i^^^ 

\ » ^cT I T^T*ff % ^^T^fifl;^ T^^, TcT: TTiT "^^ f^* ^f^^T»T: ? ^^T 

ixf TT ir^^T^n^, ^ ^ ST^TT^*?^ ^f?f^^* nt^^ ^ Tcii:^- 

\^ f^^f^^I^ ff^^TfVr »i^TiT^T¥*f fcfl-^fU^^-^ vS^l^ ^N^ifTT, 

^ ^^n^^^ t'^j:, <^n ^^t^ ^^i»«T s^cit ^zgir ^^^t ^f%r- 

^<Tt f'JJ'TTfT ^R^ ^^T^* ^f%^ Tf^WT ^SWf^T^T ^T ^ ffT^fcT 

^cft^ ^TT^*TT^^^ ^nlq" fjlf^^T ^^a;"^, ^'^t mm ^cft^ 

Wi^'f^^T^'^'^ Ott^itct ^fwrwT^i »r^5iT^t ^t^utt^^t^^t ^ m 

TIl^^^ ^iflf^cT^^m ^^^^TcT ^TITcTT^t iT^^T'TTH ^^^mifT 
^T OT'^tl.l ^^^t ^^<emT 'T^^T f^^^lT^^ ^?TT^f*T^f%, 
xni'rr ^: ^^^Tfvxnit SIT'^^T'TT^ ^'pTJniT^^T^^I f^'^^JT^ 


^ITW^ f*?f^<T^'TT: I cf^r^ff ^^^*TT^^ f^giftTcT^f f^^*Tmlcf | 
^mW^ ^Twt: ^?: 572T^T^, VT^cTT ^T^^T TTf^cf cT^^^T^JHT- 

\^ wjfv(: ^Tft:^^ I xr^^ ^r^T ^^i ■^^i^T^^Tirf^cT'^rw^, 

f^f T^T^^^ ^cT^ ^^^^ cT^^T^t ^TcI^I^ ^W HT^^ T^- 
1.3 44y 

^^^T ^T^^ T^T^WT t%^^% i'TWT^^ ^f^-gfr^T^^ I ^XT^ "^^ 
ift^T'TT iTW ^T^^^i f^fwOr: f^^T^T^: (^^^ f^^?:) fiT- 
'^Tlt^^T t^^^T Tf^^^^^ I ^^^* IIT^^T^i ^^ ^f^^T^rtsr: I "? » 
^T^in^Tlt ^^ TlWn-' ^V "^Vcm I ^XT^^ T^T^^^T^lt ^W ^U. 
xrft^^^ fC^T^T f^f^i'T iTf^% fn^T^Tt'T Tf^-^TT^^T 

»Tf^^T f%iT^^ I ^iT^^^ ^^?^-^$ ^ttOt-st! f^^f^ir f^Tt- "^ i 

S^i f^^^T f^^li^T Hli^T TiTlfrfi'T f^w^^T ft'^f^ f^fl^fgr^ I 
^xT^ 'f T^*T^'€ x:f^i^T f^fiii'T ^vrnTfi TwrT^^t firffl^r^T ^ \ 

l^f^fjli'T ^T^^T 5^T^T^T ?TTT^-5r: ^TO^s ^IT^^ 5^^^: ^f^- 8 \ 

^Tff^-g: mT^: fETTrtT m^^T -^TtWT f^^T-^I^ I TJT TcT^Z-STTcft- « a 
^^^m ^^Tf'I^^fciX?-q-T'n^ cTig SIT^T^ ^'flT^T ^^TI^'fT I 

t^l^Iii^f^ m^ 


% (^f^ ^1^^ <T^T=5T 33:wf% ^ «IT^^ yfcT cT Ol^?T^^ ^^^^T^ 

< ^i^ ^-^^ %^^ ^^If^B vs(c{\ I ^^ vr^Tl^^T^T'rrw 
?:^Ti^^'\^i'T5|fT^t Orfff Tf f^^THr^f vr^?i iri^^^ ^i^i', t^t^- 

viTci xr^Ti:w 5R<^^T^^ f^fgiT*^ jzw]m^ ci^^-^j^m w^xTm 

^ o fw^^T cTTffl^TlT ^^g I cJ ^"^ H^m ^T^T ym^ ^f^, 


««i^ f^f^f^T^^ IT^^ I i^ ^UlT^: 

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f?f^fw ^^T ^ ^T^T^^ ^T^T-51 ^^XTcT^ ^cTlfc | \^^'f «T^ 

^^'^ ^^rfxT f^^^r ^m-^?T^i ^crf^^i'im Ti;xrf<T jfw^=^cr^<^* 

cTcT^^'Tf^^Tf^^W I cf^T ?TTlxTfcT: ^t^TTT^ ^^irf^^T «Tf^^W 

^T-^f^^% ? TcZi i?t ^^r^^ ^XT^^fVTHi -Sim *r^T cT^ ^f^§T 
^H^T f^^f^cT: I ^f^^^ ^^T »T^TTf?T'5[f^cr:, ^f^ f^f^Xf^^- 


^«, "^(^f^ ^ ^Ot W^T"?ITfT^ WTcT^T i^''^*^ "^^^^ RT^T^ ^TTTTI^?r^ 

\^ ^^'tt^ TT^^^r^' f^^H^ "It^^ ^T^w ¥^t^'2^T3T'^tt^ I Tm^ 


SlI'frT^ ^: ^^ f^T«Tf^ ^?r ^T^Tf^ WT^I^t f^^^-g I 
^^fli: ir^?5^T5I^ Tf^^T^-^^^ ^^^T '^TcT?;^ ^TISJT^ ^ 

?i^ ^T^h f^rl%T m^^t: TiimT: tt^ f^^f*?^ i i^rT^xr^R^i^ ^ 

^ft^^ Tim frr^^TcT: ¥^ f^TOR^ I cT^ ^f^tl fJT^^i^W^ fl'm 

^^i T^^fz-m^j fw^TT^i'T ^T^^^m^' f^f^^i^^i f*7^T- 

Tt^T^ ^FT^'sri: ^f^m i^T^^^^nfVTT^ f^Tm^ ^T^cT^ ^1 

^^ ^-[wji: ¥^ fif^^ I <T?5 'f^^^ -^w^pf-^w «Ti^r f fir: ^f 


^f^^: ^Ti:^T^ f^'JT^, ^ <T^ f^^^^ '^f^^T^^ f^^ cT^ 

"? » '^^ ^I^^TT^ ^^ f^^^ I cI^rTT^W ^^^^ «T^^T ^T^ix 

^^ft^^ Vr^^HT^*^ IfT^T*:^ "^"^H ^^cT: wjts ^t^w^ ^t^?t- 
'^^^tt;^ xr^^f^^i:: ^»J7Tf^ ^T5r •gff^rt^ar^ ^T^^ ^^J I 

«?^ cIWfia^T fcT^T^tm "^ff^frT «^^ ^jfw^ ^T^»?} ^xjf^^^TItT^ 


8 ^cPTS^F?: I 

cf"^ ^TXTiT ^^^^^^1 «T^Tfxr ^"Sf 15T^T^* f^?;fH*ft*Tf%, <Tcr: ^ ^ 


«t -iiT^ cT-g^T^^ i;:t ^^^T^^ ^^ m^T ^^?t $^?f «q '^fiirr i ^^ 
■g^ €^TW t^t:^ ^f^ti ^T-^^T^f^ f^^iOrif ^t f^^^s 

\^ ^T?T^ I ^q^* ^irt ^^T^rftr^T f^^^t^T^*^: ^T^%iW^- 

^^ ^r^rnrt irfiTi^ OrfHrf ^^t fj-^cr i ^•t'ti^ ^ittw^ ^fHyr^i 

f^^fn: ^m^ ^^ ^^' ^^: IlT^l^ 31(^1 ^t^ ^^ ^T^ IIT^T- 

M 3 457 

\ ilT^T^f ^^"^^^iW i f ^l^^lf^^T il^W, frfT^icST ^^^«J ^fw^T^Ti? 
^r^cTT^ ?T^T^^^ ^^fcT^cT I if^^ ^W^^^ ^WT^* ^T^: ^^T ^ 

g^T: I f^'ij ^^«T cTiT^T ^ff W^^T^lfVr TT^<^TVW^'^^T:, 
^^1^ ^ff ?!^t J1^ ^tN^ T^T^l^ffu ^T^(gT^^T: ^fnT cfT^t 

fi!^*?i ^^ f ftfci^T^^ I ^xfi: fiT-^ »rT^% f%f^=^ u^zsf^Tsmr^^ ^ 


^in^ ^^?TfTT '^m\ ^^T^T^ ^T'T'T ^T^TW ^tTH^T:, f%^ H^T 

\ » f^W^T? ^r^Tftf xrfcTT^TTT »TH f^^m^ f^^*TT5E;*^r^T ^TT^- 
?:r{^^^ ilT^c^^ f^^fcTcTJT ■^Wi:^?!^*?^ TlfW^^fl^ "^Wt m- 

t, ^»iH«3^ >"n7n H^TSHTT^T ifT^r^f^^T Mf^tq?Tf?:^T f»TfTnT«i ^twf«l^ 


^ f^^^ ^^^ ^T^5 ^qTT^T^t ^T3T^ceT^?Tfxr ^ l»fT ^cT^t 

■^m^j ^^5W3i tN:??'^ ^t fi ftTg Tf«f f^m^ ^^^ i?T^^ ^fcr «? 

Sf^^* f^TjTiT ^^^* ^faN 31^ w^ f?T 0i^^'"5j^? t:?e| » 
^i: lief I ^^mt ^^5^2-^if xr^T^in ^^^ sat ^f{ ^f^f^ < 

i^m iifH^^ 5R^g^T^ f?if^(5ri^ifH ^O^K^ ^T^ifjir ^ui^t 

f^5»?^ iBlT^f?T^f'T! I i^T^^ ^Vl^ »?=RW *f^W: f^ iT^lf^- ^^ 


M BT'RT^: ^JTltTTH ^^JTcT I cT^T'ftH ^WJ^ T^JSW. "qftTTf^- 

fvi^^t -^rm^t ^cTT^^r ^^^gf^^^fjTS^T«ftt^ crf^^^ 
\« cff^^^^jT^ f^^^r^^^ n^^^T^^i; z'Tftf^^ ^f^fv ^iOt 

•gfs^W5f5n«rt ^ilfT ^« ^T«I^T^t ^"^l^T-rt IT^^T^t ■^T^q'T^'pfrt fff^- 

\ ^^'fj-?: m^T^ Orfw ^^t ^t^^ ^^tsi^^'^'tt, ^ttt: tt^- 


Wxr?;??^ ^^ ^cT^ II«^%2f[T,r^ wflTlTcft^^ cT^^^T^t^ JTTffTffT^" ^l 
^if^^^ ^T^cTT^t ^^"sn^t ^lIRf^^'^^ ir^fl^fl ^^f^ 

^f^I§it f^^nr^T f^^JT^T f^TI^i'Tf^'^^T^T'TT^'Jt: ^H XTO- 
Hmf^ •ST'TT: I ^TS"^^^^ f%f^^^*3flm ^«^^fcT-3T^T: I ^^- "? ^ 

fsRf?:^<Tf^?iTrl*rt^r: f^Trt^TTl^T ^^T«f|-!iT^ ^^^t%'^?^t- '«t 


^^ ^^T: I ^^t: ^T^^ii:^ ^T^^^II^ ^T^T-^^I^ §5fff^gi7gff^- 
«.«, ^T c|2Rej$T -f ^xn 'f ?;^^T ^^^T f*T^^T f ^TT ^mm- ^T^VJi 

ti "^^tr f^^tTT f ^"qri^^wt f^fz^^iTt ^'^lOr-^^ ^t^ct i 

*^ ^ifl^T ^T^TTt ^wOr^'f ^^ ^^T I mZW' ^T"^^cT: f^T^^T 
<\ ^T^^^l ^IT^ ^^^^^fTcT %^^^^Tcr: f^fi^^T^ ^tl^T^ IT'^^T- 


?»^ iTiisr f^^rii ivrwcT i ^*wr§t ?Tf5ir«f^T^T5Tt ^ui i?;^ #^r < » 

'BH^f'2:^TW^^^^^TfcT ^T^^J ^^^^ "STTW^T ^T[^T ^T^- ''i^ 


^«T ^^^TUITTT'IW TmT*f ^"^^T, TT^^'Sr^ T^T^^^^ ^t 

^H*T^i^^ y^i^ f^^# ^T^iR T^rr^: ^?tt5|^ ^jt'^w^^^^t 


'TT^T^m^^ ^T^^T ?T^^T f^Tl^ ^^ itWWffl ^^t ^f^f\j 

» T?;5r^"^^ ^t^t!^ f^^t^^ I ^ajTii^ TWi^^<^^jn: m^ f^f^- 

il^cT: IWT: T?^^'5r^^ V=q^KH^ W^^cT^ ^1 f^f?§^%^ ^i- 

W[T^' ^xT^m ^r^?T ^'^' ^f^^tr 'tif^^T JTi^^T'f = f^^^'r 
S^TK^X ^mX^TT ^T5f^5 fif^T^r t^^T^^ t^stt^^ ^w^th 

«t ^TT^ ^if^cTT OrfffJT^T ^>2IT1T^ TI^ITT ^mil ifT^T^Tt 

?frf5^cl^ I W ^^^I^T ^^if^ ^5^**?: ^S %^T: ^5^^3T 
^« ^3i4"5r I ¥^: ^ cII^^^^Tft^^, ^^W ^^ ^^ ^^?^* ^^ ^'^ 

yf^mcT I ^^cT^W^ ^W^t^flWT: xrf^^ f^^ ^^ ^T^ ITT ^"5^, 
ilTt^T f^fl§^T^^ ^T^^^ ITT^^'^T 5^^^^ ^^^T Vr^W, ^^ 

N 3 465 

iri^ fjTf^t^T ^^^T^T ■^T^Tf*T iiJ|^^ ^xn^m^^m'f ^ ^f^- 

^T^ xr4cf ^(^T f^cT^^Tint ^^r3TcT^=gTWt H^^t T§^5C^^T- 
%^ ?1^ -^ff ITT^ iireT ^TTl^^^^ it^^^ 1?T^^ '^Ttr- ^^ 

^tt?:h T^^^^in*. xr^WT<fl^^T ^Ti»g: ^^^^ ^f^^- «? 

f^^ ^1 ^^t ^t^ f^cl^?3| r^^?I^ '^g^tlT ^T"^cf ^irt xrf^- ^ 

i xTTxr^l^it ^^ trft^T5^ TT^^'sr^^ ^sr^^if 4ct i 


ft^ ^^ cT^l^Jif*! ^^rftr ^^Tf^T ^ ■^^»Tcf) cT'^wrOi ^^ifti 

»T^m f^^T^cft ^|T ^^ ^JT f*f?7Ti f^TJT^ f^^TT^ft^rTt fif xft- 
^T^TH T^T^-?TTant fxTtr^^T^Ilt f^^^^T^t fjTjf T^ft^T^T^ "SfT- 

<,^ ^^ <# ?T% Of^I^T^^ ^il: 5ITH: | ^^^* f^^T ^^t ^'^^ ^T^tr 
fkm f^HW ^ ^i^^ ^^^ ^^^*r TTT^ JTWT: f^li^ W^^T^T 

\ a ^^5511 ^'tTJTT^^ f^Vt^^ ^it^t^ ^JTmriT^: I f^^ f^^ P^^ 


^m^T^T ^^T^^^^^T^T^^ ^TV Vt^T ^"^^1% iT'?!^ T'SJ^T ■^^^ 
T ^<8lfwW f^^T ^^t TTjf g^gfil ^^^Wr "^IW^T^ JTTj^-^i^^- 

f^^ 8^^iT^ (^T^^ ^f%^ ^W m^^t licT-^(5g; c^^T ^^ cITW 


^l"^t?r ^-^cT^im ^T^^lcH^t r^^^l"* ^^^ '^r^^, ^:^T^- 

^ « ^^^^^ ^fi'SRff I ^xr^JT^ ^5511^ ^T^T^T sSf^x^cril ^TW^T: 
^^ ^^^»^5 ¥^T^?5T^ ^ ^^■^: I ^W^ ■^•51^^ ^rei '5RT^T VT^T^^ 


"^^w- f9r^f*T^T ^^ir "fi^l^T ffr^fl'T«! ^i"^!^^! ^if^i^^ ^ 

ftl?Tf^^€^ ^T'Sr^T ^T^^^l ^lT^»T^ ^^f%^^ cT^i^T ^^^1 «C 

%Tf^^: Tm^^' T^mm TfT-sr^T ^W T^%^T ^Wf^^: di^: l"? 
^^Of-^: f^I^Or^T %Tf^^T "^if^ f^^^^^ ^^l^T ^m^J ^^ 

,STtOi^T f^?^^ ^I^^ ^T^^T f^fssR^T ^-^^T %Tf^^ ^W \^ 
^W^ "^Xtlm sS^T^T^T ^^^T 377Tift?l^T f*T^W^T %^^T Ot- ^ I 
$^i^: ^T^lil ^T^: fxT^f2-i'T ^T^^T ^TTtl flt^T ^^tOi^T "? \ 

'f ^i"T i-Si^^iJ T^^^'' ^i^m Tx^m ^^t^/tt^t ^t^^tt sT^m •? < 

TflT^T sS^^T^T l^W^T ^Trt^T "^T^Tf ^^ ^T^^T^t UH^T ^T^^^l ^ ^ 

nT^ tt^t^ttt^ 't^^t ^T^r^r ^wt^rr -^iftm m^m Or^- 

'gftsiTTT: f^^T^I^ TTf^^TS^ Xf^^^^^ ^^l ^T^T f%lft^^ 

^xrt f^^THf^^ t^^^T^5 f^^cT^Tf^T ^T ■H^Tfin ^^ITftl ^\ 
f^W^T^^ ^T^tcT^cg f^^THf^^ ^ri'TT^^f^^ ^T t^^lf^ ^ 

^^T^T 5xr?: ^HH ^i^w^ m^T^r^ f^^i^nr Tf^ i ^fV^'g ^ ^ 


^» ^iff^^ ^"^^TH W^T^^Pf I ^TTt ^^^T^T ^^I^T^^T^mi- 

^T^ TTft^Ts^ xnz^'sr^^ ^TH^^t 5^T^^T^w^ ^mj^ T^w- 
qf^n^^^^i^^ iit%^^' f^^fq^ ^T^ S^T^;iT t'si^^ ^^t: 

^^f^ ^HT^^' ^T^T^f^ ^"Sf "^TSI^T^t ^^"ilT^t W^^T^T^ 
^^ ?T^ ^rfe^RTcT^ ^^T^ff I ^iT^fl ^JT^T^ l\c^^^: ir^iTT?r^Tr^ 

^ ^X^^X^X??^ ^XT^R^T^fT ^T^^X^X yS^^^^ ^W\^ ^^ ^cq^- 

W[^WT ^fxX cT^X-q^X^'^ f%^ ^Tl^X ^^X^lt'5}^^ iXt^^H 
^^X >TX5IXJn^^ ^X^Xf^ ^^XHtlX^ ^HiTX^H ^X^^f'rr I 

^«f ^XcT: lI^cTTXX^xf^ irfc'^x^^'^x^^x ^x^xxxwx ^^^x^ ^ ii^ 
f^^'fr «x^WH T^T^^^"^S ^f^^^x^ iix^^l^^t^x'ixJT 

\ clf^^^^ixi' ^X^X^X^T^ ^fVxXcliT f^^iXX^fl ^^^if^cIcT: If^* 

^x^5H ^^x^^ ^^5i?TXT^ ^^iijx^xf^i ^x^f^g^x'srf^x^x ^x^rx 


nf m: fk^^f^^^ ^:sii§T=ir ^^f^^^ gtm: f^^f^^^ tT=^ 

^if^ 'f^TrcTTOr ?T^^T: I ^^^ f^#! tJ'^T ^T^^^^TW ^f^JiT ««: 
^T^cT f^^ f^^^T^^ ^m f^l^T ^^^^ t%cft^ 5t^Xff?TKT- 


\^ t^^T^t cTft^^^^ fulfil f^rii^^t ci^t^TTm^^fwm ^f^^ 

^ \ ^"L I ^^^ f^^T*fl^-^^lT ir^THT^'^ f^^^^fl ,S^T^t t"^^ cf^^I- 
S« TJT^^^T^T^ ^li^'Tf^'m^t '^TWT^ ^T?T^ fjl^flf^^ Tift?" f^- 

^TWl^ «?^ 5fT^T^f?l^^T ^W^' »» ^T^I^T^t ^^"t^T^T^ ^f^^^q- 
o 3 473 

if^^T fk^Tift^T ^T^f^^T t^^JITT'f 5 ftx*Tf^^T ^T^T^l^T f^^- i 
^WTOt I t^^ f^^f^: ^^^^: ^^f^^T f^^^T iTTrfflll^ | 

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\v:c^c{ ^cTcT ^^'^ f55^ ? "^T^ fTTS:^T^'5 cIT^JTrm^ licr^<^7'3^: 


T^T^^l^T ^T"5TT ^^flT^^ ^cf T^gi WT^ lit^T f^fT ^TT^T^ •? < 

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crw ^^-^if I %^<t'SlT:, cTT'sr ^^, ■^T'^^TcT^^ ^m^crt "^TTW^T^t ^(J 

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•o ^j^jf I fqj-^ f^f^VT^r^Tfiii ^iTW^^iOr ■^T^T^§?;xn4'Tr i^t 

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?T^T^T ^ftt^T: ^^^T vS^^T^T^iff^T H^^T ^rf^HIT f*T?TT5^- ?,^ 
^^^^ rtW^^T^^D «TT^^ f^^^t ^r^'^^T^t^ ^^ ^=er T^ 

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^tt^t:^ cict €^^ icT^r ^ff , t^'rT ^txtt^^t^^^^ ^s^^T^g 

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5gll^^^%^^ ^f^N ^^^T"5fT^ ^ ^^^, f^^ ^T5TT cT^T ^f?- 
^I^TS[T H-^cIT T3^I??rcTmo ^^^ ^^^ ^^^^ "^"^ ^^"^x ^^"^ ^^'^T 

^•^ TTf ^ ^T Ofsf 0l"5f "qfcf ^^^^ I cT^T'ft c?f^^ W^f% "? I 

H'^T^^T^RT^, ^^^J ^^Tl-sr^ Ot"^ OI"^ ^^f*f ^Tf*T<^ ^^T^, Ol ^T- 



^ ^^J[W: I T^irmi^T^ I 8^ 

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"? cT^T: '(TT^' <T^TS ^f?l^^ l\cf f^^^R^ f^'rff^^^ ^i€^ I <TW 

^ f^^cTt I ^XTT ^^X|f^: ^i:T^^ ^4^^5 f^i^TfT^T^^Ol'^^t §: 
^4t: ^^rt i^^' ^^T: ^JIW ^IT^^ITaT^arT^T ^^:¥^H ^T^l^ 

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«TWT TTcTTflT^T ^^^Br^j^ ?Tf^3sf5T^t ^^ff S:"^^ 3Z^cT'^T\ I 

c ^^^^ '^if^ cff^^^ ffi^^ fV^^ ^ if^if^i ^fcT ?:rwm^t 

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«f ^T^qt ?;*T3]l^^T^^ ^^W^ W^^ ^jftXTfl^ ^T^Tf^ I ^T ^ cT^ 

if^^* 'Rf^''^?^: Hfclf^^^^ ^^:^^^ '^(^5[;^ ^''R^ ^TcIT^T<TH 
p 3 481 

^^■^5gT3!IT^ ^^^T ciT: TTf^^^^H^ ^cTT^Of? f^^TTf^ ^fcT^Pff | 
^TTi: O^-- ^«1tT ?TfTT^^ ^^cft ^«TT ^T^«^ ^sfl'.TJ^T^ -^IT^T- \^ 

^^ffl^ 3?^t«T-^r^^ ^T^5ETf^§T JTiT^T^ cT^T: Tt4t^ ^trf^^ 
W^^^T i'tcIHTf'Er sSTT^^f ^5e:^ ^^xf 3T^^T^*T^ ^%^T ^T^T- 

^^qr^ f^cft^^T^ ^JZITWWT^ Hf^^i^T ^T^^T^ ^xrf^^ ^^ 


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c ^^^t ^TJT^T ^T'TT^TT ^=f ^^jq ^f^cf^T^ VT"^^! ^T^^ f^- 
l" cTTf*r ^iTqfg^TfH I cT^T^Ii^iT: ^^^^T^ ^ICt^^fl; ^Tmiig 

f^^^^T^t xrftxrr^sf^ ^f'JT^i^T: TTm?TT^rjrl?}^T?Tm^ ?rf^- 


"Tf H^iT^T^ ^S^"^T WTi'i:^^ "HT^^T '^ 53X?^^^^^^ TT'ST 
i^^T^tk^ I f^^ ^fW\ f^^ ^^ ^l^T T(7f ^^m ¥[tW^^ ^ » 

8 ^#TS^^*» I 

i;%t:t^i ^i^5w rp^TriT:^ \=> •?;i'3Tmfif^^^"8i'*f^f^^^wiTi^^ ^SL 


^Q ^'^^^ ^JT^^ ^f%^^ ^f^^^ m^ I ^'T ^f^^^: ^ 9f<T 
WJTT^, T^^T^^ ^cT^ ^gf^ ^\^^ ^fcT I ^XT^ ^T ^cl^ ^WT- 

^■q"^l!5 ^^f«r ff ^r«T ^q'ai 't^Tfl^ ^TW^?i H^Tftt ^ sft^fcT, 

f^^ trf^oT^ ^S ^^^r T<sr«f^ ^t^^t f^^w jtcTc!^^^ ^t^- 

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??Wh ^ir^W. f^^cTt Vr^ ^^ -^T f^iTftr ^ ^^cTt, f^^ 


m-ii^t s-cft^ f<w^ Js:^^T ^T^^l^^^^* ttPctjt^ ^T^rfiTi^- ^ 

fm^ ^T^^^t TT-ST^^ g^Tf^cT T^^T U^Z" U^TrST ^T^T^ZJf^T- 
f^cTlft^t I «T^ ^€^T WfcT^lTT^ ^f^ ^T% ?^T ^^i^mr » 

^f^ fir: la^^T ^tci; f%^ ^t^t ^iif^cr ^t^ -^Tf^icf ^r?jf^g^ « 

i^ crf^^^ f^"^ ^TfT^ ^WTfV'^r ^^f^TT^ ^fVf^^T^ I C 

^f^^T f«T-§^?5^ TTTi:^ f'l^^'^T^lt ^^^^f^^ f^t^^T^T'ET 
cT^ JiT g^fcTS ^cTT cl^T ^Ht "^^^T cTT^^ ^R^T^^T^ I ^T^^l ^^ 

^f^^"5f ^'Tl^ cfflT^I^rw^ ^§: ^^ ?T*T ^pH 'f ^l^"^ I 


■^f%, ctct: m: f ?:: ^^r ^^51 ^m iri^ mff 1 cT^T*ff ^^t ^^^t 

^Tg ■^T^^'f » flf4^»?« SnWT^^T^ SIT'^^T"«I* ^tr^girfl^* JT^cT '^TfT^^T- 

r cl^t ■5nf?T'?jt ^Tt^W f^^T^T ^VTT^TcT ^ ^^I^nt^XT^T^xnT^- 

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fl§cTT ^^■q'T IITfxr -^TT f^3l^^i~^^^T*TT^T §T ITfu^T ?;T5T«lxf^- 

^ Iir^TI?TcT I cT^^T ^T^IT TT^^^ c{<^^ *Tf^7§^T^ f^' iETTrrT^JT ^^^- 

^^^tT ? 5?XT^ ^^^T ^rm -STiT^:,??^ fflffrxf f^^ftT ^mTf^ | 

8 ^^^^ Hqf>r: iTg=^, mii=$ ^T f^w"^? cT^T^T ^T*T^T ^f^- 

^IT^:, TT?iJ"5 ^TJT'T: ^Tl=^ 'ef^rl^HT^T f^^^ I cT^T ^^ ^^T'?, 
^ ^T i^^^iT ^T^T^ I ^m ^r*T^ nf^^ O^T cT^^ ^1^=^=^, 'jq'T 

^ =Tr^T*TT^, *T^f%f^W ^^m^^ ^^T^^ TT5TT ^W^fJ ^^^^ 
c ^T^T^r "ilTWT^H ^f^^T^^ ^JWT ^^ ^il^ ^'JIT^ ^^f^ <T^ 

^3T^^ ^r^^ir 3rJ7f^(^T <T^ ^*T=^fl ^cTT Hr^cff i'l^^^ ilT^T 


«T^^ ^T^r^^^ ^T^I^Tf^^^ 77Tl(^T iZT^T^T^ ^Hirfw^ f^^^-^f 

'T xrf?; Til^cTt I cr^r^T f t?t^^t^^ ■^if^'!^ u^m ^f^?§^ ^ ^ 
■^^'i TTf^^TTtzi ■WTfsi^*^: ^T^m ^ 'Tjr^^ ^f^^^r jTfi^r^^T^ 

^^m^* ^T^^W' ^*r^T^ ^m^T^ 5rf3Tr^^^ xr?:^ tt*t^: ^'^ 

f T*TT: ^^ <TT^t "^^^T^t ^^t fiTWt WT^t ^^^t ^^ ^4- 

cT^m ^T^TT ct!^^ f^fft§ f^^ ^TWT^^TTT^^^^ T^?:! ¥^^T^ "? 

^T^fl^^^T^* T^m T.-[^ ^cT^r ^T^rfxT xrfttrfsjii^fH ^ wT^i 1 
cT^TiT ^trf^^^^i: T^Tt ^T^t w^TT^, 5r:ctct m-m ^^ ii a^ 


S^mTfrrW^ ^^T "51W^% KT^TTTH ^fw^T'T, TT3?fg ^T'il ^1{- 
^m^ ^W^T^ 1T^^^ T^^W^ ^TfiTcf T^^^ I cT^T ^IWr ^FW- 

^ clf^^^f^^ ^^xrf?T^^^^ T^^Zltirf^^ f^Wf^^fW TTJT- 

u fi;^ ^T ^q^ ^^^ fcJ^'fft ^m^T^, ^f^ ^tr^?:fVr*Tcf stt^ct 

3lf^?r^T^^ -^W T^T '^T^'l"^ ^f^"^!^ T^^lt ^rfl ^m^^ 

fni^ W'5imj:^Tii ^^WT^ f^^ ^^i "^Tt w ^^^ "^T wit^ 


m-^^ ^fl^^ ^^\'^j ^^=ffm ^^"^ '^° 'JTtflf^'T^ ^T^T^-qf^^W I 
tf^^D'i^r II^Tf^i ^WWtI -^Tw^ f^^ cTT^ift f%lTrt«T^2-irT 

«t ^T: ¥T^^T ^^f^?TT ^rt^T'^n: T?^W#T >S^^% vS^l^^T ^f^^T- 


^^^3(71^^ '^g^'Srf^^ Sf^ f*Tf%(^T ^^I^ ^ftl ^TcTlf^ ^^T'T 

^tf^^^5 ^^5 ^ ^ f^'^Tt'^T WT^^^^ ^miTTiT m^^'^r^ ^h- 
^r^T^t 'ijr^niit f^T^Tf^tT f^^ft^T ^^^m^^ ^^^it f^e'TJ? 

^T^^IiJ ;ffT^^ ^ir^^ TTT"^^^^ ^IT^^I!!^ '^ r^«i ^^f% I 

f^^^TlT '^li^t^: f^^ "^rf^^T^ t^t ^:l§ ^Tf WW^ WT^ ^?^tr 
^m'm '^g^^lf^'^ XT^^^f^^^ ^J xrmfw"^ ^cT ci ^': xr^ f^^- 

^^T Jlfe^TXTTcI^ 'IT^cT^^ f^^^^ ^HR XT^fl ^WW f^^ «T^ 


OrfiiTf afcf^W^* cTT f^^^^ ¥T^f^g' ^STlfT IT^T^^ cT^ 
^<£ ^Tl^f^^^ cT^^T ^r^l^^T OT^fltT ^fifSH^ wClTRf^^- 

TTVliTf^^^ ^Tf^ Orf^ci XT'^^ f^f?§cr^ I 

"? f TsJ ^^*T ^if^t^ I cT^ Xf^lTfilT^ irm^^ "^ ^^V' ^^T: f%^ 
^T^T ^T^TcT Hf^T^^il ^a^^ ^f%^T f^«f>r ^if^^TTm^^f ir-